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  1. What's Wrong With Israel?

    On the contrary, I have not slept in 4 days. I kinda ignore the news because my school work takes most of my attention.
  2. What's Wrong With Israel?

    That makes some sense but I don't see why the Palestinians wouldn't attempt to try to peacefully resolve the dispute. Sorry, about thinking your Holy Book said that. I just thought that's what it said from posts on a couple other forums.
  3. Might be to late for me to put in my two cents but here it goes. This is my solution to this so called, "conflict." STOP TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER AND GET ALONG. You don't have to like each other but you don't need to kill each other!! It's like staring at two little children fighting!! Ohhh he's hitting now, oooo he just hit in the face with a bat, well he just cut off his finger. It's stupid. Get along. You can have PEACE IN YOUR DAY AND YOUR CHILDREN'S DAYS IF YOU JUST STOP WITH THE POINTLESS FIGHTING!!! Killing an entire race is impossible, sorry for those who want that to happen. It will never be possible. At one point or another EVERYONE'S family line leads back to that general area. So who knows!! You might be related to Jews or to Palestinians who knows? I ask you all THIS.....why continue fighting if this is all that it is going to come of it.
  4. Afghan Operation Is ‘worthless’

    One word. Napalm.
  5. What's Wrong With Israel?

    I don't see why you hate them. Your holy book says that they are devils, what I get from it, and that they are evil and deserve nothing but hate and death. BUT WHY? Please explain, I'm just a simple American teenager. :sl:
  6. Hello

    Hey, I'm Rise Up. I'm an American. I am a Christian I guess living in Kentucky, please.....no incest jokes. :sl: Well I'm in high school planning on becoming a historian. I spend a little time on forums on the Internet and I mainly came onto this site because I wanted to express my opinion.