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  1. Is The Bible Corrupted?

    Salams There you are ,dear cheese ( i like cheese ! ) not only you ,every one who thinks himself modern thinks this way life of world - ruled by constitution of the state godliness - guided by the holy scriptures But the fact is ,both are being ruled by scriptures and they(scriptures) ruled in the past , this is the fact let me give you a verse from Qur'an 96.5 Has taught man that which he knew not weather it may be Christianity or Hinduism or Islam any scripture you have these set of laws only difference is ,in the case other scriptures ,these laws are outdated ,whereas in the case of Islam even today they hold good while other religions have thrown their scriptures,only Muslims are successfully implementing Qur'an in their day today life For a Muslim every thing is religion because Islam deals with every thing And thus every thing for a Muslim is a duty towards GOD Doing business,living with wife , bring up children,going to friends house,visiting relatives house ...every thing , Qur'an has left nothing Do you know what was the last scripture that ruled the world after Qur'an It was bible but today only few countries are holding it and this is the matter of prime prejudice between Muslims and others particularly Christians. Today countries like Philippines and Ireland are following bible ,but how far it is successful that is why i have started this thread http://www.gawaher.com/topic/740219-innocence-of-muslims-or-it-should-be-innocence-of-christians/ Look at the testimonies of your modern Christians regarding your bible http://www.gawaher.com/topic/740219-innocence-of-muslims-or-it-should-be-innocence-of-christians/?do=findComment&comment=1270358 See ,your own people are throwing your bible ,not Muslims not Hindus but Christians don't want their bible to rule them watch the video and write your comments for other things , i think mine as well as your friends are answering you in a excellent way Regards Mushtaq
  2. Innocence Of Muslims Or It Should Be Innocence Of Christians

    Salams In Continuation ......... See how people are rejecting bible here and see how church in inducing bible forcefully on people see the hypocrisy of church watch this video watchdocumentary.org/watch/101-east-til-death-do-us-part-video_825b60eb8.html ( if in case above click dose not work , pl copy past this link) Romans 7:1 Can it be that you do not know, brothers, (for I am speaking to those who know law,) that the Law is master over a man as long as he lives? 2 For instance, a married woman is bound by law to her husband while he is alive; but if her husband dies, she is discharged from the law of her husband. 3 So, then, while her husband is living, she would be styled an adulteress if she became another man’s. But if her husband dies, she is free from his law, so that she is not an adulteress if she becomes another man’s. It is amazing that church or bible allows people to live without marriage but cannot allow them to in moral values lol this is their bible ! pathetic, innocent people !still believing in bible !!
  3. The New Look

    Back again I forgot One good thing is auto save Before, I used get irritated when my post gets lost while I am typing But now i can recover my flow Thanks wow look here ! at last i have just completed my 50th post .
  4. The New Look

    Salams New look is better .But I feel it is bit tough to post now May be I think I am used to old versions i suggest there must be option for preview and edit for the post One more thing is i feel auto spell check is missing Each time i have to type in word and then post it here in order to avoid spelling mistakes Further, before we had the option of splitting the quote .I think even that is missing does everyone here experiencing the same problems or it is my ignorance ? LOl
  5. Is The Bible Corrupted?

    Salams its being very long since i have spent time on forums i thinks things have changed considerably changed I should appreciate each and everyone here . you people are gving your heart out for Islam may Allah accept your deeds particularly brother Yahya congratulation brother you are doing a great job Mushtaq
  6. Is The Bible Corrupted?

    I am glad you have accepted that your people have thrown bible long back But you are blaming Christians for this I am sorry, extreme; it is the bible which is to be blamed Bible miserably failed the test of time It fell short to the demands of this modern world long ago, at least from 2nd world war So .make one thing very clear, bible failed and not the Christians You cannot held Christians responsible for the short coming of bible Lol, your bible is a greatest lie ever told This is not the scripture given to Jesus (pbuh) by GOD Rather it was a book of compromise made by the scholars’ of different sects Otherwise ,pl prove me that jesus preached the same book that you are holding as bible wow! wow !wow! ,lol look here , my dear extreme Can give one such document of your bible, lol Quran actually does every thing Muslims are royally living in front of your eyes You are yet another victim of your church You are programmed in the way you are Otherwise, Quran gives solution to everything at any time Islam is the most modern religion not only modern but even it is ahead of this times
  7. Is The Bible Corrupted?

    Salams dear Extreme Practically as ground reality, Christians themselves don’t believe in bible What remains as Christianity is only in the form of paganism They just have only one concept namely "Jesus loves you :hug: " They have thrown bible long back Otherwise just tell me one thing, I mean one teaching of bible that is being widely followed by Christians today You people are not anywhere near Muslims. io dont know why your arguing about bible being true on not first tell your people to adopt bible as a way of life , then you can come to this debate . where as for muslims quran is the way of life , it is all the way quran in daily life for us. then where is question of comparision between quran and bible Regards Mushtaq
  8. Is The Bible Corrupted?

    Assalamualaikum Rahamatullahi Wabarakathu Carlos the jackal your name reminds me robert ludlum's the bourne's series namely broune identity and broune ultimatum and one more name i dont remember but i think carlos the jackal used to be the villain"s name and he is KGB agent left out of thrown out am i correct i really enjoyed those books while i was in college Btw , my question to you is ,do you belive present bible or torah are the words of GOD Mushtaq
  9. Clarification Of Cutting The Hands Of Thief In Islam

    Yes , it is true But what is more amazing is that even now ,after 1400 years , quran holds good ,not even good but gives a execellent solution for the society just imagine , the western countries , they are spending hell a lot of money to reduce crime rate .are they sucessful ? But for us , just two words are enough "sameeana attana",that is , "we hear and we obey"
  10. Clarification Of Cutting The Hands Of Thief In Islam

    Assalamualkum Rahamtullahi Wabarakathahu I think there few things to be added to this article Firstly , pl read the verse following this verse , i mean verse number 5:39 secondly ,amputation was suspended during the period of Khalifa Hazrat Umar bin Khattab when there was famine Thirdly, i read for the tafsir of the verse 5;39 in tafsir al jalalyn that amputation is waived if he/she is pordon before being taken to the imam And ofcourse , we cannot ignore the tafsir of inb kathir Regards Mushtaq
  11. Top 10 Posters & Most Viewed Topics

    "lol".... i dont know what so funny about it as far as i know , i never wrote a funny article if you feel funny about it , pl let me know
  12. Top 10 Posters & Most Viewed Topics

    Assalamualaikum Rahamatullahi Wabarakathahu Thank you very much Bro Dot this is a really good idea i had a long time feeling that i was not given any credit for my article in gawaher Jazak Allah Regards Mushtaq .
  13. People Who Hate Muslims

    Assalamualikum Rahamatuulahi Wabarakathahu ,Eternalsunshine I am really fed up with this question ......Muslims did nothing lets change this question or slightly modulate it "what Christians did to this world" if you give a serious thought .......They gave only blood shed for the past two thousand years the worst among was .....killing six million Jews and making Hitler as a scape goat just watch out for Hitler's word during Reichskonkordat with Eugenio Pacelli (who later became Pope Pius XII) then pope ,pope pius XII had always soft corner with Ante Pavelić was a Nazi and a puppet of Hitler the only problem was ...Hitler lost the war !,had Hitler won ,then he would have been like today's George Bush (BTW , I don't make any difference between Hitler and Bush) not only this , I strongly feel , Christians were/are the world's corrupters
  14. Nothing Created Everything .....a Question To Atheists

    LOl , zoro ,I am not related anything to this forum ,if i was , then my post count would have been 3800 rather then 38! I don't who formulated this rule .even I feel it is bit superfluous in an Islamic forum because you know very well that to talk about a religion one should have knowledge .so it should be quality rather than quantity .anyway rules are rules .as per Islamic law ,we should adopt rules otherwise we should leave .as a Muslim I will honour these rules.one more thing , i don't have a die-hard desire to make 50 posts ! Do you know Zoro , while writing this article I concentrated on "word rich" concept to make this search engine friendly .anyway , I felt , you are more bothered about making others to read your zenofzero rather than talking about the issue . This is my view point .if you don't like it .... my apologies ! Regards Mushtaq
  15. Nothing Created Everything .....a Question To Atheists

    Hello Zoro It is good to see you again in my thread but I think you are almost spamming my thread with your zenofzero regards Mushtaq
  16. Nothing Created Everything .....a Question To Atheists

    Flying comments .......Ignored ! If you really want to know .....and can withstand ..... lets see who is wrong ! InshaALLAH ..sometime next week .....if you really want ..otherwise ....BYE !! :sl:
  17. Why Did The God Of israel Choose Muhammad?

    Assalamualaikum Rahamatullahi wabarakathhu Firstly , i would like to make one thing very clear to you ....... As per quran their is nothing like "god of israel" or even "god of Hindus" ,"god of Christians" ....... As per Islam , their is only one GOD ....the mighty ...the sublime .....The merciful .....and his name and attributes goes on and on further , there is/was only one religion and that is Islam moreover ...as per sirah of prophet (pbuh) ...he came from the progeny of Ibrahim alaisalam do you think ibrahim alaisalm was a jew or was he a christian quran answer this question by saying he was a Muslim
  18. Nothing Created Everything .....a Question To Atheists

    AlHamdulilah I am logging in after a while it is very surprising ..........116,286 views !!!!![using large font size is not allowed] for this post Is it true or it is a mistake !
  19. Nothing Created Everything .....a Question To Atheists

    really Tim ,do we know about stars , for you information , we even don't know what had hit the Jupiter on July 19, 2009. they generally called it a comet my question to you is , immaterial of its composition , was not that comet acted like a fire ball when it hit the Jupiter i agree with you about the composition of stars and comets but tim, quran is not talking about their composition rather about their nature of being objects of adornment as well as fire balls as i told you , people in the past use to look at the sky and they do knew about comets , meteors and asteroids does comets ,meteors, asteroids behave like fire balls or not ......the answer is "yes" they do behave like fire balls
  20. Nothing Created Everything .....a Question To Atheists

    I choose to answer you from this point you are correct , theory should not be used to justify religious beliefs but , only theories became law so we cannot ignore theories Your point is , Stars are not missiles, is it a theory or a law can you prove it ,the answer is no BUT...... I think , you will not be having problem to accept comets as fire balls keeping in mind ,let see the verse i have posted lest look at the verse i have chosen, in Arabic .it reads like this 67: æóáóÞóÃú ÒóíøóäøóÇ ÇáÓøóãóÇÃó ÇáÃøõäúíóÇ ÈöãóÕóÇÈöíÃó æóÌóÚóáúäóÇåóÇ ÑõÌõæãðÇ áöáÔøóíóÇØöíäö ۖ æóÃóÚúÊóÃúäóÇ áóåõãú ÚóÃóÇÈó ÇáÓøóÚöíÑö (5 and its translitiration is Walaqad zayyanna alssamaa alddunya bimasabeeha wajaAAalnaha rujooman lilshshayateeni waaAAtadna lahum AAathaba alssaAAeeri the word used here is Masabiha which is plural for lamp Do you know ,people know about comets even before Islam i think , even this should not be problem for you as per history , people know about comets for the past 2500 years but ,what they don't know was , they are fire balls now , the word masabeeha denotes both , stars as well as comets since quran proves that comets are firs balls so there by , it also prove stars are also fire balls and , science says ,comets are like falling stars but know very little (theory) about stars if quran is true about , comets , then automatically , it most also true about stars one more verse to prove my point is (mohsin khan) 15:16. And indeed, We have put the big stars in the heaven and We beautified it for the beholders. 15:17. And We have guarded it (near heaven) from every outcast Shaitân (devil). 15:18. Except him (devil) that gains hearing by stealing, he is pursued by a clear flaming fire
  21. Is modern women is really free, let us see with examples from the women belonging to three major religions of the world .Islam ,Christianity and Hinduism .To be very precise , I will take women belonging to the places where these religions are widely practice .So , I will take the status of women in Saudi Arabia ,India and the western women . Let’s see first Arabian women .As per Islam, dowry should be paid by male and the children belongs to male, not to the women .The current problem in Arabian countries is dowry .To marry a Arabian women ,a male, on average should pay dowry anything between $5000 to $50000 .This is a fact that I have witnessed through my Arabian friend (I can give the proof if you want). As per shariah, a women can easily walk out alone giving her children to the man .In order to marry again,man has to search a new woman with new dowry to take care of his children. This is prime reason why Arabs sought women from India .Because you know Indian women are very loyal.In short , Arabian woman is really dictating . Second, Indian women, please don’t mistake me, I am trying to give the exact picture that is prevailing in Indian society .Here , the dowry is reverse ,woman should pay dowry to man and the cost of marriage should be prone by the poor father of the woman. Immediately after the marriage, the first problem that an Indian women encounters is women to women problem .I mean problem of mother in law. Then she became an unpaid servant to her beloved husband .Managing his children, making food, taking care of his elders with all due respect and even earning for him. Of course should be a good partner on bed and after the sex she should give a massage till her maharaja sleeps. So, an Indian woman is a good unpaid servant. Third , Western women .They boast they are most free women .let us give a closer look at their society .I cannot deny the fact that western women never depends on her husband .But , now a days , to sell even pin or a paper , we need a semi naked woman .These credit goes to western style of marketing. So they become the fore runner in exploiting woman. My article will be incomplete if I don’t talk about pornography .This is 100 billion dollar industry with western countries as its headquarters .US hold the reputation of top ###### producers in the world(i can give the proof if you want ).In short , women in western society is like a chewing gum , chew them and spit them .Do you think they are really free. My question is, on comparison, which women seem to be more dignified now .which society has given women a real respect.
  22. Which Woman Is Really Free ...lets Compare

    Lol All the lies of pea brained christian goons are being torn apart the only option i suggest to these goons is either bang their head on the wall of hide their head in the ground ...lol Once again, Shariah Rocks !
  23. Which Woman Is Really Free ...lets Compare

    Since Mr.Zoro is absconding, i would like to comment on few of Sister Fofo's replay from the point of view of western women I mean , what western woman will think about the comments of sister Fofo this is some thing the west or as a matter of fact rest of the world will never accept the immediate question that will arise is why woman is not allowed to play in font of males So , sports means , To expose a woman in front of lecherous eyes of males ,Will this make a woman free ...lol i really don't know what has happened to world , why we are going back to old ages in the name of modernization civilization is in clothing people and not in making them semi naked if so ,why we call people of old ages are less civilized the problem is ,every society is competing to get uncivilized ,if we say this is wrong , then they will say .....You are barbaric ...lol In short , sports is welcome but not at the cost of obscenity and civilization there by guarding the woman ....who is barbaric ...and who is uncivilized ...just think ! Shariah ROCKS ![using large font size is not allowed] Lot of countries in the world only talk about schemes for poor and needy they allot huge amount of money to the welfare of the poor in each budget but ,these money usually get hoarded by officials and politicians and at the end of the day poverty rules in all countries pl don't attribute this success to oil even oil rich countries face lot of poverty problems for example , Angola ,Nigeria , Russia ....only difference between this countries is SHARIAH Well , if Government is so much active in people's welfare , surely west will tern this as stupidity because , what will happen to banks which provide loans and earn interest ,there by making poor, more poor what will happen to insurance companies which always cheat and amass people's money Cont......
  24. Which Woman Is Really Free ...lets Compare

    No sister ,i am afraid ,you understood wrong one of my non-Muslim friend , met a small accident on the high way according to him , every car that passed by stopped and wanted to help them . he was amazed by the helping attitude of Arabs after that , he was really impressed by the hospitably offered by the police i want you to elaborate on this ,i will be much happy if you come out with a new thread in this topic
  25. Which Woman Is Really Free ...lets Compare

    Assalamualaikum Rahamatullahi Wabarakathahu Sister prof.Fofo I must congratulate you for giving a excellent replay the problem is, none of the Arabs counter the dirty western allegations made by christian goons if not the Arabs , then who will tell the world about the benefits of shariah some articles here and few in other places will never announce the benefits of shariah it is quite evident the standard of Arab life is far superior in human nature in comparison to any other country Thank you sister Fofo Regards Mushtaq