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  1. Full Of Happiness In The Swat Valley

    Saracen, we seek the truth and nothing but the truth, and no muslim wants to stand against a true muslim and a true mujahid. But what you're saying doesn't pass the litmus test: The schools I was referring to are the schools in Afghanistan that are closed down against female education. Why? And what do you mean that because enemy soldiers are using a school as a bunker then Taliban closed them down? If the school is occupied by pakistani soldiers, it is in Pakistani hold then logically, and if it was taken over by Taliban, then it shouldn't be "closed down" since now it has been cleared out of the pakistani soldiers and now in Taliban hands. That didn't make any sense! If tha Mujahideen aim to establish the Caliphate, then where is this Caliphate and who are they fighting behind? Even if I will swallow that Pakistan has a misguided government, Jihad Al-Talab requires an Amir installed already. Why aren't they establishing themselves yet? And why would they attack other muslims in their own land? If it is seeking baya'a or allegiance, then again the question comes up, allegience to who?, when there is no Amir or Caliphate for them? Why would they attack on a foreign soil muslim people, and kill soldiers, policemen, and civilians? And why do we see women beaten in Afghanistan streets, since when is that Shariah? And why is opium being produced and sold freely when it's haraam? I do not dispute that there is huge American propaganda. I believe so and I am not swallowing half what is on the news anymore, but don't feed me non-sensical stuff that doesn't add up on a hundred levels, and then ask us to swallow it just because it's the opposite of what the US government says.
  2. To The Slave Of The Cross Pope Of The Vatican; Benedict Xvi

    Go to the link at the bottom of the link to understand. It's a response to the Pope who attacked Islam and called it a violent religion that was spread by the sword. I think now it's clear what the picture and the article is about considering catholicism was the bloodiest most weapon-bearing religion ever, until (as usual) they changed unpopular things to maintain popularity and then act as if it never happened. It is a reminder of the deaths the catholic inquisition caused, the witch hunts, the murders of anyone considered heretic, the slaughter of muslims and non-christians in the phillipines and Indonesia, not to mention the crusades and the assasinations within Europe itself that slaughtered all non-catholics especially the priotestants. Pretty hypocritical to call Islam "violent" and "spread by the sword" when the Islamic sword was used only on armed hordes that were attacking the muslims or preventing the spread of the word, not defenseless civilians and women and children in towns and cities.
  3. Inheritance

    Yes, but they should equate between their children and not give away one child a gift without the other getting an equal value. If it's inheritence and simply laid out in a will (satisfying Sharia of course in only the third being distributed according to will), or it's a gift, and he is asking when is it coming, then it sounds incredibly rude to me. But anyway the woman's money is for herself, and the husband has no right to take from it (That's the basis of why a son inherits double the share of the daughter) unless the wife is willingly allowing him to do that. If that's the case, then it still needs to become her money for him to touch it and STILL has no right to ask the parents about it. God knows best
  4. Is Islam The Fastest Growing Religion?

    Apparently, not only muslims have noticed that Islam is taking over and Al-hamdolellah is spreading all over the globe. The prophet's hadith "Populate (marry and have children), for I will boast with you other nations in the day of judgement" has turned a blessing to the World today as the misguided churches and dogma noticed too late that Islam is the fastest growing whether or not they like it. Sam
  5. What My Common Sense Tells Me...

    It's good you are learning first hand, that's one thing. Understanding Islam is not what imperfect muslims do is another good thing. Realizing that political parties hiding behind religion to disguise their municipal and administrative failure puts you ahead of well... let's just say most people on both sides of the ocean. Shariah law needing to be introduced gradually where it didn't exist before like you said, is what the prophet -pbuh- practiced. Think that some people on both sides of the Islam line needing to learn tolerance and reduce their sensetivities? Join the club. Seriously, it's impressive you're doing this on your own thinking. Great post Grants. :sl:
  6. Full Of Happiness In The Swat Valley

    "God, show us righteousness as righteousness and provide us with following it, and show us wrong as wrong and provide us with avoiding it. Don't let it be veiled for us that we might stray, but make us leaders for the pious." It is in these trying times that the Hadith mentioned by Sheikh Al-Albani plays in front of my eyes about such confusion and fitna blinding, and that is the prophet's saying to go alone and bite on a root of a tree for sustenance until death if muslim groups become leaderless and truth is this distorted.
  7. Full Of Happiness In The Swat Valley

    Sorry if I seem ignorant here, I am quite weak in politics, but wasn't Taliban the one moving into the swat valley and their fighting started killing people? Aren't they the ones CLOSING down girl schools, and don't they beat women in Afghanistan if they don't wear the traditional dress? Or is this propaganda?
  8. Tibyan Publications

    Dear Sayyed, Tibyan Publications is a controversial Jihadist website supporting extremist ideals and discusses misguided sects. It is none of my business what you do but i felt it my duty to inform you in case you are not aware. In both cases I wouldn't direct a muslim brother to misguidance or Dhalaal, so I would be reluctant to point to their forum if I knew they have one, but I am wondering out of curiousity, why didn't you just go to the website to find if they have a forum or not? No offense intended and in all cases I ask guidance for you and us, I suggest you always say: "God, show us righteousness as righteousness and provide us with following it, and show us wrong as wrong and provide us with avoiding it. Don't let it be veiled for us that we might stray, but make us leaders for the pious." Çááåã ÃÑäÇ ÇáÍÞ ÍÞÇð æÇÑÒÞäÇ ÇÊÈÇÚå¡ æÃÑäÇ ÇáÈÇØá ÈÇØáÇð æÇÑÒÞäÇ ÇÌÊäÇÈå¡ æáÇ ÊÌÚáå ãáÊÈÓÇð ÚáíäÇ ÝäÖá¡ æÇÌÚáäÇ ááãÊÞíä ÅãÇãÇ And God knows Best
  9. Dear Sohail, The only Hadith referring to specific Islamic names is "The Best of names is what is Hommid (extracted from Hamd or "gratitude") and Obbid (extracted from Abd or "slave")" The hadith basically says that the best of names is Mohammed, Hamad, Ahmed, Mahmoud, and other names that referred to the prophet himself, or any of the Abd names such as Abd Allah, which means "slave of God", or any other of God's names such as Abd Al-Rahman, Abd Al-Baset, etc. However the hadith is Daeef (weak) which means is not authentic, and is not exactly a requirement in a specific way even if it is correct, but the sunnah established correctly that the name needs to be noble in meaning, and that it is a wrongdoing if you name your child a name that scars them or that means something haraam or nasty. So choose a name that makes him or her proud in meaning. I avoid suggesting to people a specific name because I was inundated with suggestions when I was expecting with my wife and of course a bit of pressure to choose their name happened. So I won't, but if it is your son or daughter and based on your name and my bit of knowledge with phonetics, I would say choose a name with one or two syllables maximum, and avoid having it contain S or SH (so as not resonate with the S in your name), that way the name is balanced and pleasing to the ear. :sl: Do you know yet whether it is a boy or girl? Sam
  10. Prayer Times On Mobile ?

    Making your ringtone as a Quranic verse is Makroh (not good), because it is temporarily playing until you press a button to answer the call and therefore will almost always cut it in the middle. Having Athan program that plays athan on time is not a problem, because it is not going to be depressed all the time to answer an incoming call, it is used as an alarm to inform of the prayer time. You can also choose to hear the first "Allaho Akbar" only or even a beep. Saving quranic verses to play for its purpose is also not a problem because it is being listened to, and a person can wait for a break between verses and say "Sadaq Allaho Al-Atheam" before stopping.
  11. Subhan Allah, This is another video using Google Earth to prove the inspiration of the prophet -pbuh-. The prophet Muhammad -pbuh- who never visited or went to Yemen, ordered the assigned governer and protector of Sanaa that when he gets there, and after getting the people to become muslim, he should build a Masjid. He -pbuh- gave that Sahabi a specific description and detailed positioning, telling the Sahabi to build the Masjid in a specific garden at a precise rock as a cornerstone, and then to make its Qibla face the tip of a mountain there called Deyn. Google Earth today proves that the line from that Masjid going through that mountain tip, EXACTLY continues across thousands and thousands of miles to reach the center of the Mecca, right at the Kaaba.
  12. Need Help With Basics Of Islam

    I hope you don't mind, Ruk, but we were all taught the correct wudu as per the prophet -peace be upon him- from childhood to be mouth first three times before the nose three times, not together. The mouth should be rinsed three times with water, then water should be sniffed into the nostrils with the right hand holding the water, and exhaled out of the nostrils with the left hand clearing. Doing them together will not allow proper focus on good rinsing while inhalation through nostrils. A good flash is here: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetjannah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/learn/ablution.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetjannah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/learn/ablution.html[/url] and a good video (though the speaking is in Arabic yet the actions are clear) for Sheikh Abdullah Sherif is here: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=XlDK3DZ5gYU"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetyoutube(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/watch?v=XlDK3DZ5gYU[/url] I hope Ruk wouldn't mind. Sam
  13. Guess This Riddle

    The riddle seems to be translated badly as the Arabic makes much more sense, and some of the statements were literally translated in ignorance and therefore lost the meaning. For example, it is 5 letters in Arabic and starts with M ãÞÇÈÑ, not English though. And the riddle sentence Ãßáå ÍÑÇã ÔÑÈå ÍáÇá has a smart double meaning in Arabic, however the English was literally translated in the written riddle without carrying the other meaning and therefore became invalid. Anyway, this is the translation of the solution, which makes sense now why it wasn't solved before. Good on you naf401: "Could be brighter than the sun or darker than the night (according to the person's deeds). Its food is haram, and its drink is halal (Making food for the consolers in the funeral and a buffet is haram, serving drinks is halal) Mentioned in Quran 5 times like ÇáåÇßã ÇáÊßÇËÑ ÍÊì ÒÑÊã ÇáãÞÇÈÑ(Al-Takathur chapter for example) Visited by the man three times a day (preferred visiting times): 1- From the rise of the sun by as much as a spear to the height of light. 2- From the movement from the noon position (zawal) until before sunset. 3- From after sunset till before dawn. Women however do not visit the grave, except in their own death." Cheers, Sam
  14. Prayer Times On Mobile ?

    I personally use Azan program, which is free and java based, and has a special file compatible with blackberry. It is quite accurate, coming within two to three minutes, but more importantly it allows for minute adjustment, so if you look up the local newspaper or a website to see if there is a difference, there is an option to add a few minutes on each prayer separately. It can sit minimized and can deliver short first part of the athan or the full athan at four different level volumes. You can get it here: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetsearchtruth(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/mobile/azan/download_mobile_azan.php"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetsearchtruth(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/mobile/azan/dow...mobile_azan.php[/url] God bless
  15. Using Stones In Islam

    I have taken it off since the posts, but I still didn't hear from the jeweller yet. My wife is doubly not happy, first at the jeweller for possibly not respecting our wishes and being deceived, and the second for the situation leaving me ringless and walking around looking available. :sl: Sam
  16. Using Stones In Islam

    The marriage/wedding band is what traditionally distinguishes a married person. It is a tradition where each ring on the inside is inscribed with the name of the spouse and the date of marriage. It is nothing Islamic in specific but there is nothing against it (except if it contained gold as previously mentioned). It is a symbol of faithfulness. Some like the convenience of an instant recognition that the person is married, so he or she's "taken", or that they are not for singles lifestyle anymore.
  17. The Punishment Of Apostate

    Are you unable to see sensibly that what you are literally saying is that average men who "apply" for the jobs of priesthood, get paid by the church for that job, and then are promoted up the ranks, are until today telling you new things because older things told by older employees of that very church no longer works? And somehow that those same very people, say that their church is the only salvation (amongst 11 or 15 churches all claiming the same) because they are receiving the continuous unfolding of faith, despite the fact that it is different than and contradicts the other churches, let alone the plethora of bibles? If the divine charge changes as loosely as the minds and desires of people, where is the commitment then?! Where is the requirement to follow and where is the yardstick?!
  18. I am confused. The link above says the lawyer denies his conversion. Later videos and his statement confirm that he did and it is out on several newspapers as well. Did he or didn't he?
  19. The Punishment Of Apostate

    Interesting. So you believe that God will come on judgement day and say "Sorry, I was young and didn't know what I was doing at the time of the israelites, whatever those guys at Nicea decided and the group of wheel-chair-curing preachers in chapels know better than me. Yes this is more spiritually progressive."? God forbid, and forgives. May you wake up.
  20. The Punishment Of Apostate

    Thank you Younes. Couldn't have been said better. God bless you on your knowledge and presence of mind.
  21. The Punishment Of Apostate

    I don't think so. The very structure of your words ("practiced" and "spiritual plateau") makes me believe you never stepped into the fold of Islam. There's no need to come up with a story to make yourself seem relevent. In all cases anyway, whether such a person was under Shariah law or not, their loss is not and would have not been their life, their loss would have been what comes afterwards. Whether that person lives for 3 days or 50 years since they leave the fold of Islam, what is faced in the afterlife is what counts, and it is eternal, May they live forever. I think that was answered elsewhere in this thread or some other thread, I am not sure though but the post mentioned reference towards people born into Islam having the option at puberty. You might search a little and hopefully you find it. However my studies shows no difference. As previously explained, Islam is not a meditation club freely joined and discontinued at will, it is the one true religion of God. Lighter things are for life and have severe consequences for desertion, like the military forces of any country.
  22. And to expand on that, WHY would we worship such a God, ask for salvation, guidance, and protection from someone who was incapable of protecting oneself? The thing I really wish to understand, what exactly is the purpose and arrangement that they say Jesus has as the "Son of God" and obviously a god himself? I mean to them is Jesus the creator of heaven and hell or the Father, and if it was the Father why let the son be worshiped instead? Never got a fullfiling answer to this, not that I need it to understand validity of christianity, but to understand how christians at least consider the faith valid.
  23. The Punishment Of Apostate

    And I agree too, like I said as well my personal opinion is that the punishment of death is clear in terms of sunnah and hukm, regardless of whether or not the person is involved in acts of hostility. My earlier post in this specific thread is of that effect as well. I was just communicating with Elmo on this one regarding the basis of the punishment, and to explain the validity of the basis I referenced how some great scholars have taken that approach to keep the punishment solely on those who apostate and can hurt Islam.
  24. Marital Problems!

    Oh no my dear, that's a misunderstanding. Great scholars who did not marry, did so because they devoted themselves completely to Jihad and studying that they didn't get to marriage. The Imams Malik, Ahmed, Sahaba in totality, and the prophet all were married. The prophet -pbuh- said "Whosoever of you is by the means, then let him get married, for that is more effective in lowering the gaze and safeguarding chastity, and whosoever is unable (to do so), then let him fast, for that will serve as a shield and protection for him." and "Get married, as I will be competing (with the other nations) in the number of followers on the Day of Judgment." Additionally, three people came to the prophet and wanted to show their great deeds of piousness and self-discipline, and the first said: "I fast every day, and never break a day", and the second said: "I pray all night Qiyam Al-leil and never rest", and the third said: "I do not approach women". The prophet responded: "Well I fast and break, and I pray the night and rest, and I marry women, and whomever does not take my habit (sunnah) is not from me" Those specific scholars did not refuse marriage because it is praiseworthy to do so. It is actually the opposite: they didn't marry IN SPITE of the fact that marriage was praiseworthy, because they were focused on their studies and fiqh and Jihad everyday all day. Salman that you mentioned is a young lad who is REFUSING marriage because he thinks and feels it is a headache and doesn't want to make mistakes, and may now believe based on what you just said that non-marriage is better and closer to God. If that is the case please do the needful and correct him, there should be no monks or in Islam. Also there is another Hadith by the way: "Marriage is half of one's religion, once done he should fear God in the other half" however it has weak Sanad so I didn't put it before. God knows best.
  25. Islamic Finance Week 2009

    As becoming usual now, brother Muhammed is coming in with good intentions, but mixing wrong with right information. First let me retouch on the most prominent wrong pieces of information: Adding a fixed profit is not back door usury, and actually it is permissible and valid without disagreement amongst scholars. You are correct however in that they don't have a right in charging late fees, but most Islamic banks don't do that anyway. Incorrect, NO ONE can have two different prices between cash and credit. THAT is usury. Not if the mortgage provider accepts it, in which case it is permissible, and has nothing to do with the payments. If the mortgage provider forecloses on the property they can withdraw that consent and naturally ask any inhabitant (whether mortgage taker or otherwise) to leave as they arrange for the repossession. Now, the correct things that Mohammed did bring up and I do join my voice here to inform the brothers and sisters on this forum is that Islamic banking today indeed has broken many Islamic regulations of God and his prophet -pbuh-, and you should be aware about a few things that are haraam, even though many Islamic banks provide them or use them: - That is in fact not permissible in Islam, because it is a derivative of Eina sale (buying something on credit and reselling it back on the spot for cash at a lower price from the same trader as prearranged) which is not permissible in Islam and considered masked usury. The buy-back clause at a future date with a set price is also not permissible in Islam so these arrangements have multiple violations. - Providing cash under a refinance scheme is not permissible in Islam even though some Islamic banks do it. As a matter of fact, I haven't found a single Islamic bank providing cash loan without it being outright usury or masked usury. This also includes refinancing without dispensing cash, as in changing the tenure of your mortgage or extending it in return for more payments and a higher final price. - Late fees are not permissible in any form. Administrative fees of any kind that do not represent any percentage or ratio of the amounts transacted are permissible. - Buying a product or home from a supplier and reselling it back to you is permissible to the bank, however services cannot be financed like that under Islamic rules, because the bank cannot "buy" the service and then "resell" at a profit since they don't provide the service. It violates the "payment and possession" rule. Financing school fees for example is not permissible because the bank does not "take possession" of your child's education and then freely provides it to you for a higher price yet on installments. And God knows best, and may we be spared the evils of greedy bankers who found illicit muslim figures to sit on their boards and endorse the validity of these loansharking tactics. Sam