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  1. American State Terrorism

    I think you need to read the comments and try to come to an understanding of what is being addressed. If you need help with that, feel free to ask.
  2. American State Terrorism

    My goodness, such melodrama. With the Taliban groupies lauding the merits of these Dark Agers hoping to drag Afghanistan back into the 7th century, it’s interesting to get a perspective of what happens to those who actually are at risk from what the groupies are promoting. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.yahoo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/s/ap/20090509/ap_on_...y1hZmdoYW5wcm8- This is not at all surprising. We’ve seen this any number of times where Islamists use civilians to shelter themselves. It’s cowardly, of course, but it allows moslems the opportunity to vilify the Great Satan™ without taking responsibility for the deaths they cause.
  3. More Mass Murder In Afghanistan

    It seems that once again, we’re entertained with the abject horror (or is it uncontrollable rage), that grips the Taliban when confronted with people celebrating a festival. Officials: Bombings kill 11 people in Afghanistan you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.yahoo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/s/ap/20090321/ap_on_.../as_afghanistan Likely, the Taliban were aghast at the idea of possible interaction between men and women at such satanic activities as festivals. This societal psychopathology has the net effect of poisoning all interactions between the genders. Why is it that gender relations needs to take up such an incredible amount of time and effort for no other reason than to subjugate half the population? There are the endless religious edicts and innumerable rules and strictures on women's behavior in moslem society and social life and it seems to serve no other ends than to cause the impassioned rantings of arrogantly pathetic men who try to justify their misogyny so that they don't have to deal with the reality of their frightened and impotent masculinity. But wait, there’s more: The ideologues who promote this madness live under a delusion, in a bygone age of war, conquest, slaughter and a meaningful impact on world politics. They are imprisoned by a violent and totalitarian mind-set that was relevant on the Arabian Peninsula fourteen centuries ago, but now only engenders hatred, death, and misery. In places such as Taliban’istan, the motto is: as then, now!
  4. Obama The New Terrorist In The White House

    The internet is a double-edged sword, unfortunately. In addition to presenting a broad survey of views, it also provides support for the propagation of the food of conspiracy theory laden, sensationalist, melodramatic claims that everything in the world is the fault of the U.S and you (yes, YOU, young conspiracy theorists) are the only one who understands and can do something about it! To address your overly melodramatic and sensationalist claims regarding U.S. troops remaining in Iraq, that is with the approval of the Maliki government. Iraq's al-Maliki: US will stay in insecure areas. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgoogle(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/hostednews/ap/articl...SCiqGwD96UMI1G1 By QASSIM ABDUL-ZAHRA – 5 days ago It’s interesting, don’t you think? The Maliki government is requiring the U.S. to protect it’s moslem civilians from the moslem holy warriors™ who otherwise would be splodin’ and shootin’ them. That's odd. We're protecting from moslems from moslems. How's that workin' out for you?
  5. Afghan Operation Is ‘worthless’

    I think a valid case is made for attacking the Taliban and removing the regime. They were the verifiable protectors of an organization that had carried out a grave outrage against America. Such a thing is intolerable and given that the removal of the regime was carried out in a measured and humane way as far as the innocent were concerned, I gave it full support. As to displacement of cultures and values, the waters get a bit muddier. Democracy needs more than a few ballot boxes. For a start you need the antecedent respect for individual choice, democratic ideals, respect for constitutional process and the conviction in the common people that one person one vote is the way to go, and the maturity to accept the result when it goes against you. Do you see that in Afghanistan? Study the events in Algeria and Egypt during the mid 1990s to see what happens when Arab people, oppressed by authoritarian / totalitarian leaderships for a thousand years do when given the choice of who will rule them. If you want to save a bit of time, let me tell you. In both countries, there were obvious landslide movements towards Islamist parties that decreed there could be no debate about what was right and wrong since a “Prophet†had already revealed it all. In Algeria, the army stepped in with French support and annulled the election which had already been won by a massive majority that would have abolished democracy... That is likely what will happen when Iraq succumbs to the influence of bearded mullahs. Who do you think the sixty five percent of shia fundamentalists will vote for, women parliamentarians and pluralism? These people are not Westerners, schooled from infancy in the value of democracy and freedom. They are fundamentalist arabs who respect strong men and an autocratic religion. The word Islam means SUBMISSION. Otherwise, in Afghanistan, the world faces a moral dilemma. Do we walk away and allow the Taliban to drag that hapless nation back into the Dark Ages (with the attendant atrocities committed against its people) or do we make efforts to ensure that young girls are allowed to go to school and are not married and pregnant at 12 years old to a man in his 50’s.
  6. Afghan Operation Is ‘worthless’

    While there are those who will flail their pom poms in support of the Taliban, it’s odd that these same individuals accept no responsibility for the inevitable conclusion of what accompanies the Taliban. No one identified the tribal hatreds, poverty, un-treated disease, ignorance, early death and of course, leadership toward those goals that accompanied Taliban rule. In Afghanistan, (long before the U.S. accepted moslem’s invitation to come visit), the Taliban heroes did nothing to prevent those life shortening attributes noted previously. In fact, they did little except to try and drag that hapless nation into the Dark Ages of rumor and superstition. We see in parts of Pakistan, precisely what occurs when the Taliban come to town. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetguardianweekly.co.uk/?page=edit...984&catID=2
  7. I’m not entirely clear as to why the following story would come as a surprise to anyone. I would have to think that the U.S. (as well as most other Western nations), have been closely monitoring Masjids as part of normal security operations. It seems odd to me that moslems would be making threats about “suspending ongoing outreach effortsâ€. Since when have any of the moslem advocacy groups ever taken steps toward outreach efforts? I’m far less concerned with the “scrutiny†that moslems might have to endure than I am with the safety of myself and my family. You know, I have rights too. I have the right to a reasonable expectation that myself or my family will not be the victim of a jihad attack. Whether or not moslems are being penalized is really a result of the actions of moslems. It’s impossible for a reasonable person to ignore the reality that literally screams out that if moslems are at all concerned about being “penalized†over the continued incidents of purposeful mass murder under the auspices of holy mandate, then it is up to them to help police the murderers in our midst. This madness simply doesn’t exist in the core ideology of any other faith on this planet. When we repeatedly see mass murder attacks against the infidel by moslems, suspicion needs to become an integral part of a reasonable public's thinking and a responsible government's policy. Judicious and rational suspicion based upon facts and ongoing events is instrumental in maintaining order and preventing more jihad attacks. FBI planting spies in U.S. Masjids, Muslim groups say you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetcnn(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2009/US/03/20/fbi.musli...oups/index.html
  8. One of the things we Westerners abhor is how Islamists treat their women-- in fact, over all, Westerners are very much revolted by the sub-human status of Islamic women under a Sharia. The next time anyone thinks about how cool their Mom, sister, or wife is, and how grateful you are to have her in their life, please don't forget that girls and women are the same all over the world. They deserve respect and freedom, and they certainly deserve to live. I think women are special. I think they hold societies together. They remind us men that there is beauty and hope not to be overlooked. They are the mothers and wives and lovers that every good man can be a boy, around. And the wise, patient—if occasionally exasperated!—strength of women is one of the most special and essential phenomena in humanity. A woman should be cherished as the invaluable member of mankind she is, and respected as the sovereign and dignified person she is. A woman should not feel forced to immolate herself nor should be buried up to her breast and pummeled with stones of a prescribed size (not so small as to not cause pain, not so large as to kill with one blow—maximum suffering), as a gathered crowd yells Allahu akbar!, until she perishes in a bloody, mangled heap. And all because she had the audacity to treat her body as if it were her own. Women are punished in Islam simply for being women. Afghan women who turn to immolation you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7942819.stm
  9. Typing

    I'm typing three lines of text. Because I have to. Thank you.