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  1. This lecture was part of an AlMaghrib promo event with Mohammad Al-Shareef, Said Rageah, and Riad Ourzazi at the Ottawa Central Masjid. In ... all » it the speaker covers the concept of romance, and how Islam encourages mutual kindness and love amongst spouses through a study of certain portions of the seerah of the Prophet (SAW)
  2. Charity Dinner In Aid Of Pakistan Earthquake

    assalamu alaikum Why doesn't the image appear? Anway, here are the details... CHARITY DINNER in aid of Pakistan Earthquake sponsored by Al-Fitrah and JIMAS Sunday 11th December 2005 venue: al badr health and fitness centre 453 Lea Bridge Road, Leyton, E10 7EA (east London) 2.30pm-8pm speakers: abul Husnayn Murtaza Khan Jalal ibn Saeed (from Islam Channel!) There will be: auction Presentation by some brothers who visited Pakistan an account from a brother who lost most of his family in the Earthquake DINNER * stall *creche available tickets: adults £8, £10 at the door children £4, £5 at the door for more information and reservations contact: brothers 0208 4290001 sisters 07951417235
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