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  1. Duaa For Pregnancy

    Yes, the Sura I mean is Surat Al-Waqia no. 56. I am glad that you have already been blessed with four beautiful children. I am sure your husband wants a baby of his own and I hope you get it. I would like to advise you though to seek a specialist to make sure you don't have an incompatibility problem that can be solved easily rather than waste more time. My brother is a doctor and I remember him saying "Not less than a year, but three years is more than enough" when it comes to trying naturally before checking with a doctor. The important thing regarding both, money and children, is to make your dua and prayers with a calm believing patient heart, and know that God will provide. Sam :sl:
  2. Duaa For Pregnancy

    I copied this post from another website because I agree with it wholeheartedly. When it comes to money, it is part of God's provision, but usually people in dire need or deparate state turn to supplications and Duaa only and forget the worldly reasons of solving financial problems. Hopefully though with enough Duaa you will be guided onto those if your state of mind and heart is in the right place. "Firstly: Be patient, and strive to free yourself from the situation you are in by seeking permissible ways of earning money from which you may make some profit and make up for your losses and pay off your debts. There are many means of earning money. A man may start with something small then it is blessed. We have seen this happen in real life. Secondly: Reduce your spending on yourself, and remember that your creditors are more entitled to anything that is surplus to your basic needs. Do not be heedless about the matter of debt, and do not be extravagant in your spending. Do not let despair cause you to forget it or to fall short in looking for a way out. Thirdly: Ask the creditors to be easygoing with you, and tell them that you are unable to pay it off, and ask them to give you more time. This is better for you than trying to avoid them or procrastinating, which will only make them angry with you. Fourthly: Set straight the relationship between you and Allaah, may He be exalted, and He will set straight the relationship between you and other people. Allaah has promised those who obey Him that He will give them more of His bounty, as He says (interpretation of the meaning): “Whoever works righteousness — whether male or female — while he (or she) is a true believer (of Islamic Monotheism) verily, to him We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (i.e. Paradise in the Hereafter)” [al-Nahl 16:97] “And whosoever fears Allaah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). 3. And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allaah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allaah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allaah has set a measure for all things” [al-Talaaq 65:2-3] “I said (to them): ‘Ask forgiveness from your Lord, verily, He is Oft‑Forgiving; 11. ‘He will send rain to you in abundance, 12. ‘And give you increase in wealth and children, and bestow on you gardens and bestow on you rivers.’” [Nooh 71:10-12] So pray a great deal for forgiveness, and repent and do righteous deeds, for the Mercy of Allaah is close to those who do good. Fifthly: If you took out these loans intending to pay them back, then you must think positively of Allaah and trust that He will enable you to pay them off. Al-Bukhaari (2387) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever takes people’s wealth intending to pay it back, Allaah will enable him to pay it back.” Ibn Maajah (2409) narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Allaah will be with the borrower until he pays off his debt, so long as it (the loan) is not for something that Allaah dislikes.” Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Ibn Maajah. Sixthly: Turn to Allaah in supplication (du’aa’), and be certain of receiving a response, for whoever persists in knocking at the door will soon have it opened for him. Choose the times when du’aa’s are answered, such as the last third of the night, after ‘Asr on Friday, between the adhaan and iqaamah, when travelling, and when breaking one’s fast. There follow some du’aa’s that are appropriate for your situation: Al-Tirmidhi (3563) narrated from ‘Ali (may Allaah be pleased with him) that a mukaatib (slave who had entered into a contract of manumission) came to him and said: “I am unable to pay off my manumission; help me.” He said: “Shall I not tell you some words which the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught me? And if you have debt like the mountain of Seer, Allaah will pay it off for you. He said: ‘Say: Allaahumma akfini bi halaalika ‘an haraamika wa aghnini bi fadlika ‘amman siwaaka (O Allaah, suffice me with what You have permitted so that that I have no need of that which You have forbidden, and make me independent of means by Your bounty so that I have no need of anyone besides You).’” This hadeeth was classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi. Al-Tabaraani narrated in al-Mu’jam al-Sagheer that Anas ibn Maalik (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said to Mu’aadh (may Allaah be pleased with him): “Shall I not teach you a du’aa’ which you may say even if you have debt like Mount Uhud, so that Allaah might pay it off for you? Say, O Mu’aadh: ‘Allaahumma Maalik al-mulk, tu’ti al-mulk man tasha’ wa tanziAA al-mulk mimman tasha’, wa tuAAizzu man tasha’ wa tudhillu man tasha’, bi yadika al-khayr, innaka AAala kulli shay’in qadeer, Rahmaan al-dunya wal-'aakhirah wa raheemahuma, tuAAteeyhuma man tasha’ wa tamnaAAahoma man tasha’, erhamni rahmatan toghnini biha AAan rahmati man siwaak (O Allaah, Sovereign of all, You give dominion to whomsoever You will and You take dominion away from whomsoever You will, You exalt whomsoever You will and You bring low whomsoever You will. In Your hand is all goodness and You are able to do all things. Most Merciful and Most compassionate in this world and in the Hereafter, You give them to whomsoever You will and withhold them from whomsoever You will. Bestow mercy upon Me in such a manner that I have no need of the mercy of anyone but You).’” Classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Targheeb wa’l-Tarheeb (1821). Ahmad (3712) narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If a person who is afflicted by anxiety or sorrow says: ‘Allaahumma inni ‘abduka wa ibnu ‘abdika wa ibn ammatika naasiyati bi yadika maadin fiyya hukmuka ‘adlun fiyya qadaa’uka as’aluka bi kulli ismin huwa laka sammayta bihi nafsaka aw ‘allamtahu ahadan min khalqika aw anzaltahu fi kitaabika aw asta’tharta bihi fi ‘ilm il-ghaybi ‘indaka an taj’al al-Qur’aana rabee’a qalbi wa noora sadri wa jalaa’a huzni wa dhahaaba hammi (O Allaah, I am Your slave, son of Your slave, son of Your female slave, my forelock is in Your hand, Your command over me is forever executed and Your decree over me is just. I ask You by every name belonging to You with which You have named Yourself, or, or You have taught to any of Your creation, or You have revealed in Your Book, or You have preserved in the knowledge of the Unseen with You, that You make the Qur’aan the life of my heart and the light of my breast, and a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety)’, then Allaah will take away his anxiety and sorrow, and will replace it with joy.” It was said: “O Messenger of Allaah, should we not learn it?” He said: “Yes, whoever hears it should learn it.” Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Targheeb wa’l-Tarheeb (1822). May Allaah help us and you to do that which He loves and which pleases Him. And Allaah knows best." Additionally, read Surat Al-WaqeAAa every night, learn it by heart and recite it after Esha prayer, it wouldn't take two minutes recited quietly. The prophet said it is the surat of wealth, and whomever keeps it up will never be afflicted by Faqa (poverty). I personally vouch for that one. There is also Duaa of Musa in the Quran: رَبِّ إِنِّي لِمَا أَنزَلْتَ إِلَيَّ مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَقِيرٌ rabbi innee lima anzalta ilayya min khayrin faqeerun O my Lord! truly am I in (desperate) need of any good that Thou dost send me Then there is one of my favourites: "بسم الله على نفسي, بسم الله على أهلي ومالي اللهم أرضني بما قضيت لي وعافني فيما أبقيت حتى لا أحب تعجيل ما أخرت ولا تأخير ما عجلت""Bismillahi ala nafsee, bismillahi ala ahlee wa malee, allahomma ardenee bema qadayt lee, wa aafenee feema abqayt, hatta la ohebba taajeel ma akhart, wala taakheer ma ajjalt." "In the name of God on myself, in the name of God on my family and money. O'God please satisfy me with what you decide for me and grant me wellness with whatever you keep for me, so that I wouldn't like to hasten what you delayed or delay what you hastened." Remember us in your prayers and dua and may God grant you deliverence from your testing and hardship, after cleansing you of all sins. Sam
  3. Duaa For Pregnancy

    Salatul Haja is simple. Make a fresh Wudu with an intent for this prayer and make it well, then pray two rakaat prayer, reading whatever you like (some prefer the Kaferoon in first, and the Ikhlas in the second). After you finish, make a good tasbeeh "Subhan Allah" and Hamd "AlHamdolellah" and Takbeer "Allaho Akbar" and of course a good salat and praise on the prophet -pbuh-, then lift your hands in supplication and say the following: áÇ Åöáóåó ÅöáÇ Çááøóåõ ÇáúÍóáöíãõ ÇáúßóÑöíãõ ÓõÈúÍóÇäó Çááøóåö ÑóÈøö ÇáúÚóÑúÔö ÇáúÚóÙöíãö ÇáúÍóãúÏõ áöáøóåö ÑóÈøö ÇáúÚóÇáóãöíäó ÃóÓúÃóáõßó ãõæÌöÈóÇÊö ÑóÍúãóÊößó æóÚóÒóÇÆöãó ãóÛúÝöÑóÊößó æóÇáúÛóäöíãóÉó ãöäú ßõáøö ÈöÑøò æóÇáÓøóáÇãóÉó ãöäú ßõáøö ÅöËúãò áÇ ÊóÏóÚú áöí ÐóäúÈðÇ ÅöáÇ ÛóÝóÑúÊóåõ æóáÇ åóãøðÇ ÅöáÇ ÝóÑøóÌúÊóåõ æóáÇ ÍóÇÌóÉð åöíó áóßó ÑöÖðÇ ÅöáÇ ÞóÖóíúÊóåóÇ íóÇ ÃóÑúÍóãó ÇáÑøóÇÍöãöíäó La ilaha ilAllahul Halimul Karim. SubhanAllahi Rabbil 'rshil adheem. Alhamdulilahi Rabbil 'alameen. As'aluka mujibaati rahmatik. Wa aza'ima magh-firatik. Wal ghanimata min kulli birr. Was salamata min kuuli ithm. La tada' li dhamban illa ghafartah. Wa la hamman illa far-rajtah. Wa la hajatan hiya laka ridan illa qadaytaha. Ya arhamar rahimin. "There there no god but Allah the Clement and Wise. There is no god but Allah the High and Mighty. Glory be to Allah, Lord of the Tremendous Throne. All praise is to Allah, Lord of the worlds. I ask you (O Allah) everything that leads to your mercy, and your tremendous forgiveness, enrichment in all good, and freedom from all sin. Do not leave a sin of mine (O Allah), except that you forgive it, nor any concern except that you create for it an opening, nor any need in which there is your good pleasure except that you fulfill it, O Most Merciful!" And then mention your need and desire (Haja), and add whatever supplications you like after that. You can use the duaa mentioned in my post above. As for Umammar post, the quran verses are the verses that say if you make Isteghfar God will forgive your sins insha Allah and provide you with money and children. The verses themselves aren't a Duaa, but the gist of it is that you need to make isteghfar a lot, along with Hamd. Here are a few good ones: The master of Istighfar: Çááøóåõãøó ÃóäúÊó ÑóÈøöí áÇ Åöáóåó ÅöáÇ ÃóäúÊó ÎóáóÞúÊóäöí æóÃóäóÇ ÚóÈúÏõßó æóÃóäóÇ Úóáóì ÚóåúÏößó æóæóÚúÏößó ãóÇ ÇÓúÊóØóÚúÊõ ÃóÚõæÐõ Èößó ãöäú ÔóÑøö ãóÇ ÕóäóÚúÊõ ÃóÈõæÁõ áóßó ÈöäöÚúãóÊößó Úóáóíøó æóÃóÈõæÁõ áóßó ÈöÐóäúÈöí ÝóÇÛúÝöÑú áöí ÝóÅöäøóåõ áÇ íóÛúÝöÑõ ÇáÐøõäõæÈó ÅöáÇ ÃóäúÊó Allahumma anta Rabbi la ilaha illa Anta Khalaqtani wa ana abduka, wa ana 'ala ahdika wa wa'dika mastata'tu, A'udhu bika min Sharri ma sana'tu, abu'u Laka bini'matika 'alaiya, wa Abu'u Laka bidhanbi faghfirli fainnahu la yaghfiru adhdhunuba illa anta O Allah! You are my Lord! None has the right to be worshipped but You. You created me and I am Your slave, and I am faithful to my covenant and my promise as much as I can. I seek refuge with You from all the evil I have done. I acknowledge before You all the blessings You have bestowed upon me, and I confess to You all my sins. So I entreat You to forgive my sins, for nobody can forgive sins except You. The Duaa of Younis -Alayhee Assalam- in the belly of the Whale: áøóÇ Åöáóåó ÅöáøóÇ ÃóäÊó ÓõÈúÍóÇäóßó Åöäøöí ßõäÊõ ãöäó ÇáÙøóÇáöãöíäó La illaha illa Anta Subhanak, inni kuntu min adh-dhalimeen There is no God but You; Glory be to You, Truly I have been one of the wrongdoers Then there is: ÃÓúÊóÛúÝöÑõ Çááøåó ÇáúÚóÙöíãó ÇáøóÐöí áÇ Åáóåó ÅáøóÇ åõæó ÇáúÍóíøõ ÇáúÞóíøõæãõ æÃÊæÈ Åáíå Astaghfer ullaha AlAAtheema Allathee la 'Elaha 'Ella howa alHHayyo olqayyoomo wa'atoobo 'elayh I seek the Forgiveness of Allah the Great, the one who there is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-subsisting, and repent to Him. As for debts, there are other duaa's for debt than specifically the one for children. But Isteghfar and Hamd and an honest believing pious heart is important for both provisions, whether it is getting out of debt or being blessed with wealth and children. ANd may God grant you what you need
  4. Other Scriptures Besides Qur'an In Islam

    I don't know if any of us have what it takes to actually convince you of this, but unlettered means illiterate, as in can't read or write at ALL, not just unlettered in the scripture, which is the prophet Mohammed. The unlettered prophet speaks of a prophet that comes AFTER the Gospel like YOU said it can't refer to an older one when it is a prophecy. I did not understand much of the rest of the argument regarding the single distinctive characteristic leading to the false statement part and all that. I think that Younes is more capable in this area and can take it further. Peace
  5. The Quran

    Sksamsherali, before you copy and paste things from uneducated or misguided sources, try to measure it for yourself. If you agree with it, then I will follow your logic on one single verse: "وَأَطِيعُواْ اللّهَ وَأَطِيعُواْ الرَّسُولَ وَاحْذَرُواْ فَإِن تَوَلَّيْتُمْ فَاعْلَمُواْ أَنَّمَا عَلَى رَسُولِنَا الْبَلاَغُ الْمُبِينُ", translated into: "Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and beware (of evil): if ye do turn back, know ye that it is Our Messenger's duty to proclaim (the message) in the clearest manner." Based on that the Quran is complete and correct, that tells us to obey the prophet in what he says and what he describes and what he has dictated. By refusing to do so you are then not following the Quran. So I strongly advise you not to delve into this, and learn jurisprudence before trying to interpret or trying to choose articles to copy and paste regarding jurisprudence. And I think that a moderator needs to close this topic, as any more argument from your side regarding this might take you into huge Monkar, or will take us into arguing the whole "Quraaniin" uneducated philosophy, which is not allowed in this forum (Sects) with nothing to gain if you're set in your opinion. May Allah grant us guidance at all times.
  6. Duaa For Pregnancy

    Best in that are the Quranic Duaa'. Those two are of Zakareyya: "رَبِّ هَبْ لِي مِن لَّدُنْكَ ذُرِّيَّةً طَيِّبَةً إِنَّكَ سَمِيعُ الدُّعَاء " Rabbi hab lee min ladunka thurriyyatan tayyibatan 'innaka sameeAAu aldduAAa' O my Lord! Grant unto me from Thee a progeny that is pure: for Thou art He that heareth prayer! AND "رَبِّ لَا تَذَرْنِي فَرْدًا وَأَنتَ خَيْرُ الْوَارِثِينَ " Rabbi la tatharnee fardan wa'anta khayru alwaritheen O my Lord! leave me not without offspring, though thou art the best of inheritors Then there is also this one: "رَبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّيَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْيُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِينَ إِمَامً" Rabbana hab lana min 'azwajina wathurriyyatina qurrata aAAyunin waijAAalna lilmuttaqeena imama Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous. Also use the following one for good children: "رَبَّنَا وَاجْعَلْنَا مُسْلِمَيْنِ لَكَ وَمِن ذُرِّيَّتِنَا أُمَّةً مُّسْلِمَةً لَّكَ وَأَرِنَا مَنَاسِكَنَا وَتُبْ عَلَيْنَآ إِنَّكَ أَنتَ التَّوَّابُ الرَّحِيمُ " Rabbana waijAAalna muslimayni laka wamin thurriyyatina ommatan muslimatan laka wa'arina manasikana watub AAalayna 'innaka 'anta alttawwabu alrraheem Our Lord! make of us Muslims, bowing to Thy (Will), and of our progeny a people Muslim, bowing to Thy (will); and show us our place for the celebration of (due) rites; and turn unto us (in Mercy); for Thou art the Oft-Returning, Most Merciful Make these supplications after every prayer, couple it with the prayer of need (Salatul Haja). Use the times of acceptance, like the wee hours of the morning, the rain etc. And may God bless you with the best of children. Sam
  7. Strange Email?

    Dear HCEvening Walk, The hadith is either mawdoo3 (placed) or less than that, as in fabricated yesterday or something and sent by email. Some hadiths that used to have weak narrative chains would be evaluated and then categorized. Aside from the separate categorization on the narration, they also check to see if it could be acceptable or unacceptable based on the content using specific criterion. This one is complete nonsense and has violations related to the Hadith science all over it: 1) Forgiveness doesn't have a path: Frequently we were told the "door" to forgiveness will be closed when the sun rises from the West, because that is when everyone WILL KNOW God is true and will see the end coming and it will not be accepted. A path sounds dodgy at best and was never associated with forgiveness. 2) "A single star remains in the sky, and the sun lowers itself to the Earth" is clearly different from all the hadiths and Quranic verses regarding "Sun rising from the west, the destruction of the mountains, the burning of the seas, and all the stars lose their lusters and fall." No such thing was ever told about one star remaining. 3) Most disturbing: "The writing on the Quran will vanish"?!?!?!?!?! No comment needed. 4) Reward of Janna: The language is faulty as the prophet never did nor would have said that he will "make a place in Jannah" for anyone. The prophet either stated that a certain deed would "make the person be in Jannah" or otherwise "I will ask for him Shafa'a (intercession) until he is allowed into paradise". Obviously the point is that God is the one that makes and allows people to enter Jannah. This line suggests the manufacturer of the so called Hadith might be christian, because they believe that Jesus is the one that gets them into paradise. 5) High Reward for a single hadith: Delivering hadiths is something we all do and one particular one cannot be tied with such a high reward just to notify it. This part I believe is what makes the email just another useless chain email that motivates you to forward it in order to get the highest chains (Still don't get why some people like doing that!). Allah always knows Best
  8. Allahs Name In Intersting Places

    hahaha Since it's your friend it is good. I needed to tilt my head to see it. :sl: Hope you don't sell him on ebay like they do with the Jesus toastbread. :sl: LOL hahaha
  9. In A Muslim Nation....?

    Hi Grants. In most countries there are official degrees, in some others they don't. In a few countries, they have levels, like call them Aalem and then Mufti, which is not connected with Islam itself as Islam does not have ranks or clerical structure, but this is to organize or recognize the level of learning a person has achieved, that the second can release fatwas. Degrees for a recognized scholar of Islam are just like any university major, Bachelor degree followed by Masters and Phd's and specialization diplomas if they want to. A scholar recognized as such in academia would be at least a Master's degree (I'm pursuing that). Phd and additional diplomas are pursued most of the time. These however do not constitute how a scholar will be revered or respected, many young people have learned so much by working closely with other old scholars as apprentices or as assistants in universities where they further their research, so some without even a Bachelor degree in Islamic knowledge could have in depth and advanced knowledge of Islamic science to be a scholar. Some scholars have pursued the knowledge through constant reading and lessons in the masjid for years. As a matter of fact that is how until today some of our greatest scholars have learned, away from academia. The memorization and recital of the Quran does not involve any academic degree, but someone who finishes the whole Quran and commits it to memory Verbatim is called Hafiz (preserver). Someone who knows precise rules and technique of reciting Quran is Moqree' (reciter). Almost all respected Moqree' are Hafiz. Islamic science fields that need to be learned include Quran (sufficient memorization and understanding of its interpretation), sunnah (Honored speeches of the prophet), Shariah (legislation), Fiqh (jurisprudence), History, and other. Most students of Islamic sciences also study Arabic language in depth and literature and writing skills in order to use as tools in their study and work. Fatwa, mentioned earlier, is basically an Islamic advice or opinion based on the circumstances of a specific situation presented by a person seeking the advice. It has recently been mistaken a lot that a fatwa is a new Islamic law, which is incorrect. A fatwa is an analysis of a specific situation and using the knowledge of legislation and jurisprudence and the circumstances would advise the asker whether their situation or plan is acceptable or not Islamically. Scholars give fatwas, though most good ones (as per the companions of the prophet -pbuh-) refrained from doing so considering they will be responsible for any error in the fatwa and will carry its burden. In countries where they differentiate the levels of the scholars into Aalem and Mufti, "official" fatwas are only given by Mufti. Hope this helps. Sam
  10. To The Slave Of The Cross Pope Of The Vatican; Benedict Xvi

    Hi Peter, Nobody claimed complete successful genocide based on creed, but since your argument seems to only suggest that much I assume that you do accept that the Catholic church slaughtered lots of them just because of belief. Do not be offended Peter, nobody is attacking your religion, this is a response to the church. Catholic pope said something stupid, that Islam is a violent religion spread by the sword, it is first untrue and second hipocritical to say that when the catholic church was bloodier than Islam ever was. The fact is that Islam fought to defend and conquer against organized hostile armies, and they let civilians be. Catholic church targeted and killed civilians based on belief or direct political gain. Acts of people and our criticism of the pope's remarks does not speak to the ideals you believe in in your religion. Sam
  11. Allahs Name In Intersting Places

    Well, I don't know about this picture in particular, but I know that most of the ones in the last link has been found to have been falsified by enthusiastic but misguided muslims who apparently thought they were doing good. I would also be wary and advise my brothers and sisters from leaning towards that direction of finding proof in symbolic "signs" like that, as equally many christians have falsified and inspired themselves as well as others with all sorts of "miraculous" wall prints, stigmata marks on their bodies, blood out of Mary statues and of course famous Jesus face on a Toast/Chip/Steak, so in essence we can fault our belief and make it subject to signs that may mostly not be authentic. Sorry twoswordali I didn't mean to be the skeptic or mean any offence, and hope you won't consider my post as a damper. :sl:
  12. Allahs Name In Intersting Places

    Can see it... yes. GET it, not really. What are we looking at on the guy's back?
  13. Allahs Name In Intersting Places

    Ok, i 'ld like to see this too but unfortunately I am not getting anything from the link. The file I am getting is just giving me a document that opens as gibberish. :sl:
  14. Is Dubai

    I had the pleasure as well as misfortune of living in Dubai for over a decade. It is a multicultural metropolis where the official language is Arabic, yet most the community thrives actually on English due to the high population of British and Indian expats specifically. The city is actually 14% local Arabs and another 20% Arab expats. If you need to learn anything about the city, let me know. Sam
  15. Mars Starts Using Animal Products

    May God have mercy on Umar Ibn El-Khattab. Milleniums before Taylor ever thought of the demand and supply economic model, he established it when the muslims complained to him about the traders raising the prices of the meat and exploiting, and he simply said: ÃÑÎÕæå ÈÇáÊÑß or "cheapen it by leaving it". The foundation of economic power in the hands of consumers in two Arabic words! If the muslims and jews and vegetarians leave Mars and Twix to pile on the shelves (jews can't have pork products or animal extracts not slain properly like muslims), then Masterfoods will be canceling the rennet use immediately, which I am confident they only started using to reduce costs, and returning to using vegetarian sources.
  16. Full Of Happiness In The Swat Valley

    I am not here to accept your political points or get into a political argument. This is an Islamic forum primarily! Look brother, You made a posting about Taliban opening schools, it seemed contrary to the news we hear even from muslim sources. I wondered about them, and you gave contradicting illogical statements (burned the schools because they're used as bunkers and all the rest, later you said they never did) as well as Islamically incorrect ones like establishing the Caliphate. When I addressed those and said they don't make sense, you went on a big misguided response where you ended up calling an entire muslim nation's army infidels and apostates. I am not interested in your political banter or convincing you further because throughout this post you seem to be just pushing to argue for Jihad and this forum forbids it, and because you are illogical and simply plastering claims right and left and trying to enflame. And the point you say I am ignoring, is yet another new claim that qualifies for YOUR requirement of needing to be proven first, especially that it is completely baseless and again, illogical: How can an army just out of the blue go to the tribes and attack its own people sporadically calling them fighters if the fighters didn't carry the weapons first? Pakistan's government may be a shame like every other country, but Pakistan is a muslim nation with a muslim army made up of Pakistani muslim people and what you are saying is that the men in uniforms just started killing their families! Regardless of that, I wasn't supporting the actions of the pakistani army and god forbid that I stand behind the American one!! But I will tell you to your face it is Haraam to call muslims as apostates because of political differences, and will tell you to your face that even if America is leading a propaganda war doesn't mean the Taliban or mujahideen have a right in doing the same; perpetrating lies to mask the faults or individual people's crimes. Fighting for God's word is what we all will support, political conflict and fitna and propaganda to cover up faults I will not touch. If Taliban fight for Shariah establishment, they need cause and proper conditions and authority, and we will all support, and if they commit atrocities they need to come clean and need to be accountable and correct themselves or be corrected, otherwise it is a barbaric mess. End of story for me.
  17. Al-bidaayah Wan-nihaayah In English

    That's ok, thank you so much Um Ahmed. I already have that. I collect digital copies right and left of the Mother of Books so I have quite a decent collection. Let me know if someone is looking for something and I will make it available somehow, they are all offered for free of course and have no royalty or copyright attached. That includes musnad Ahmed, Mowatta Malek, Riyadh Assaleheen, Tafseer Ibn Katheer, Sahih Bukhari and Muslim and many other Ummahat Al-Kotob in Arabic, English, Russian and other languages. Al-Bidaya Wannihaya is only available in Arabic and I was looking right and left. I only found two links claiming to be the english of the full book but they weren't working.
  18. Al-bidaayah Wan-nihaayah In English

    Al-Bidaya Wan-Nihaayah unfortunately is a very hard book to find in English for some reason. There are extracts right and left including the stories of the prophets -pbut- that you can download, but the whole 25 volumes in English has eluded me for a while. If you happen upon it, let me know as I would love a copy to complete my digital library.
  19. Battle At Kruger

    Both are correct. ßÈÏ ÇáÍæÊ is meant to relate to the fish's organ that produces and houses the fish eggs, or what Egyptians like to call Batarekh ÈØÇÑÎ, and what is sold as a delicasy for almost $500 per kilo in this World. Of course in Jannah it is far more special.
  20. Is Islam The Fastest Growing Religion?

    My, my, it hasn't been a long enough while melliodora, or should I say Packham? You had no argument to start with, so what do you think is deluding you into thinking you're worth personal attack? Arrogance maybe, or is it that you got so much of that before? Anyway, just to clarify there was no context to your statements, you're making up a lot of contradiction now and again to try and present your usual stone wall, hiding your ignorance and failures behind it. Failed. You stated it would be interesting if there is data for a specific statistic, then you said you already have read the statistic. You might as well say: "On no Mr police officer, I don't know where my wife went," followed by "she said she will take a drive in our car with the faulty brakes... I mean just fine running car. Oh, and in case you find her let me say right now that she liked tying her hands and gagging her mouth while relaxing in a long drive!" :sl: You can keep your audio clip and its claimed and alleged sourcing to yourself, even if the characters are true, such a person has no weight to give figures like that since there are no statistics or figures behind him to use as source. Professors need to deduce based on research and this seems to be a number out of his mind. Equally there is no solid number on the church leavers as well, I am merely using it as an example of how easy it is to find "videos" that claim whatever one is looking for. As for The CIA World factbook you're using to misguide, it only has data up to 2006 and released the figure as of 2007, we are in 2009 in case you don't know. Additionally, it uses religious census data of 2000 and the nineties on almost half the countries as per their own statements: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"https://you are not allowed to post links yetcia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/2122.html"]https://you are not allowed to post links yetcia.gov/library/publications/th...ields/2122.html[/url] , most prominently listing China based on 2002, that alone reflects how severely outdated CIA Worldbook is on religious demographics and how skewed the number is considering that a simple 2% would reflect more than 20 million people in that country. The statistics published in most sources of 2009 put muslims at 1.68 billion (some claim 1.84, some claim 1.6), which is based on a global population of 6.5 billion is around 26%. As for the issue of apostacy and people who aren't muslim yet do not report it, it is more than outweighed by the vice versa situation, of all the ones who became muslim and are not reporting it in the United States, or China, or Russia, or in the heart of dedicated hindu areas of India out of fear of descrimination. Oh yes, lose the battle and the war, open a new argument with the same breath to win by sheer obstinence. THAT is refined civilized debate.
  21. What My Common Sense Tells Me...

    Hey Josh, Just a quick adjustment: Shariah is not exactly arabic for law. Shariah means legislation, and linguistically speaking not purely Islamic legislation but that is what it is usually used for. It is not uncommon to say even in Arabic "Al-Shariah wal-Qanoon" or "Legislation and Law". (Don't ask me technicalities deeper than that, I am no lawyer :sl:) As for deriving from it, the prophet -pbuh- explained and derived the Shariah as it should be in everything needed in our lives. What many men and scholars have worked on afterwards is reaching precise situational laws based on the branches and the margins from the source Shariah in application to specific communities. I hope you don't mind I just wanted this for the educational benefit of non-muslims reading. God knows best
  22. Full Of Happiness In The Swat Valley

    I know enough about Shariah thanks to God, and that knowledge is in his path, not to boast. Stoning is a judgement and is executed for adultery after marriage in a controlled environment. Lashes uses a leather whip with specifications and hits the back of the person and the lasher should lift his arm "no higher than what would show the armpit" and again on a tied sentenced prisoner. This is a brutal bashing in the middle of the street on a free woman for the usual compulsion of the dress code. I don't need any proof. YOU are my proof. You're the one contradicting yourself in the same post, saying first they announced they had to burn the schools to get the pakistani soldiers out, and now you are also saying they are not burning schools whatsoever and never did. You're seriously typical too, as you also call your guys mujahideen and call everyone else mortad, and then shout supplications against all who don't accept the self-contradicting non-islamic acts of bloodshed those guys are carrying out?!
  23. Is Islam The Fastest Growing Religion?

    I didn't call you lying because I didn't think there isn't a single hothead out there who could come up with that thought and therefore you couldn't possibly find one, I called you lying because you already were lying in several other things and in this case you happened to have just said the following: and that was just one message before the "read somewhere about 80%" claim you made. Strikes me that if you READ the info years ago you would have mentioned that right away rather than saying "it would be interesting". Second, the link you put is of two gypsy posts, one on a forum and another on youtube (without even video, just two people talking we don't know who). Since when is that a reference? As an example, when you are asking where I got my statistics, you will find them by typing "muslim population statistics" into Google and you'll find bonafide secular informational sites, MULTIPLES of them, presenting that information and many stating their sources or how the figures have been arrived at. As for your video that says 75% of new muslims convert based on two unseen guys speaking bad English, enjoy this one with a much better production quality which says 60% of young christians leave church (both convert AND born), in case we'll play "who can get the more supportive yet baseless videos" game: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=8-IoqHLHt7Q"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=8-IoqHLHt7Q[/url] Hey, at least this one HAS video to show it's in a CHURCH. Really nice though to see that people think they need to attract young people to the religion using friendship, making things exciting, activities... what else? Chocolates? That is what God's charge and life is about? Anyway, not our subject here. Try to keep up. I already said it's a percentage. A birthrate issue will apply numbers evenly across the board with hindus and muslims and everybody populating into higher numbers, but maintaining similar percentages, and across 8 years only there is little room for such growth anyway, otherwise the birthrate needs to be more than 20 children per family to get 7% share increase based on new muslim children alone. Really? So now your obscure audio recording without a video, and some anonymous post is trustworthy enough for you AND is factual information? No comment on that one.
  24. Is Islam The Fastest Growing Religion?

    As becoming usual, Soujourn is just plain lying, as a simple search on Google will show there's no such written claim on any periodical or statistical source. At the very least we would have seen such a percentage on forums like this one, but so far only you claim to be one, and I am not convinced of even that. If you cannot find simple straightforward factual information to support you don't you think it'll be less effective when you're making up your own version of the truth without even having a basis of doubt to hide behind? The fact that you believe that your church can make up its own rules as it goes along and you think that your faith will be honoured based on that like you said in another post is perhaps becoming a habit for you, but let me assure you, the only statistic that is accurate enough to mention is that today 26% of the Global population is muslim, when in 2000 they were only 19.6%. Considering it's a percentage of the population therefore already accounts for generational transfer, and the fact that it is only 9 years, it is clear that muslim converts are in high numbers al-hamdolellah and as proven by statistics, are staying muslim thank God. There might not be a need for a great hooplah regarding such figures like josh suggested, it's not about some sort of strategic victory. However, for Islam to attract so many people in spite of the propaganda war that is concentrated against it, shows that the truth shines through despite all this, and it does bring joy that hundreds of thousands are entering the true religion of God.
  25. Full Of Happiness In The Swat Valley

    Thank you Saracen, You have put my heart at ease. Now I know that everything you posted was indeed complete propaganda with nothing to relate to actual ground. Everything you denied, you are denying it because you or they say so, yet you're asking us to PROVE otherwise despite the reports, the phorographs, and the news coming from all sources, the hundreds of thousands of refugees, the beheaded mutilated bodies with Taliban warning notes on them not to move them? What insane double standard is that? Anyway, destroying schools because it is used by pakistani soldiers is such a lame non-sensical argument. Pakistani soldiers did not hide in schools in Afghanistan, and they had their own checkpoints to use in Swat valley. To torch a school with soldiers inside would have killed the taliban attackers, so they had to torch them when the soldiers were not there, which means they were NOT being used as bunkers. Second, you don't close down or burn down a school because of the curriculum, nobody is teaching communism in Afghanistan for donkeys years ever since the Soviet Union was pushed out! Third, yes Pakistan is a foreign soil whether you like it or not. And the fact you are angry at Pakistan's government decision to support the Americans, does not give the right to take their blood in vein without a Caliphate. Fourth, Islamically speaking your arguments and Ahkam are completely wacked. Jihad Talab or Ayn requires a complete agreed upon Amir, as in Caliphate for the entire country or nation. Choosing a battle leader does not mean he is an "Amir" and gives no one any right to wage war or declare who is kafir or not. They practiced defensive Jihad with the Soviet Union properly, afterwards what happened to those people is beyond me. Islamic world was still nations even under the first four Kholafaa Rashidoon, and every nation had its Wali and had right of self-management, and any governer that the population did not like, they complained about him until he was changed. No syrian battalion under a Masjid Imam ever went out of Damascus to force an Egyptian province into its version of Islamic rule!!! Fifth, neither you nor anyone has the right to prance around calling people and governments as mortad or apostates! Even Abdullah Ibn Ubay Ibn Saloul, declared by the prophet as a hypocrit, and worked with the mushrekeen and jews DURING the time of war, and every ghazwa managed to pull away along with dozens of warriers under some guise or another, even his blood wasn't shed! And when Muaweya ibn Abi Sofyan made the ultimate disobedience and separated from a rightful agreed upon Khalifa, and LOST the battle, he still managed to maintain non-allegience because he could get the support of a few companions and Ali left and went back to Madina because he could not risk the blood of muslims, and the nation was divided. STILL no one ever called Muaweya a Kafir, nor his supporters, nor can you or anyone else DARE do that considering amongst his supporters were two companions that were of the ten foretold into paradise by the prophet. This whole takfeer thing is unislamic as per the hadith saheeh no matter what the conditions unless declared by the person himself that he apostated, and is very conveniently used today whenever warlords want to collect uneducated fighters to their cause and convince them they are fighting rightly, convenient to just come up with some twisted reason or multi-level pseudo-logical conclusion to call the target as mortad or kafir or apostate. Mutilated and sometimes beheaded bodies of both military and civilian dead bodies with proud Taliban claims is more than proof enough. ######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetsimplytaty(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/broadenpages/images2/beating.jpg[/img] There is NOTHING in Shariah that EVER allows someone, official or judge or otherwise, to treat a woman like this!!! How dare you say that this act could be in line with Islamic law under ?!?! That does it for me. You are an ignorant imbecile who knows nothing about Islam but what you've been told to say. This conversation is over as far as I am concerned.