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  1. Converting?

    is it okay while praying to look at prays or is it neccassry to know them by heart?ii would only be temporary,also if i remember correctly they must be said in arabic not my langoage which is english correct?
  2. Question?

    I think i should be taking it slow with Islam like my imam said,but i love this forum so much but i do have questions i heard on this forum that i have to shave my head and other areas?also im not allow to hug women that im not married except for family but i have a very close friend who im very close with.see im a cook and we went to cooking school together,and she is very supportive of me,which if you new her family you would be shocked.she is born in iran her family had to leave because of her family is zorostrains and thier revolution was happing.so the dad got kicked out cause he didnt want to convert to Islam. so she is a very independent thinker which i feel i very rare these days,i dont want to hurt her feelins if it is against Allah not to hug another women.she ussually goes to hug me i never go in for hug so is it still un lawfull?
  3. Converting?

    what is duaa? is it the prayer my iman gave me a pray sheet with times and prays and one is called du'aa-e-qunoot and the other is the du'aa after durood
  4. Converting?

    im so excited right now im going to see the imam for shahada!
  5. Converting?

    I would like to thank you guys for bieng so supportive and the advice that has been given i been praying five times a day,some people i talk to say it is a hard adjustment but it was quite easy for me.Im completley at peace with myself.the things that i have to work for myself is not judging others.I use to be depressed years ago and i wanted a sign so bad and i found it in Islam Allah has guided me.I have so much goals for my self now mainly to be less ignorant help whoever i can out if they are in need.im going to the navy in august,dont worry im not fighting im a cook times are had right now so i am forced to by the economy.as of now though i will head your advice i am going ask to volunteer at the Masjid when im not at my part time job.Thank You so much you guys are the best!
  6. Converting?

    Thank you!!! ive been contacting the imam where i live in belmont,california.my faith is very strong i dont care abut matirel items,just my connection with god,i have found much peace with Islam and it messages im a much better person now more with my self than ever.thank you so much you have made my day but i really want to do it formaly with the imam,i hope to do the shahada this week.what should i expect in shahada what do they do?
  7. Converting?

    hello in the next few days i will finish the qur'an and my whole life cares only for one thing and that is to be a muslim.so how does one convert should i set up a meeting with the imam in my area?input would be helpfull,thank you.
  8. Jew Here

    Islam is not about hate it is about accepting people of the book,if he is jewish,christian or muslim it doesnt matter they are humans and believers.i understand the anger vs palestine and isreal but dont hate the man because of a opionons,i would like to say welcome and this forum is very pleasent and welcoming of other opinions and other aspects of life. just to be clear if youre to be mad at any people it should be brittish the jewish people had no choice,my opionon is that we need to find unity with one another killing each other isnt doing no good we need to get these corrupt polticians out of palestine and isreal find someone that cares about both parties. the people in this forum couldnt be more accomadating they are true muslims,politics just really mess with people head espically when it comes to religion.
  9. Hello

    im in the process of reading the qur'an and other books on Islam like history of Islam,but anyway my question is do think i should finish the qur'an first then convert?
  10. Hello

    Hi my name is reed i just joined this forum,im deeply thinking of converting to Islam,i was told by the imam by where i live is that its easy he told you have to believe in one god and know that Mohammed is the last prophet but i hear alot of things like before you say your prayer there something you have to say,right now im reading the qur'an heavily and reading other books like the history of Islam,if you guys could fill me in on somethings that would be great thank you.