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  1. A New Nation Arises?

    Assalamu Alaykum I believe that the new caliphate either starts in Al Jazeerah. The Prophet said that Hijaaz is the place where the truth will remain. Yes, there is lots of corruption right now, but I firmly believe that Hijaaz will be the source of a new khilafa again. I somehow doubt that Syria will be the source of the new khilafa. We know that when Muhammad/Ahmad ben Abdullah al Mahdi appears, an army will march from Damascus to Makkah in order to kill Mahdi, but the earth will swallow them. This shows that there will be great corruption in Syria during that time. It is said that princes of Arabia will fight over the throne and a treasure. During that incident the Imam Mahdi will appear. In Syria, the mother of wars (Armageddon) will begin. Muslims and the Romans will join in order to fight a common enemy. Who this enemy might be is unknown. The war will begin in Syria between the sea and a mountain range. That is why it is called Armageddon. This war will last three days, but it will be so severe that if a bird flies over it, it will die. Sounds like an ABC war. The Muslims will win the war, but the Romans will lose. The Romans organize a war against the Muslims out of jealousy. Their planning will take about 9 Months. During that period the Mahdi will come out. An army will march from Damascus to Makkah to kill Mahdi. The army will be swallowed by the earth. Then another army will arrive from Khorassan with black flags and they will be the army of Mahdi. They will fight the Arabian Peninsula and win. Then they will fight Iran/Persia and win. Then they will fight the Romans and win. Then they will fight the army of the Dajjal and the Yahood and win. During the fight against Dajjaal, Jesus son of Mary will descend to kill the Dajjal and to help the Mahdi Army to win against the Army of the Dajjal. The Muslims will win. Eesa ben Maryam will rule and during his rule the Muslims will fight Gog and Magog and then there will be peace. During that time Islam will be the only religion left. After Eesa ben Maryam passes away the Muslims and worst of creation will experience more major signs. After all the major signs a wind will come from Yemen and kill all the believers. Those who remain are the worst of people. They don't belong to any religion, but they are those who practice homosexuality, bestiality, and incest. They are those who make permissible all those nasty perversions. Evil prevails and adultery prevails and homosexuality prevails and incest prevails and hypocrisy prevails and bestiality prevails. People will have sex like donkeys. That is why the Apocalypse will be on them. The will experience the End of the World. The entire world will be in perversion. That is why the entire earth will be destroyed not just a small place like Sodom. The wind that leads the believers to death will be the ark, but those who remain will experience the End just like those who disbelieved Noah and experienced the flood. Eesa will be like Noah, but the ark will be the wind/death and there won't be a flood, but the earth will be wiped out. I got carried away. I believe that Hijaz will be the place were the new nation will start.
  2. Jin, Aliens And Echelon Nodes

    When I read Echelon, I just think of Abstract Algebra such as solving Systems of Equations using Matrices. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala has created the universe for the human being. Every star and every thing we see in the outer space is created for us. He created that in order to give it to us as a "gift". The stars and other lights in the universe are lamps for us. They benefit the sailors. Supernovas happen for us. The reason is to benefit the earth with iron and other metal. Through supernovae iron and other metal is dispensed and they disperse in the universe and land on earth. Comets and shooting stars are there so that we enjoy the scenario, but their purpose is to punish the evil jinn. They get spanked by these meteorits and shooting stars. There is no mentioning that there are extraterrestrial being on the day of judgment. We know of humans, jinn, animals. The only heavenly creatures we will meet on the day of judgment are the angels. It is also mentioned that human beings and jinn are the only creatures that have free will. It is possible that there is other life in the universe, but they don't have free will.
  3. Hadeeth

    Assalamu Alaykum Another source of problem is that people sometimes just know one single hadeeth and think that this is the answer while ignoring that there are other hadeeth that say it a bit different. If there is a difference in hadeeth, it is not a curse for those who have knowledge, but a test for those laymen who don't feel the need to study further. For example, one hadeeth tells us that 'Eesa bin Maryam alyhissalam will be on earth 7 years, but another tells us that he will reign 40 years. Probably, one brother knows only one hadeeth while the other brother only knows the second hadeeth. They may quarrel over the information and everyone thinks that he is right. However, the don't know that scholars already dealt with these hadeeth and came up with a conclusion. This is what I mean by saying that the scholars already solved the problem, but these two brothers are still bickering over what they know which is very limited knowledge. The scholars found the conclusion that 'Eesa ben Maryam lived on earth 33 years. When he reached 33 years of age, he was raised up to the Heavens. When he comes back in the future, he will reign the last 7 years of his life and die at the age of 40 years. This was just an example. I have not come across a quarrel about this specific topic yet, It's a scenario.
  4. A Criticism Of Aristotle's View On Virtue

    Assalamu Alaykum Maybe, he means that we are born ignorant, but then we strive to gain as much knowledge as possible. This striving is a virtue. Allah knows best.
  5. Reverts

    No, because I am not able to revert or convert them, but my job is to invite them to Islam. This is what I did. Hidaya comes from Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala.
  6. Jin, Aliens And Echelon Nodes

    There are no aliens. We and the jinn are alone in the universe. Angels and jinn are totally different creatures. Angels are made of light while jinn are made of smokeless fire/electric power. The Angel of Death is an Angel, not a jinn. Jinn were granted free will. They can choose between obedience and disobedience. There are jinn that a evil and jinn that are righteous. Only Prophet Solomon was able to enslave the jinn and use them to serve him. The other things you mentioned are hocus pocus.
  7. Circumcision

    With regard to Circumcision, the earlier the easier. Every human is born innocent and Muslim. Jews/Yahood are the descendants of Judah. Judah was the son of israel Jacob. He is ancestor of the Jews, Levites, the children of Gad, Dan, Ruben, Benjamin, Joseph, etc The Pharisees were Jews, but the Sadduzees were Levites. israel had been a son of Isaak. Isaak had been patriarch of israel and Edom. Isaak had been a son of Abraham. Abraham is father of Isaac and all his descendants as well as Ishmael and his descendants.
  8. Confused

    It you have a marriage ceremony in the church it would be problematic. Maybe, it does not need to be in a church, but in your house or somewhere outside, but in order the wedding/marriage to be Islamically valid the Islamic procedures need to be followed. Without wali and Muslim witnesses, the wedding would be invalid for your husband. Maybe, you should read how the Islamic marriage works? There need to be a marriage contract and other steps. If the marriage is invalid for him, he would commit fornication every time he knows you. This is the way it is called in the bible.
  9. Traditions Around The Birth In Islam

    You can choose for yourself to be vegetarian or even vegan. If it is your choice then there is nothing wrong with it. In your case, it is even an advantage with regard to your relationship with your future husband. He does not need to worry about controversial meat issues. No one can force you to eat meat, too. However, it is important to know for a Muslim not to make haram halal or halal haram. The important part of the sacrifice/slaughter is not what kind of meat it is, but to invite people and poor neighbors in order to give them a good time. In Islam, weddings and aqeeqas and other occasions are the opportunity for the poor neighbors to have a good time and enjoy what they usually cannot enjoy. If you have only vegetarian dishes and your neighbors benefit from that, then you fulfill the purpose. If you husband would say that meat is haram, it might cause him to exit Islam, because Allah's Sharee'ah tells us that meat is halal unless it is meat from a forbidden animal or meat from an animal that was tortured and mistreated. You are fine. Are you vegetarian or vegan?
  10. Hadeeth

    By the way, a woman is naturally a verbal creature while a man is normally a visual-spacial creature. A sister is more likely to be able to read between the lines than a brother. I apologize for my hasty replies.
  11. Hadeeth

    Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahee wa Barakatu Written language does not have any emotions. You wrote: "Personally I feel that the source of problems is not the hadith itself but rather people's willingness to adhere so strictly to it." If the hadeeth is authentic, we need to adhere to it strictly. I don't think adherence to a hadith should be called the source of problem. The source of problems should be the adherence to a particular Madhab while ignoring Sahih Bukhary and Sahih Muslim etc. The problem are people of fitnah who use the disagreements as an opportunity to disunite the Ummah. Sometimes, the division is caused by non-Muslims such as the Colonialists etc. I think the source of problem is not even Taqleed, but something that is called Ta'assub to a particular madhab or scholar on one side, and Talfeeq/Fatwa Shopping on the other side. Ta'assub is only for the Allah and His Messenger, but not for other scholars, not even Sahaba. Ta'assub is unconditional adherence or following of a particular scholar which is partisanship. Talfeeq is fatwa shopping. People see a ruling they don't like and because they don't accept the ruling, they go around asking different scholars or imams until they come across an Imam who give the most lenient reply. This is fatwa shopping. Both are not because the some hadeeth seem to contradict, but because of a behavoral disorder they have.
  12. Hadeeth

    That means I misunderstood you question. Maybe, you could rephrase the question?
  13. Confused

    A Muslim man can marry a Christian or Jewish woman who is chaste. There needs to be an Islamic wedding with wali and witnesses.
  14. Circumcision

    Please, read this: http://islamqa.com/en/463
  15. A Financial Matter

    The husband is not responsible for every expenses the wife has. He is not responsible to pay her debts or luxury items. However, he should give her Zakah which is permissible in this case, because he is not obliged to cover her debts.
  16. A Financial Matter

    The money that you've earned and inherited is yours in general. However, in Islam there is a marriage contract and other mutual agreements. If there is a mutual agreement between husband and wife regarding wealth and other matters then this contract is binding. The money that you keep for yourself is yours regardless, but the wealth that you share belongs to both of you. However, everything depends on who it was stipulated in a mutual agreement or contract. The husband is obliged to provide food, accommodation, and clothing for the wife. Medical expenses and most utility costs are part of the husbands job, but if you make a contract or mutual agreement that both of you divide the costs maybe fifty percent each then the contract is binding. The husband is responsible, but this does not mean that the wife takes from the husband more that he can give. The husband can't pay Zakah to the wife, but the wife can and should give Zakah to the husband. Zakah is almsgiving that is payed from savings that lasted the entire year. Husband can't pay Zakah because it is already his obligation to spend on his family in the above three matters. The wife is not obliged to provide for the husband; therefore, she can give Zakah to him. It is recommended to give that to him (if he is needy) because it is better to start within the own household, before giving alms to others. In conclusion, there is nothing wrong in what you are doing, but it is even highly recommended. I wished many Muslimas would behave like you.
  17. Traditions Around The Birth In Islam

    1400 years ago, sheep and other animals were wealth. For a boy someone to sacrifice two sheep means to give up two sheep, but as a blessing for a girl only one sheep is to be slaughtered. It has nothing to do with who is more valuable. People may wish to have girls, so that they don't sacrifice more than one sheep. All is voluntary, but righteous people view recommended acts as something big. Missing an opportunity to do good would bother them. Ancestry is usually traced back through the fathers and forefathers. God has been allowing us to consume the meat of animals. He created these animals for us, so that we benefit from them. We cannot make prohibited that what God has made permissable.
  18. As salami Alaykum You are not obligated to donate monthly, but it is voluntary. It is a voluntary recommended act. Zakah is to be paid annually if your amount of savings are above the Nisab. Then you pay 2.5%.
  19. Hadeeth

    How can the hadeeth separate us? Partisanship appeared long after the time of the great imams. The partisanship is not as bad as it had been few decades ago. Disagreement is part of Islam, but Muslims need to learn the Adab of Disagreement and the ethics/rules of disagreement. Some Muslims only know the Islam that they learn from parents and they view this to be the only way. They would separate from other Muslims due to disagreement. There is a difference between disagreement and dispute. Disagreement and diversity should not lead to disunity. This did not happen in early Islam. If a Hadith is authentic it is binding. Not the hadeeth is the reason for the partisanship among Muslims nor the adherence to them, but the abandonment of the Sunnah of the Prophet in general and adherence to the traditions of forefathers.
  20. Hadeeth

    However, you blamed the hadeeth for the partisanship among the followers of Madhabs. You also said that the scholars were not able to solve problems. Even your title suggest that you are talking about Hadith. Your question was not clear at all. How can a mere explanation be condescending. My reply was according to my understanding of your unclear question.
  21. Hadeeth

    The science of hadeeth is very thorough and the methodology of evaluating hadeeth is amazing. It took Bukhari 20 years to complete his Sahih Bukhari. In aqeeda there is not difference in opinion. The differences are in Fiqh Issues. The differences in figh/understanding is a blessing, not a curse. Judges and jurists have different understandings which is normal. You can find different understanding even among Prophets. There were cases where Da'wood alayhissalam and Sulayman alayhissalam were asked to solve a case and both came up with different judgments. These are not misunderstandings, but valid ijtihaad. Remember, the sources of Sharee'ah are: 1. Qur'an and Sunnah 2. Ijmaa of the Sahaba 3. Qiyaas of the Scholars of Islam The Sunnah is contained in the Hadeeth. Ijmaa of the Sahaba is binding, because it is the consense of the Sahaba. Qiyaas means that the scholars derives their rulings through opinion. There are various methods how the scholar performs Qiyaas. You have Ijtihaad, Istislaah, and other methods. I think that you should read more about Ijmaa and Qiyaas and something called Usool.
  22. Quiz About An Enemy Of Islam

    Assalamu Alaykum It needs to be mentioned that there is no reduction of his punishment, but his punishment is slightly less severe compared to others such as Abu Jahl and the wife of Abu Lahab. He will not benefit from the reward, because the drop of water does not improve his situation at all. The deeds of the disbelievers are null and void, but his deed caused him to be in a better position than Abu Jahl. The reward is just in comparison to folks like Abu Jahl and Fir'awn. His situation is still much worse than the situation of Abu Taalib. He still has to eat from Zaqqum and all the horrendous torments will make him suffer tremendously. I should have mentioned that the information about this thing is from a dream of a righteous person, but not a direct saying of the Prophet. Please, read this for more information: http://islamqa.com/en/139986
  23. The prohibition of suicide includes the prohibition of Euthanasia be it voluntary, non-voluntary, involuntary, active, or passive.
  24. It is not just forbidden, but a major sin that leads to severe punishment in the hereafter. I don't know any situation during the battles during the life of the Prophet that teaches us to commit suicide operations. To sacrifice your life for others in battle is different, but suicide operations are not allowed. It is also forbidden to kill women and children. During Suicide Attacks the attacker does not really care who he or she kills. There might be children and women around. Women and children must not be killed during warfare or battle let alone during times of peace. Random killing is forbidden and the suicide attacker does not know who he or she kills.
  25. Hadeeth

    First, you claim that opinions are important for the human growth, but now you accuse scholars of bickering because they have different opinions.