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    I like:<br />riding horses<br />hunting<br />learning new things<br />trying to learn bosnian but i am not very good at it...<br />making my husband happy.<br />dancing<br />reading<br />and thinking about going to school to be a beautician
  1. How Smart Are You

    it says how many on the bus..... not in the bus....
  2. How Smart Are You

    0... buses dont have legs....
  3. Islam In Bosnia

    hey i wonder why this thread went stale.... Someone say something :sl:
  4. maybe he spoke before putting too much thought into his comment.... he was probably thinking of another relgion or something :sl:
  5. Hello Again Everyone!

    thanks its great to be back! Hey i have a question... is it against the rules to have our blog link in our signature block? i would like to add mine but thought it would be best to ask first. :-)
  6. Hello Again Everyone!

    Soooooo sorry i have been gone so long... life has been crazy but you know what i am back to stay.... I missed everyone!!!!!
  7. My Heart Is Filled With Rage

    Assalamu Alaikum, I am not sure if this is 100% relevent but my parents were always doing that. taking me from the other and running i mean. and after years with my mother i must admit i didnt have a high opinion of my dad. after a while (and unfortunatly i mean a couple years i think i was 15) i found him and on my terms i approched him. it took a LONG time to let myself be open to get to know my dad. all i had heard is what other family members have said (my mother refused to talk about him) my dad has his faults but when i go see him (we live a long ways apart) he is 100% there and i respect him for it. he gave me the space i needed and the time i needed to trust him. an idea... she said dont call her but if you have an address maybe you could send a card. (no gift) just a card for birthday, and christmas. i know christmas is not an Islamic holiday however, your daughter said she was christen. probably to see how you would react. i am not saying it will work quickly or at all but maybe sending just a card for one of her holidays would show her you respect her. i would not get a gift because its a little too personal at this point. but just a little something to show you care. sorry if its a dumb idea... it was just a though... :-)
  8. Pagans And Muslims

    I used to follow your path mordain. and i know what your talking about. I think a lot of people confuse paganism with that new age wicca... stuff. i have converted (in my heart) to Islam. I wish i could tell you why. I lived by the rule of 3 for years and i tried to be a good person (im not perfect) and yet the people i ran into who also claimed that faith were we will say consumed by darker forces. To open oneself up that much to the world brings too many bad things into the heart. so for a long time i stopped focusing on the energy and i started by to just focus on fixing me. I traveled a dark road for a while and not dark by my intensions but dark by circumstance i dont know its hard to explain. but be assued it was a dark road. I was lost for a long time. and i hurt for a long time, i felt dead and empty. and the few pagans i sought though "groups" were mostly posers who just wanted to upset mom, sociaty, who ever. I had one army chaplin who was muslim help me. (after a christen one almost got me thrown in jail for something i did NOT do. sorry i sort of harbor hard feelings there. but thats a long story) and the road was still bad after his help but it was bearable... he gave me a koran (because i asked - i collect relious books) but on the one condition i always washed at least my hands before use, never read it while on menstral, and keep it on the high shelf, never take to the bathroom blah blah. and he explain why and for some reason i have never forgotten him or his help or his explinations. so i read and read and then started hanging out with my army buddies again and life continued down the dark road. in 2008 i met my husband and fell in love immediatly. and i found out he was muslim. which didnt bother me. propably the only help i had ever gotten in my life was from a muslim chaplin so i made the desision to read. i started just because i wanted to make sure i kept HIM on HIS path. to keep him happy and fulfilled. but the more i read and the more we discussed and debated and whatever the more i could feel weight lifting off my sholders. the more almost clean i felt. and then my life started to get better. i can not explain that feeling to you. and i have not gone in front of an imam to make my conversion offical but thats only because where i am there isnt one. but i made my commitment to Allah and i think thats what matters anyway. I am probably more sympathic to true "white" pagans then anyone perhaps more so then i should be. but they dont exsist anymore it's all shades of grey and twisted by dark thought. i think that its too fine of a line to walk. too easy to loose youself. I have seen things. My mother has scene things. there is too much dark in the world and i guess i changed because Allah is the only light... real light i have ever known or felt. i guess i feel like he prooved he is real to me. i just cant explain how.
  9. How To Wear Hijab

    but i see women in dubai all the time with their hair and bodies covered but makeup and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of perfume... i mean a lot of perfume... i mean i see it all the time (i am always trying to figure out how they put it on... i have brown eyes too and it looks so wow) i mean i dont stare that would be rude but anyway... this is wrong????
  10. Closet Muslim

    muslimaaah, Maybe prayer... however i mean it in more then one way. prayer and faith in god but also you said your parents were ill. has this solidified your parents definition of god? In the Koran it says that christens and Jews are both people of the book... well why not present it to your parents as such. i did a google search because i could not think of a better way to explain it but they have a lot of books about Islam: from a Christian point of view. and not looking at it in a bad way but showing it in a positive light. sorry i cant post the links... but I can not say which of these are good i have not read them. I hope i have helped a little there are many many books out there. perhaps since you have not had the oportunity to study as much a book highlighting how wonderful the relgion is would be more informative... i mean no offence just trying to say that maybe it would smooth things over if they had a lot of facts at their fingertips. instead of you having to look things up or try and recall... i am learning too. anyway i hope this helps... best wishes,
  11. Are You Gooder At Grammar?

    why is it that all the muli-lingual people got a 100% and english is my 1st language and i did so-so (crying) he he he he he he he Im going to pout now ;-)
  12. Are You Gooder At Grammar?

    wooo hoo then its not just me!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Religion Selector

    WOW Intresting.... I wonder how i got 100% hindu... i think there is only 1... :-| honestly i dont even know what 75% of these relgions are :-( 1. Hinduism (100%) 2. Mahayana Buddhism (99%) 3. Orthodox Judaism (96%) 4. Unitarian Universalism (94%) 5. Jainism (93%) 6. Reform Judaism (91%) 7. Bahai (89%) 8. Islam (87%) 9. Sikhism (87%) 10. Liberal Quakers - Religious Society of Friends (83%) 11. Neo-Pagan (82%) 12. New Thought (77%) 13. Mainline - Liberal Christian Protestants (72%) 14. Theravada Buddhism (72%) 15. Scientology (68%) 16. Taoism (66%) 17. New Age (65%) 18. Mainline - Conservative Christian Protestant (54%) 19. Eastern Orthodox (52%) 20. Roman Catholic (52%) 21. Christian Science Church of Christ, Scientist (49%) 22. Orthodox Quaker - Religious Society of Friends (45%) 23. Seventh Day (43%) 24. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) (43%) 25. Secular Humanism (38%) 26. Non-theist (35%) 27. Jehovahs Witness (31%)
  14. What Does Your Username Mean?

    My means countess :-)
  15. What American Accent Do You Have?

    im from the northwest :-( this is so sad :-( please dont tell my mom :-( What American accent do you have? Your Result: The Inland North You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop." The Northeast The Midland Philadelphia North Central Boston The South The West