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  1. To Hajj By Train

    Is it good to visit Masjid Al Aqsa after or before Hajj?
  2. Do You Put God Before Humanity?

    My actions are created by God Almighty.
  3. Do You Put God Before Humanity?

    salam I have found this hadeeth: Volume 8, Book 73, Number 161: Narrated Abu Juhaifa: The Prophet established a bond of brotherhood between Salman and Abu Darda'. Salman paid a visit to Abu ad-Darda and found Um Ad-Darda' dressed in shabby clothes and asked her why she was in that state.?" She replied, "Your brother, Abu Ad-Darda is not interested in the luxuries of this world." In the meantime Abu Ad-Darda came and prepared a meal for him (Salman), and said to him, "(Please) eat for I am fasting." Salman said, "I am not going to eat, unless you eat." So Abu Ad-Darda' ate. When it was night, Abu Ad-Darda' got up (for the night prayer). Salman said (to him), "Sleep," and he slept. Again Abu-Ad-Darda' got up (for the prayer), and Salman said (to him), "Sleep." When it was the last part of the night, Salman said to him, "Get up now (for the prayer)." So both of them offered their prayers and Salman said to Abu Ad-Darda',"Your Lord has a right on you; and your soul has a right on you; and your family has a right on you; so you should give the rights of all those who have a right on you). Later on Abu Ad-Darda' visited the Prophet and mentioned that to him. The Prophet, said, "Salman has spoken the truth." In Islam there are rights of the Human Being and the right of God. We have to fulfill the rights of God and the rights of the human being/creation as the bold statement of Salman Al Farisi shows. If I oppress a person physically or mentally then I cannot expect forgiveness from Allah unless I ask the oppressed person for forgiveness first.
  4. The Arrivals - 51 Videos

    salam unfortunately, the sound has been disabled
  5. Parallels Between Jesus And Horus.

    A lot of societies also have the story of the flood, which give the atheist no excuse to be an atheist.
  6. Are Scientists Idiots?

    salam my first reply was more ironical that it sounds to provoke a little bit. I may include the Christian Scientists and Scientology among the scientist.
  7. Are Scientists Idiots?

    salam I don't think that evolution and creation are necessary opposites. Evolution does not necessarily mean that there is no creation or creation does not necessary imply that there is no evolution. Evolution might describe how the creation proceeded. The evolution and creation are both proofs of the Living God. We believe that God created everything and he brought forth everything from non-existence to existence, but the process of the creation can be like the evolution. God created law and exceptions to the laws. The exceptions are the human beings, the jinn, and the angels. They are not part of an evolution. If other creation are part of an evolution, I don't know, but God knows. God created Adam with his own hands and Adam was created in his adult form.
  8. How To Help A Sister?

    salam How can we help a sister who suffers severe financial disaster? We know that debt is a very dangerous thing that can cause a lot of suffering in the Hereafter. I know a sister who has credit card debt of about $50000 US and she is not able to pay it off. How can we as Muslims help is such a case. We cannot just let her suffer thinking that she got into this problem so she has to get out of it herself. Interest is increasing so this is another big problem. Because of the interest the debt increases steadily. Her husband does not have that much income to solve this problem. Any suggestion what to do? Is there any way to refinance so that she at least does not have to pay interest? salam
  9. Are Scientists Idiots?

    Is a theory a proof? Muslims accept some parts of the theory of evolution and reject others. We don't believe that our ancestors are moneys. Muslims reject those parts of the theory, which Darwin denied towards the end of his life, that teaches that the creation came to be without a Creator, but they evolved by chance. We believe that animals can adapt to the environment.
  10. National Anthems

    Salam I have some questions regarding national anthems: 1. What is the ruling on national anthems in general? 2. Should the Islamic Ummah have an anthem such as Ghurabaa etc. 3. Is it already to sing national anthems without accompanying music and record them and publish/sell the CDs?
  11. Haroon Baqai

    salam I would like to contact Haroon Baqai from the Al Huda School/Hifz School/Dar-us-Salam. Does anyone of you has an email of him? If yes, please, PM me, because I don't want that spammers and others flood his email account.
  12. Are Scientists Idiots?

    Yes, they are idiots, except a few. If a mind leads someone to hell then there is not intelligence.
  13. Do You Put God Before Humanity?

    If Allah ordered me to kill my mother and you, I would do it.
  14. Do You Put God Before Humanity?

    God Almighty created the human being and is the owner of the human being. Consequently, we treat the human being according to his terms and his terms are Most Just.
  15. Do You Put God Before Humanity?

    salam God Almighty gave us the instructions what to do and we do everything for His sake only. Even helping a human being is for His sake, because the human being is not the one who rewards us with Jannah and show mercy on the day of judgement but God Almighty. He puts such and such person in test to test us if we are grateful or not and if we follow the instructions of Allah. Being concerned for humanity is worship.
  16. Poor Newsreader Getting Scolded By George Galloway!

    The war against the Romans has not ended yet. However, if you could give me an evidence that the Roman are already defeated it would be nice.
  17. Poor Newsreader Getting Scolded By George Galloway!

    salam Scholars say that the war against the Romans comes before the war against Dajjal an followers. They say that the Dajjal will not come unless the war with the Romans are defeated. It says that we will fight against the Arabs and we will win, then we will fight against the Persians and we will win. Then we will fight against the Romans and the Muslims will be victorious. After that we will fight against Dajjal and the Muslims will be victorious. Dajjal comes last after all the other battles.
  18. How To Help A Sister?

    salam Are people in debt eligible for receiving Zakah?
  19. How To Help A Sister?

    Would fundraising be an option?
  20. How To Help A Sister?

    salam She had to borrow money to pay bills and mortgage. She was able to pay of her house, but the credit debt remained and it have been keeping increasing. Will she be imprisoned in the debt in the hereafter?
  21. salam Do Dawah as an act of worship which is for the sake of Allah only. You don't need to convince them, but you do your part and for your motivation just do it for Allah only. It is what you say that will bring you reward. Your actions are your good deeds and this is the reason you talk to them. Remember, Noah was in the same situation for 950 years, but he enjoyed it because it is worship. You should not look for the result, but for the you do and what reward you might get in the afterlife.
  22. Wife's Duties In Islam

    salam Question: Her father is asking her for money to build a house for his second wife Could you please tell me if a father is allowed to talk guilt into his children, because they are not supporting him financially. When I was still living home I used to work and give my father money. But now that I am married I have other responsibilities and also my husband is against the idea of supporting my father. We always argue about this. My father has his own (good) salary ,but he wants to do a lot of things that require a lot of money, like building a house etc. (for his second wife). (He got married for the second time to have a son, and this has hurt us and my mother very much). It felt like he was not satisfied with us (4 daughters). He is always talking like we are no good to him, saying that other people's children are doing better than we do. This is making me very sad. I want to have a good realtionship with him, but I always feel very uncomfortable when he starts talking like that. Am I obliged to support my father, despite the fact that he is building this house for his second wife and children? Are we responsible for all his borrowing from other people to realize this? Am I allowed to go against my husband and support my father anyway? Jazaak Allah! Praise be to Allaah. You should give your father whatever will please him, provided that this does not affect your own interests and needs. As for your husband, he has nothing to do with your wealth that Allâh has given to you. The fact that your father wants to build a house for his second wife, who is your mother’s co-wife, does not mean that you are not obliged to honour him, for the child and whatever he owns belong to the father. Yes, if there is a conflict between obedience to your mother and obedience to your father, then you must take a balanced approach, whilst giving precedence to your mother, because she takes priority when it comes to good companionship, and her rights are greater than those of the father. And Allâh is the source of strength. Islam Q&A Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajj
  23. Are There Good Lies?

  24. Prohibition Of Riba

    Borrowing and lending money is not riba, but when we charge interest then it is riba
  25. Prohibition Of Riba

    There is a difference between debt and interest.