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  1. Umar (R) On Spying

    This does not just teach us not to spy. Another great lesson is that we brothers and sisters should remind each other and assist each other. This will make us brothers and sisters. Umar ibn Al Khattaab r just forgot about the ruling of spying, but Abdurrahmaan reminded him about the rule against spying. This is what brotherhood is all about. As soon Umar remembered that rule he immediately accepted it and left those people alone.
  2. Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahee Wa Barakatu Let's maintain a good companionship with Al Qur'an, the Speech of Allah, so that Al Qur'an will be a companion and an intercessor on the Day of Judgement for us. If we keep a good relationship with Al Qur'an then it will be a guide in front of us that leads us to Jannah, but if we abandon Al Qur'an then it will chase us from behind to the hellfire.
  3. How To Gain Khushu In Salah

    Another reminder: It is important that we have the right intention before we begin the Salah, the right intention while we are performing the Salah, and the right intention after finishing the Salah.
  4. Modern Islamic Miracles

    Miracles are specifically for Prophets. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wassallam was the last messenger and prophet to mankind. Therefore, there will be no new miracle. Consequently, the miracle needs to be related to the prophet which shows people of understanding that he was indeed the prophet. In general, it is not good to ask for a sign of God, because as soon you see a sign then your repentance will not be forgiven. Satan was not forgiven because he witnessed the signs. Even a small sin becomes huge. Other human beings cannot receive miracles. However, they may receive karaama which is similar to miracles, but different. Example: Allah gave Moses clear miracle such as splitting the sea and the other 9 signs. On the other side, his mother also received guidance in form of karaama. Allah inspired the mother of Moses to place the baby inside a casket and put it in the nile river. The miracles of the Prophet Muhammad are not performed by himself, but Allah let these miracles happen to prove mankind that he is a true prophet, and not a false prophet. Therefore, all the modern and contemporary miracles need to refer to the prophet himself. The miracle is in the message. 1. Qur'an is a miracle: He was unlettered, but was able to come forth with this excellent written book. Qur'an is a lasting miracle. We still see the evidence of this miracle. 2. Qur'an was preserved over a very long period of time. It is a book in which there is no doubt. 3. Qur'an contains scientific miracles. They give scientific information that was discovered just recently by Scientists. 4. Qur'an predicts a lot of events which are already part of our history. 5. Even the hadeeth contain miraculous predictions of which many have become reality already. 6. The Prophet said that the Islamic Ummah will go through stages throughout history. - When the prophet dies there will be Khilaafa. - After that there will arise a kingdom which is something that is not Islamic. With kingdom I mean Neopotism when the son of the leader becomes the next leader and the leadership is only within a dynasty. - After that there will arise dictatorships with corrupt leaders such as Mubarak, Ghaddafi and Assad - After that there will arise a Khilaafa again. Khilaafa is the style of government that is approved by Islam. It is a form of Nomocracy. The Law/Sharee'ah is the highest authority, not a person. You should study the minor and major signs of the Day of Judgement. If you a truthful you will recognize these signs. Even a stubborn person like me did!!!!
  5. Aisha And Muhammad

    Aisha is a miracle because for her age she was already mature and biologically ready to get married. Don't confuse marriage with mating.
  6. Why Do Muslims Believe God Is In Silence?

    Previously, Prophets and Messengers had been sent, because the Books that were given to them were corrupted and falsified by people. The world had become void of guidance, but Allah is protecting Qur'an from being corrupted. The Message of Qur'an will remain until the Day of Judgement.
  7. Why Do Muslims Believe God Is In Silence?

    The Messenger already passed away, but the Message is still alive.
  8. Why Do Muslims Believe God Is In Silence?

    Whenever we perform our Salah and say our Du'aa we communicate with Allah. We speak to Allah. Allah speaks to us through Qur'an.
  9. Depression

    Live in this world as a traveller. You are just passing by. You are on a journey towards a final destination. You are resting somewhere in the desert under a tree benefitting from its shades and fruits. Soon you will continue the journey and leave the tree. This tree represents the life of this world. For the true believer this world is like a prison, but for the kafir this world is like paradise. However, do not forget your share of this world which is bestowed upon you. Seeking sustenance is good, but competing over this world is bad.
  10. Should My Name Be Changed?

    The Arabic name for John the Baptist is Yahya. It mean "Given by God"
  11. Dua In English?

    You should know what you are asking for. It is even better to do the supplications in the language you understand. However, there are some specific du'aa which wear given by the Prophet and phrased by the Prophet. You should learn them. There are specific supplications before entering the restrooms or in situations of stress. If you can, get yourself a Fortress for the Muslims which is a collection of these specific supplications. These du'aa are for protection. However, if you have specific requests then you them in your language. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala knows your heart. He knows what you want aleady before you even say it.
  12. Aisha And Muhammad

    We should see this marriage as a miracle.
  13. For me personally, it would be difficult to concentrate on the lecture, because it is part of the etiquette of the listener to look into the speaker's eyes. However, if there is a great distance between the listeners and the lecturer then it might be different. If it is a small class room then if would be difficult, but if the lecture takes place in an auditorium, then it might be less problematic. Allah knows best.
  14. Seeking Happiness

    If we cannot be happy with the three things mentioned above then we are not able to find happiness with other things, but if we find happiness in worshipping Allah then the happiness will also spread to other part of our lives in form of contentment.
  15. The Solution To Overcoming Difficulties

    If someone is afflicted with a calamity, then remember the passing away of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wassallam and they our problems will appear insignificant. Read the story of the Prophet's Death and the reactions of the the Sahaba. It is said that if you are afflicted with a calamity then remember the calamity of losing Rasulullah in such a manner that he turn away from you at the Hawd on the Day of Judgement.
  16. [Fatwa] Ruling On Celebrating Valentine’S Day

    Muslims should study the history of Valentine and learn who the Valentinians are. It is not even a Christian celebration, but a Pagan celebration.
  17. Transgendered Brother

    You are not transgendered, because you were not born with both organs. Your description does not sound like you are a Hermaphrodite. You seem just to have desires which you are not able to control.
  18. There is nothing wrong for a Muslim sister to teach male and female. We know that Aisha the wife of Rasulullah did it. However, she did it from behind a screen or at least she wore a niqaab. If a Muslim sister gives a lecture, it is fine, but it is not fine for her to do it without niqaab. However, with or without niqaab could be a disputable matter, but the soft voice and the make-up are definitely prohibited. No one is required to attend this lecture. Just stay away or just leave your husband home. You don't gain anything from attending this lecture. Your feelings are good. Gheerah is good.
  19. How Can We Forgive Others

    Ya'quub alayhissalam once said to his sons that they should utter good words, because shaytaan dislikes good words and the best weapon against Shaytaan are good words. With good words you can eliminate jealousy, envy, and confusion. With good words you can cause reconciliation among people as well. Just tell the person "I forgive you" or "May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala has mercy on you!"
  20. How To Deal With This Kind Of People?

    What do you mean when you say that you are more superior?
  21. End.

    This world is a prison for the believers. Start with the pillars of Islam and the pillars of Iman: 1. Remember Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala by doing zhikr and supplicate to Allah constantly. Making zhikr is like building a fortress around you, but making du'aa is asking Allah for whatever you wish, especially forgiveness and mercy. 2. Pray the five daily prayer in order to remain being a Muslim and work on the quality of the Salah. During prayers you speak to Allah and when you read Qur'an, Allah speaks to you. Make Salah your most special hobby of your life and learn to love it. Be addicted to Salah, because you need it. 3. Give charity or even gifts to maintain relationships with those you are close with. This includes saying good words all the time. If you feel the feeling of jealousy, immediately say good words. Jealousy is a weapon of Shaytaan, but he hates good words. 4. Fast at least three days per months and read Qur'an a lot. The combination of Qur'an and Fasting helps you to increase Taqwa inside your heart. 5. Learn about Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. Before you study the lives of the Prophets and Angels and books of Fiqh, study about your Creator first. Gain knowledge in Tawheed, the Oneness of God and especially study the 99 Names mentioned to us. These names are information about Allah given to us by Allah Himself. Study each name thoroughly until all the names become very familiar to you. If you know and understand these names and attributes of Allah, you will know Allah better and appreciate worshipping him. 6. Study the biographies of the Prophets and Messengers, especially the last prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wassallam. 7. Gain your knowledge about the Unseen creations such as the Angels and the Jinn. 8. Study about the Holy Scriptures given to prophets. 9. Study in detail the Afterlife, especially the different stations of the Day of Judgement. 10. Learn about the Qadr of Allah. If you understand this, you will reach a higher level of Iman which is Ihsaan.
  22. Rantings Of A Revert

    Your rant does not make sense.
  23. Fear/harm/benefit

    Let us fear the Creator instead of the creation.
  24. Salam There is a hadeeth that tells us that seven categories of Muslims will have shade on the day of judgment: 1. The Just Ruler 2. The Muslim Youth who grows up worshipping Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala 3. Muslims who love to go to the masjid to pray the congregational salah 4. A Muslim man who is approached by a beautiful and powerful woman who has authority of you and she seeks to seduce that man, but he says that he fears Allah. 5. Muslims who give secret charity. 6. Muslims who meet and depart only for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala 7. Muslims who worship Allah at night until tears come from their eyes. These are the seven you probably know already. However, there is an eighth category of people which is mentioned in an other hadeeth: Question: What is the 8th category of people that will be permitted to be in the shade under the throne of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala?[using large font size is not allowed]
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73qPXZsre4A&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tpiLgMXwug&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO1-Ogy4t1c&feature=relmfu Also listen to the lecture about the Weight of Salah on the Day of Judgement: