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  1. The Punishment Of Apostate

    I am terribly sorry my friend, I have made a mistake. I meant Imam Nakh'ey. I have read it a long time ago and it mentioned the three opinions that have following: Omar said 3 days, Ali Ibn Abi Talen said one month, and Nakh'ey said continuous jail and asked to repent on an ongoing basis. The punishment for apostasy being applied even if the person wasn't hostile towards Muslims is not settled. I don't think it's for us to "sort it out" here though, we're not that good, at least I am not that good... yet. :sl: i am just saying that great scholars and Imams have found evidence and references and formulated opinions to not applying it if there is no hostility. For example, Imam Hanefa says women do not receive this punishment for apostasy, considering that they are not part of Jihad or armies and cannot perform "treason". Ibn Taymeyya, Sheikh Al-Islam, is of the opinion that apostasy should not carry a legal punishment. Ali Gomaa, Great mufti of Egypt and a council from Al-Azhar has also announced that non-hostile apostates should not be killed. Historical reference shows that some apostates at the date of the prophet and the four Khalifas were not killed even though they were within the muslim community, including two of the prophet's scribes. I am not really arguing it though, I actually am of the personal opinion that death penalty for apostasy is quite clear in hadith and sunnah and it was not specifically tied to hostility towards muslims, as in the cases of the prophet -pbuh- telling his companions to kill Umm Marwan if she apostated, and many others during the days of the prophet who received the punishment, as well as the man Omar learned about and asked to leave for three days as mentioned before, and Tolayha, not to mention the established hadith: "The blood is spilled on three: disbelief after belief, murder, and adultery after marriage." However until I can be called a sufficiently learned scholar I am not going to make my opinion challenge on those who are. I have to accept that established scholars including one of the four Imams and a great scholar like Ibn Taymeyya have had that opinion. Sam
  2. Marital Problems!

    And I would also tell him that refusing marriage outright is against the prophet's hadiths and sayings and that bachelor status would lead him to much greater woes and make him commit even graver mistakes. :sl:
  3. For Allah's Sake

    Not that I am not supporting or agreeing with the article. I do, it is arrogant and ignorant to leave the masjid or get angry for any of the reasons and cases you mentioned, and at least even if there are differences or offence is taken, it can be buried and forgiven for the sake of the prayer and the sanctity of a masjid. However this particular case that I quoted here, is not about anger or arrogance or offence, it is actually very much valid and I would do the same. All lines of Shia is considered to be out of Islam's fold completely, except one (Zaidiah). The very center of Shia belief is a completely twisted version of history where Sahaba -raa- are (according to them) should be vilefied and openly damned and therefore knowledge and learning of the prophet, Islam, and religion cannot and should not be taken from them. This is just for the readers' knowledge and not to interject or debate the post, which is in my opinion a good thread to post here. Thanks Safiya. Sam
  4. The Punishment Of Apostate

    Dear Elmo, The punishment itself was not written in the Quran, it was ordered and practiced by the prophet -pbuh-. It was crucial because the muslim apostate would be a traitor to the group of muslims and strengthen the people who waged war against Islam. As explained in a previous post it is just like a traitor of a nation or a solider who deserts in the middle of battle, no nation on Earth gives any less of a punishment than a death sentence. Many scholars believe that because of the difference in status and that if a muslim who apostates is not a danger in apostacy and does not wage war against Islam, there should be no death penalty and the Islamic rule of freedom of religion applies. A reference from sunnah exists as a scribe of the prophet apostated openly and went back to his people and no one went after him. Ali Ibn Abi Taleb advised that an apostate should be locked up and asked to repent not for three days, but for good, and that he shouldn't be killed. So it is clear that the death penalty has been established under circumstances and for a purpose, not just for the simple matter of doubt in faith. What you need to focus on though regardless of that is not to limit your view to the angle of man-made religions of the western world. Islam is God's religion and even though not embracing it is a choice, the consequences of whether or not someone does in terms of the afterlife is infinitely more important to consider than anything applied in this life including death. Like Redeem said, our concepts of right and wrong are always limited, and every time we looked in Islam at something that seemed ambiguous or did not make sense at first, time showed us the wisdom in it and affirmed to us further that God knows best.
  5. Memorising Religious Scriptures

    I guess Adam answered that, it would be interesting to know from other religions as well. I think that is impossible to be accurate as there is no registry. I would say tens of thousands though at the least. Yes, by the time Islam was established in Medina there were hundreds and hundreds at the time who memorized the whole quran and kept adding any verses as they were revealed. The seventy sahaba who went to Najd and were killed at the well of Maouna were all full Hafathat Al-Quran.
  6. Is Islamic Dress Mandatory?

    Hi Adam, The type of clothing is not comulsory. Stay with your western clothes and whatever makes you comfortable if you wish. In Islam though, men should always cover from the bellybutton to the knees when in public (so no speedos at the beach :sl: ), and women should wear what covers all her body except for the face and hands. Some women go further with covering the face but that is voluntary and it is good to do as the women of the house of the prophet did. Regarding your second note, yes unfortunately many second generation muslims (or even first generation) in western countries don't abide by Islamic requirements for clothing. It is wrong to do so. In Masjid it is absolutely compulsory to wear the hijab for women, otherwise the prayer is not accepted from them. Sam
  7. Convince Me Islam Is Truth

    Hi Adam, I understand what you mean and it shows intelligence and commitment to being a true muslim from day one. You don't want to say Shahada, become charged with what muslims are charged with, and fail to live up to the requirements of prayers and fasting. This is of course first and foremost your choice. If however your situation is like that, more about being able to practice Islam with freedom rather than being more at ease with the faith itself in your heart, then my opinion (and you are more than free to consider it or not) is actually on the same wavelength as dot, umAhmed and Mohammed. - For one thing, until you reach 18 and move away from your parents like you're saying, you don't know whether you will live and make it through any of the days from this day till then. - For another thing, god forgives insha Allah all the bad you might do against your true will and desire (out of parental pressure), while you will be rewarded for whatever good you do from this day until then (the day you move out when you are eighteen) in a much higher way than you will get doing regular deeds on your own afterwards. Why would you want to miss out on that, right? The reason you will be rewarded in a higher way is because you will be striving, aka doing Jihad, working against resistance and pressure. If you look at it, the benefits of being a muslim during this time period and the rewards and good deeds you will earn, outway any possible sins you might collect over that period which will be forgiven once you stop them and repent from them anyway insha Allah. - Third and Finally, just a thought, wouldn't you think that having the belief and faith firmed in your heart but not pronouncing Shahada might be more serious to God than trying but failing to stick to a diet? :sl: There is no compulsion in declaring what you believe, but what you might be putting off for fear of pressure, might just be what is best for you. You studied Islam and must have learned about striving and Jihad, and many of us are currently looking for ways to do that because of its great fantastic reward. It seems you have an opportunity that fell right in your lap. Aside from that, you can always pray in secret, collect the five prayers all at night and do them in your room as Qada before bed time (acceptable considering your current circumstances only). Food cooked by christians and jews is halal for you to eat as long as you mention the name of God on it, but aside from that you can tell your parents right now that you shouldn't touch pork because of swine flu, or because your doctor told you to stay off pork (not a lie if you talk to a muslim doctor who will tell you how terrible pork is for human health and body). Additionally, there isn't easier than telling your parents you want nothing but vegetarian food from them from now on(avoid saying you are strictly vegetarian now as that can be a lie) which they will assume it's for health reasons and will happily comply. Have a good halal meaty meal with your muslim brothers or enjoy seafood for a while when you are out of the house. Collective Prayers at night, halal food, faith in your heart, and a pronounced Shahada are a lot more than many muslims have had when they first embraced Islam. The prophet told his companions who went out for the call to Islam (da'wa) that they should ask the people they meet and call to Islam, to declare the oneness of God and the belief that Mohammed is his apostle, and to abide by good ethics and morality (Makarem al-Akhlaq) and nothing else. When that is delivered, then is to ask for prayers and fasting and zakat and tell them to perform pilgrimage. When that is delieverd and they say they will abide, only then to ask them to forgoe alocohol and pork and other great forbiddences. When that is delivered only then to teach other Islamic requirements. So you can give yourself the same reprieve. May you be guided to the truth sooner or later, and may you meet God only as a muslim, and may you find the truth you seek. You are a truth seeker and there is nothing more noble, so may you be rewarded for that my friend. Sam
  8. Why Go To The Masjid.

    Nice one. Jazakumullah :sl:
  9. The same view of the central military forces if a soldier or officer goes AWOL to join a local militia. Just like reverting to Islam is voluntary, so is joining the armed forces, but once you join the one true armed forces that serves the country, there is no disappearing or deserting duty. Same with Islam. Islam is God's religion, one and only from the beginning of time (whether you believe that or not is irrelevent, armed forces of a country does not need every individual's approval to be legitimately so). While Judaism and Christianity were derived from the true messengers teachings and were based on true books, the final complete message by prophet Mohammed is the final testament to properly maintain God's religion. Other religions are man-made, most are so professed. Just like if you join a local militia, you're free to do so, but if you join the armed forces and receive the training, deserting and joining up again with a local militia who could work against the country's interests is totally forbidden. Same way in religion, if you wish to embrace other religions from the beginning, so be it, but once you revert to Islam there are consequences to desertion.
  10. Every Muslim in the days of the prophet -pbuh- was called a heretic and a traitor to their forefather gods, and many were subjected to all sorts of torture, many of which were fatal. They were held under stones in the desert, or had their limbs pulled apart by horses, or simply whipped or locked to starve to death. In general, any person who declares a change in the fundamental status quo will shake the foundation of comfort for everyone around them, and that usually generates a negative response, except if it affirms their own beliefs. Muslims in your life will be happy you saw the truth and will welcome the move, non-muslim no matter what creed will feel it's a betrayal to their own belief. "How come he didn't convert to MY religion" will be the unspoken thought, the spoken word will be "you're becoming a terrorist/jihadist/sand n&^%$$/ and betraying your people/heritage/race/country/culture/nine eleven memory foundation". It's natural, as you already know and like I commented the first time you posted, most people in the west see religion as some sort of meditation activity, an enlightenment path that, like food on a menu, should be chosen to your liking. There is little deep search for the actual sensible truth, so going foreign is like refusing to buy american in the middle of a recession. We deal with people who go through that a lot of the time, and it's most common and almost always that friends change. Your family will depend on how attached they are to their own religion, which should NOT be much of a big deal for you since you already converted from Protestant to Catholic and they are living with it. Parents in the West are also very sensetive not to alienate their sons and daughters and would restrain from going too far with their emotions. Generally speaking though, this will be an effort exerted during the shift, and it will be worth exerting as well. You will be rewarded for it in more ways than you can currently imagine by the way. :sl:
  11. Who Wrote The Bible?

    Woodblock printing was available since 220 A.D. and it originated in China and was available to the Western World through the Roman Empire in 400 A.D. Additionally, as you said afterwards, the Quran was available and vastly readable throughout the Arab and non-Arab world since the eightth century even as "hand-written", so why wouldn't the catholic church striving so hard with missions and power struggles to spread the word of Jesus as they claim, not be able to woodblock-print or even hand-scribe multiple copies of the bible, arguably one of the top 10 most important influential pieces of literature? Look Augustine I am not trying to get into a debate with you or offend you or make you feel we are attacking christianity, I however ask you to find the arguments that are at least historically correct or just true. Your belief in God and method of it does not benefit or harm us or God or anyone in any way except yourself. It is your salvation, so don't you believe you need to be have truth or sense on your side?
  12. Satan In Islam

    Fallen angel aside, Satan stands similar in Islam, in that he only sways people's minds except those who are sincere and purified as mentioned in Redeem's excerpt from the Quran, so he does what he is only permitted like the Catholic belief. Furthermore, unlike many christian sects beliefs, he does not have a "domain" and he does not "rule" hell, but will be subjected to its punishment as all those who enter it. Being a student of theology, can you tell me please which sects subscribe to that and where did that concept come from since as you say Catholicism does not? Sam
  13. The 3 Word Story

    sitting on the...
  14. Convince Me Islam Is Truth

    Hey Irishman, First of all, I absolutely agree with Mohammed, even though I completely understand where brother dot is coming from. :sl: I think you have a few things you want to sort out in your mind and heart first, and it's completely fine to do that. Why some of us might expect you to move quickly is simple: What you have stated about your knowledge of Islam shows us you need no convincing. I mean, people might ask: How do I know the Quran is authentic? That's what takes time to establish to them the authenticity of the Quran, established in that it's one book all over the World across the past 1400 years, and you can evidently find its copies identical to the letter from the smallest Indonesian Village through the biggest Masjid in Toronto to the oldest copies in the Islamic museums. Others (especially christians) don't like to touch the trinity doctrine, you have already gone past that. You also know enough to understand that the direct connection between God and man is part of God's omnipotence, and that requiring clergy in the middle lacks sensibility, not to mention the concept of the immortal creator of all being killed. You studied theology and many religions and already can see the line of connection from the original faith in God finding truth in Islam rather than christianity. Especially considering your own statement: "The Qu'ran seems like a miracle to me, I don't see how such a text could not be inspired by God, and since it is inspired by God then it must be the last and final testament of God. Then Islam must be true." you seem to the brothers here like you know enough to be ready to embrace the message of God in its final and most complete form. Now the reason I am not assuming that yet is because I think you would have already done that and embraced Islam on your own, without the need to make this post in the first place and saying you're looking for convincing. So based on that, my guess is you still have worries in your heart and questions in your mind that you need cleared and answered in order to connect the final dots. So i guess I would say now: You told us what you know about Islam. Well, what is it that you don't know about and you wish to find out? Or what is it that you read about Islam and has caused a bit of confusion for you? Don't worry, even Abraham the father of the prophets asked God to see a sign in order to rest his heart, so we more than understand. Like Mohammed said the brothers here and myself included would be more than happy to answer any of your queries. Sam
  15. Who Wrote The Bible?

    Sorry but what you just said there rubida is incorrect. First, the christians DO believe that the bible is the word of God. According to them the gospels were dictated by Jesus and what remains of them form a part of the modern bibles that most claim to be the word of "God and his disciples". Second, not all christians subscribe to the trinity doctrine, not even most, and those recognize a true God who created heavens and Earth, and to muslims we do recognize that as the one same God (referred to in Arabic as Allah, which literally translates to "The God"), and as reference their food is acceptable to be consumed by muslims because we were told by prophet Mohammed that "they mention God's name on it like we do".
  16. Using Stones In Islam

    Not at all, I am not a Jeweller and I didn't know that jewellers who say white gold refer to just chromed regular gold rather than platinum, and I used to be in financial markets as I may have mentioned and we used to say "white gold" regarding platinum commodity prices. I do thank you now because as a matter of fact you just alerted me!! I have what SHOULD BE a platinum 21 carrat marriage band that I was under the impression has no gold in it. I better take it off and recheck with my wife's jeweller before giving him a piece of my mind if it's truly chromed gold! He's muslim and knows I am, and knows I am trying to be as devout as I can be. Thanks a bunch! Sam
  17. A Muslim Sister In Need

    If that's the case sister Mujahida, and Mohammed understood you correctly, then there's no problem. Just post your article links and ask the moderator to activate the links for you, which they do here if it's benefitia insha Allah. Also you can just copy and paste the articles into a post here, you can do that from day 1. You can piublish it in the languages section where no restrictions are made to foreign languages, and just let us know in the main room to go and check them out and we'll give you feedback the best we can. Hope this helps
  18. Convince Me Islam Is Truth

    Hi Irishman, I read your post regarding that you have converted into catholicism and you are studying Islam along with many religions, and you wish to follow the true path to God. That's an excellent approach that many people don't get, so kudos on that alone. Many people think of religion nowadays as indeed something man-made to alleviate depression, to "reach enlightenment", or to reflect spirituality on a conveniently chosen set of values (basically values first that they're comfortable with, not too harsh, and then find or fine-tune a "religion" to fit them). Fundamentally speaking that just shows they are looking for a tool to make this life more pleasurable, rather than finding the truth in God and our creation and therefore be able to achieve salvation in the eternal after-life. You have the right angle. :sl: I would like to take the pleasure of talking with you not only about Islam and what you understand, but also about Catholecism and what you might tell me about it. Can you tell us in a nutshell the general basic things that you learned about Islam, specifically in the belief or faith area? Sam
  19. Using Stones In Islam

    There is no specific reference for or against a ring with a precious or semi-precious stone in it. It is not forbidden. What is forbidden is wearing gold (real Au yellow gold, not platinum as white gold) by men in any way or form (jewellery, accessory, threading in clothes), according to the Hadith "Gold and Silk is forbidden to men" God knows best
  20. Is Islam The Fastest Growing Religion?

    Well, twoswordsali might have been quick to the draw and harsh in the response and maybe there was still "an offensive tone" in Stranger01's analysis and breakdown, but I do have to say that the way belayakula forged her post seems to be... peculiar at the least: Latin America, Africa, India, and China. Why on Earth would you single out and choose those two continents and then two nations? China? Why a country that has outright BANNED Islam teaching in any way and does not allow the building of Masjids, and even centers teaching Arabic are under constant surveillance? India? Every person knows that the Indian population split into two, Hindus and Muslims, and they migrated across the borders to form Pakistan and modern India, and thanks to the horrible strife that occured between them, the migration based on creed was pressed into high gear and continue to do so until today. Latin America? Africa? The first is infused with a dogma of church control from 500 years and is actually testament to Islam to have reached to 6 million and rising. The second is the continent of hunger, warlords, and genocide and despite the enlightenment of EVERY guidance to God that came on this Earth they seem to still fail to find peaceful existence for themselves. How come she didn't get any numbers from Europe for example, where muslims in 1960's were mere tens of thousands, and today have crossed 54 million? Or took the totality of Asia, where Islam is spreading like wildfire outside the two nations mentioned without explaining the special circumstances? I'm all out for non-offensiveness and civilized convesration, but I'm sorry I think they felt it the way I am feeling it now when someone has an agenda and is trying to slide some false suggestions under the radar.
  21. Is Network Marketing Permissible In Islam ?

    Let's not lose sight of the point here though and that is to find out if Network companies are haraam or not. Network marketing companies never have control over a necessity or an essential commodity. Having a "brand" that they choose to sell in certain ways at their own price is not in any way a monopoly even if some consumers don't like the the lack of convenience in delivery. Monopoly is when consumers are prevented or cannot get an alternative for a necessary commodity, like when a single company controls gas, electric supply, phone service, petrol stations, or a specific commodity like strawberry or powdered milk etc., and that is indeed forbidden in Islam. However, a brand is not a monopoly and every company and seller has right to package their products in any chosen way they wish at whatever price they choose as long as it is not a basic commodity necessity where they clogged other suppliers from offering the product through legal exclusive agency agreement or the basic approach of buying them out first to jack up prices later.
  22. During Salah...

    It is indeed preferable to keep the eyes open and to keep them down as per UmAhmed explanation. All four Imams advised that closing the eyes unless there is a reason (like an uncontrolled distraction) is Makrooh. It is preferable to choose your spot in prayer to avoid distractions in the first place. Do note however that looking UP as if towards the heavens during rising from ruku like some misguided brothers and sisters do has been explicitly forbidden (Based on a hadith to the meaning of "Those who raise their eyes after ruku as if trying to look straight to God might as well have their vision taken away")
  23. Is Network Marketing Permissible In Islam ?

    I think I understand what you mean and where this concern is coming from. It will be tricky to pinpoint if someone demands a GENERAL ruling on them, because many network marketing companies simply hand over a small percentage to one or two levels only above the person making the sale, and those people are selling good products to customers outside the company, while on the other end of the scale you have all out pyramid schemes with nothing but peddling a useless product (gold certificate, star name, juice, vitamin) down the "line" as a way of fleecing money from new "recruits" up the ladder to the starters of the company WHO DO PLAN TO SHUT DOWN from the very beginning. Should a line be drawn? Yes I think. But Where?
  24. I am not actually getting your point Mohamed. How is this related to working on solar cells?
  25. I recently published a video link in the video forum (you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/show.php/showtopic/727034.html) about the newly revealed mathematical miracle about the Kaaba's geographical location and God's design. As explained in the post. The Golden Ratio for traders and scientists is the fibonacci retracement percentage known worldwide (61.8%). I used it in my work. Have any of you found reference of that number in other areas of the Quran? What about in your life, are you using it in your work in some way? Sam