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  1. Hay algien de Uruguay aqui?
  2. Uruguay?

  3. Uruguay?

    Salamu aleykum There seem to be so many restrictions on this forum. I can only post once every 24 hours, and i'm only able to post on this thread. Could you or someone else send a pm to "Learning_Islam" and ask him to answer me here? I did check sunniforum, but i didnt find any information about Uruguay there. Jazakumu Allahu khayr!
  4. Uruguay?

    Jazakumu Allahu khayr. I read that there is a brother from Uruguay here on the forum (at least before), but i cant post in other threads. Im living in Europe and im going to Uruguay to visit my family, i really need to get in touch with muslims there. I did find a website on the net, but there is no contact info on it. I would really appretiate if someone could help me get in touch with brother "Learning Islam" (if i remember correct).
  5. Uruguay?

    Salamu aleykum Im new here. Im going to Uruguay on the 25 of December, and i would like to come in contact with muslims living there.