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  1. Prohibition Of Riba

    in any event give me all of your money that is real money then if you believe what is said is true. Brother we are living in a time where every single dollar is made with debt attached to it. Every single dollar and every coin has debt attached to it. we cannot escape it She is still a Sister
  2. Prohibition Of Riba

    Debt and riba are different things?
  3. Jerusalem In The Quran

    salam I wish to experience the time. I hope we are in this time, because it would be a great pleasure seeing Isa ben Maryam descending and meeting him personally. I am also scared of this time, but the love to meet Isa personally is greater. Remember, the Dajjal is the first of the 10 major signs (Dajjal, Isa, Gog and Magog, three sinking of earth, Smoke, Sunrise from the West, Beast, Fire of Adnan). Dajjal will come AFTER the victory against the Romans.
  4. Prohibition Of Riba

    This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.
  5. Prohibition Of Riba

    Salam Luckily, I watched the interesting video and did not wait too long. There are some interesting points he makes. Unfortunately, the video is not available anymore. Have you noticed that this video has been disabled from Youtube? Please click on the video and then you realize what happened.
  6. Prohibition Of Riba

    What is riba?
  7. Jerusalem In The Quran

    salam I don't get it. Gog and Magog will drink from the lake until the water is gone?
  8. Noreaga Productions And Hashems Films!

    Is not the beast who marks the people different from the antichrist. In the end of time a beast will appear and he will mark believers and disbeliever. He will carry the staf of Moses and the ring of Solomon and he will mark the believers with the stick of Moses and the disbelievers with the ring of Solomon. I think there is a difference between Dajjal, Iblees/Satan, and the Beast (Dabah)?
  9. Check Out These 2 Brave Kids

    Maybe, he was Iblees and a test for the kids and the kids passed the test.
  10. Arrests Over Israel Boycott In Tesco's

    I think there are other and better ways to boycott the product than throwing or wasting food in that manner. However, I here intention might be good, the way she did it was not correct. It's still food.
  11. Jewish And Zionist

    I think only the naturei karta Jews are against Zionism?
  12. Jewish And Zionist

    salam not all Jews are Zionists, but Zionists are ethnically Jews and maybe religious Jews. The word Jew can refer to the religion or the ethnic group. religion: Jew=followers of Judaism ethnic group: Jew=the people of the Jewish nation Zionism is just a name to distinguish the radicals among the Jews from those who do not participate in the oppression. Zionism is a political group. Maybe, we are just scared to call them Jews because we have a artificial barrier in our hearts and minds. Allah knows best
  13. Why Does Allah Trouble

    salam Maybe, because Jannah is that expensive.
  14. Jewish And Zionist

    I mean: Are the Jewish settlers orthodox Jews, conservative Jews, or modernist Jews?
  15. Jewish And Zionist

    Salam Is Zionism not one of the 71 sects of Judaism mention by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.? The the Jewish settlers orthodox Jews, conservative Jews, or modernist Jews. Aren't zionist the khawarij of the Jewish Ummah?
  16. Are There Good Lies?

    salam Jazza Kalla Khayr! This is all I needed to know. I think the thread served its purpose. Thanks
  17. Forgivness

    salam Aren't there sins that require the forgiveness of a human being such as oppression against a human being?
  18. Are There Good Lies?

    salam case1: Someone is unemployed and trying to find a job, but it takes time. The parents are so worried and there is a lot of anxiety which bothers them a lot. The person tells them that he found a little job to make the feel calm down knowing that the father has medical problems with the heart which could cause more severe problems if stress increases. The person knows how the stress increases and how something like this could affect the parents physical and psychological health. this would be a lie to ease their pain. case2: Someone is unemployed and is not health insured because in Islam insurance is not allowed (this is what I was taught/gambling). however, his parents insist for him to be insured. the person pretends that he applied for insurance, but in reality did not. He was afraid to disappoint the parents who already decided to send the money for the insurance. The first lie: The person pretends that he is insured. Reason: Does not want to disobey the parents, but also not to be sinful because of the insurance. The second lie: The parents are sending the money for the purpose of financing the insurance, because the person is short of money, but he is not insured in reality. Now, the person is in the dilemma that he receives the money from the parents, but does not want to used the money for other than the insurance. Therefore, he decides to tell the parents that he found a job and through that job he is health insured. Now, the parents don't have to send the money anymore. With this lie, this person would stop a fraud and the parents don't have to send the money for nothing. Remember, this is a case study and the examples are hypothetical and general. This is not the counselling section. It is not a personal matter, but I just would like to discuss the Cases here.
  19. Boycott Lidl And Aldi

    This is modern slavery. Zionists are the followers of Pharaoh. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala free the Muslims, the Jews, and the world in general from the Zionist Pharisees through the hands of men.
  20. Are All Israelis Aware

    salam Do you think that all israelis are aware of what is happening with Ghaza? I know that many Germans did not know what the Nazi regime did, because the lived in a region where there was normal life. Are they to be included in the punishment like the people of Thamud was punished as a whole nation?
  21. Assalamu Alaikum

    My name is Kai Strohscher and I am a Muslim convert who wish to learn more about Islam and Islamic conduct. I try to ask questions even if they seem awkward for you. I try to focus more on asking than answering.
  22. The Prophet's Defence Site Campain To Boycott Israel

    What is the difference between Jewry and Zionism?
  23. Salam Do we have to depend on the actions of the kuffar?