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  1. Islamic Finance Week 2009

    Brother It is all backdoor entry. If their only intention is to give you money without interest then why don't they give you cash? Why should they sell you your house after 5 years at prefixed amount? Why should not they sell it in open market at higher price? Once you have sold the house then why would you renovate it? They simply add fixed interest and make agreement with you to resell your house to you. What is the guarantee the after 5 years price of house would be similar mentioned in the agreement and not more or less? Brother little application of mind will clear everything. This is back door riba only. Have you ever thought that once you sold them your house then why do they allow you to live in it? Will you pay them rent for 5 years? Are you aware that if you mortgage something then as per Islamic law mortgagor have no right to use it, otherwise it will be considered as riba? Why do they always add profit in their money at fixed rate? Why they never make any loss? Tell me any business in the world which make profit at fixed rate? Brother this is fraud of these so called Islamic Banks. They are deceiving you in the name of Islam and many ulemas have also given fatwas in their favor without understanding the matter. May Allah expose the frauds of hypocrites and Kuffars Wassalam
  2. Are You Gooder At Grammar?

    Your Language Arts Grade: 84% :sl:
  3. Salam, I Am New.

    Walekum Assalam Welcome to Gawaher Brother. We all are here to share our knowledge only. InshaAllah you'll learn a lot here. wassalam Muhammed Shadab
  4. Memorising Religious Scriptures

    Hindus also memorize their scriptures, but most of them don't bother to understand its meaning. Only elites are allowed to read it.
  5. Islamic Finance Week 2009

    I'm sorry but this Islamic Banking System is nothing but back door Usury. They are deceiving Ummah in the name of Islam. If you study their system then you'll find that there is no difference between Islamic Bank and Jewish Banks. They give you money and add their fixed income on it which is wrong. Tell me any business which always give profit that too in a fixed ratio. If you want to purchase a property from third party then they don't give you cash. What they do is they them self purchase the property add the fixed profit [back door usury] and resell it to you. Many will come forward and argue that it is allowed in Islam and then my question is first you study properly what is allowed and what is not allowed. Is it really the way Rasoolullah Sallallahu alehi wa sallam described? No my brother No. Only actual owner of the property is allowed to sell its goods at higher rates if he is selling it on credit. Islam prohibited riba to prevent the corruption in the economy and to keep the balance between the people. These Banks never make any loss by entering into such types of transactions. Even if you delay their installment then they charge you penalty which is haram in Islam. What they do is that thew fool you by saying that they will donate the penalty amount. My only question is "Does Haram become Halal if you earn it to donate it? No my brother giver and taker both are sinner in that case. These Banks frustrate the purpose of making Usury haram. These Bankers getting richer and richer because no risk is involved. Plz. ask for any clarification. wassalam Muhammed Shadab
  6. Other Scriptures Besides Qur'an In Islam

    No we don't because we don't know what is true and what have been altered by forgers. IN fact it is not advisable to read them after Qur'an. Allah Subhanahu wa ta'la has included everything in Qur'an important for Ummah. If I rightly recollect then Hadrat Ali radiallahu anh read the Bible and found many god things in it. When he [RAA] told this to rasoolullah sallallahu alehi wa sallam regarding this then Rasolullah Sallallahu alehi wa sallam become angry and said that even if Isa [Alehisalam] comes to this earth then He [Alehisalam] will also have to read Qur'an.
  7. Assalamualekum

    Mods are very quick on this forum MashaAllah. My new ID is banned.
  8. The Cursed Denish Cartoonist Is Dead From Burn.

    News is probably fake.
  9. Khalid Bin Al-waleed

    Actually I read ebook that too during office hours. £20 is too much for this book. Downloading and taking printout will be much cheaper.
  10. Historical Battles Of The Sahabaas.

    Assalamualekum sister Let me know if you need any help. Wassalam
  11. Islam Is The Only Religion Of Truth

    Plz. somebody read the book and give the opinion. I'm extremely busy learning my own religion.
  12. Khalid Bin Al-waleed

    Assalamualekum Believe me I finished this book in 3 days. It changed my way of thinking. Before reading this book I was almost unaware of this great personality Saifullah Khalid Bin Waleed [Radiallahu anhu].
  13. Convince Me Islam Is Truth

    Assalamualekum Brother I'm afraid brother. You are such closer to the truth but reluctant to accept it just because of displeasure of your parents. Your situation is not any different from any new convert. They also faced persecution and atrocities from their own relatives. Believe me brother these atrocities and displeasure will make your Imaan stronger than mountains. Do you think you'll enter jannah without trials which was faced by earlier people? No brother Allah Ta'la test the imaan of the believers by such trials. It's your weakness of faith which is preventing you from accepting the truth. I think you need to study Islam more. It's only deception of Satan who is suggesting you to delay your decision. Believe me brother it is only fitna of Satan who will suggest you to delay it till you abandon the idea. Taking Shahada is very serious matter once you have found the truth. Brother Ask Allah to strenghten your Imaan. Ya Allah forgive us all and save us from whispers of Satan.
  14. Well religion is not matter of culture, ancestor or heritage or race it is a matter of faith. A matter of difference between truth and falsehood, right and wrong and true God and false Gods. btw betraying the whole world is better than betraying yourself by betraying your LORD, because in the end everyone else except the believers will feel themselves betrayed. PEACE
  15. Satan In Islam

    I guess this is also belief of Zionists. Many people worship Iblees believing that it is like a politics. One party supporting God and other party supporting Iblees. Followers of Satan will realize the truth in the end, when Satan will accept that he lied to them about himself. May Allah save us from Fitna of Satan.