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    Islam,Falasteen,Sheeshan,Iraq,Afghanistan,Kashmir, Family, Humour ,Children SubhanAllah =)... Putting a smile on someones face. Traveling (a girl can dream sah?!) Cooking,Meeting sisters from all over & representin. Da'wah. Jihad. Nursing. Poetry. Anasheed. Lil Children reciting Al-Quran Al Kareem is beautiful subhanAllah =) <br /><br />Be Content with what u have & say AlhamduLillah..........just gotta have Sabr, Allah Kareem
  1. Ramadaan Kareem!

    :D wa intum bikhair :D everyone is in the best of health wa strong in Imaan. Allahumma Tuqqabal Salatina, Siyamina, Ruqu3una wa Sujuuduna, :D ya Rab Al 'Alameen Ma'asalaama, Allah Ma'akom, ur sis
  2. Family Member's

    :D :D everyone. :D to all the ad'iyah. Alhamdulillah the surgery went well. She woke up crying cause she kept replaying the accident in her mind & blaming herself for the accident, Allah Yishfeeha. The doctors say she has to be in there probably at least 6 months but Allahu A'lam, Alhamdulillah they just all made it alive. :D again everyone, Allah Ma'akom Ma'asalaama
  3. Family Member's

    :D Insha'Allah everyone is in the best of health wa strong in Imaan. Please make du'aa for my aunt, who's only 16, to get out of the hospital safely. She was driving with my 3 siblings earlier when the car flipped 3 times on the highway & landed upside down.Alhamdulillah my siblings got out without much harm (broen arms) but she's still in the hospital, & just woke up from surgery on the brain alhamdulillah.She started shaking/ crying when she woke up saying it was her faullt & asking how my siblings were. Please make du'aa for her to have Sabr in dealing with this. "Fa Inna Ma'a Al 'Usri Yusra, Ina Ma'a Al 'Usri Yusra" (Surah Ash Sharh) Verily with hardship comes ease.......Insha'Allah she'll come out of it safely, Jazak Allah Khair fil dunya wal ahkira dear brothers wa sisters in Islam, Allah Ma'akom, Ma'asalaama
  4. Maryam Squad Is Here , No More Obscenity

    :D :D I am proud of these sisters, Ya Allah Unsurhom! Sis desertdweller why is it different if a sister does that than a brother??? May Allah :D make us as brave as these sisters. I think as long as no one was in the shop than :D ! It's haraam for a muslim to sell such things even if they are not doing it themselve, it's encouraging others to drink it which leads to other things ukhti. May Allah :D keep us all on the right path & make us as brave as these sisters, :D May Allah :D forgive me if I've said anything wrong , Salaam
  5. Some More Pics...

    :D wow :D beautiful ....there are some places in Palestine mashaAllah just jabal, mountains, etc I told my mother I would leave everythign to live there , its so calm and just gorgeous with no one around :D She thought I was schizzo lol :D for shring with us hebeebty, Salaam
  6. This Is Sad

    :D :D to all the Du'aa's. :D I just get cursed at or whatever, but not physical. If it was physical , I wouldnt be sitting in front of my comp right now :D lol :D it's mostly teenagers but they dont know any better they only act how they see others act/preach, May Allah :D guide them to Islam :D InshaAllah no more sisters have to go through anything like this :D Salaam
  7. The Ideal Muslimah

    :D :D for sharing ,May Allah SWT be pleased with us , may He strengthen our Imaan wa Taqwa and put Sabr into each of our hearts to deal with hardships :D Salaam
  8. Tawheed!

    :D :D akhi........:D lookin forward to reading the rest. [We must not look at others and question Allah's wisdom. For example we may see many non-Muslims living in wealth and happiness, while looking the other direction and seeing excellent Muslims suffering in poverty and pain. We know that everything happens as a test for man. This Earth is the Paradise for the unbelievers, while the Akhira is the Paradise for the obedient Muslim slaves of Allah.] [3:186] You will certainly be tested, through your money and your lives, and you will hear from those who received the scripture, and form idol worshippers, a lot of insult. If you steadfastly persevere and lead a righteous life, this will prove the strength of your faith" [29:2-3] "Do the people think that they will be left to say, "We believe," without being put to the test?" We have tested those before them, for GOD must distinguish those who are truthful, and He must expose the liars" In Allah Ma'a As Sabireen, :D for sharing akhi, Allah Ma'ak, Salaam
  9. Children

    :D :D children are absolutely beautiful .When Im feeling down,:D my nephew cheers me up......and hes not talkin yet :D :D all our children will be of the Saliheen :D :D for sharing ukhti. Ma'asalaama
  10. Talking To Parents

    :D :D , I thought u dont talk to her at all....hmm Im still getting used to openin up to my mother as well, feel like Im putting a burden on her if Ive got sumthin to say even if its important . May Allah make it easy for u to communicate more. Im sure she wont have anything mean to say, she'll probably like u opening up to her & telling her things. Allahu A'alam u might become best friends :D *:ia:* Best of luck, its past Fajr & I need my sleep.... Allah Ma'ak, Ma'asalaama
  11. Asalamu Alaykum

    :D lol sis asmauk, we are now takin over the sisters room :D Ma'asalaama
  12. Talking To Parents

    :D lol sis , I agree :D InshaAllah Allah SWT makes it easier for u yakhi. If u want somethign good to come of it u have to try without gettin angry, etc. no matter what she says to u. In Allah Ma'a As Sabireen (Allah is with those who are patient) Allah Ma'ak, Ma'asalaama
  13. Asalamu Alaykum

    :D Welcome to the forum habeebty, InshaAllah u benefit from this site. MashaAllah luv the name :D lol InshaAllah everyone gets a drink of Al Kawthar in Jennah :D , Ma'asalaama
  14. Talking To Parents

    Salaam, Yes sometimes I have the urge to yell but keep quiet when I think of all the things they've done for me SubhanAllah. Alhamdulillah it doesnt take much to make someone happy yakhi. Cummunication is key not buying stuff cause u want them to stop smotherin ya (callin & askin about u) You could say in a polite way I have exams, etc & call them back the next day....I'm sure only 5 min. out of anyones time to call their parents isnt much....if it is, ur in my du'aa's. 'Paradise lies at the feet of the mother' Ma'asalaama
  15. Skin Products

    :D hmmm heard of this before lol MashaAllah honey is a great skin softener. I started using Black Seed (Habit al Baraka) Facial scrub, it has Vitamin E & Honey in it 2 of the best ingredients wal hamdulillah it's really easy on the skin. Allahu A'alam everyon'es diff. Sis Qassab, Ive also heard rose water helps.............but Im stickin to my black seed & salatul Fajr for the glow :D Ma'asalaama