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  1. Help Me With My Decision

    Brother Yusha, You are already inspiring everyone with the intent alone. Since your heart is set on South Africa, and practically everyone here also thinks South Africa is best, I suggest that you just top this up with an Istikhara prayer to God and then see if your path and options in South Africa are made open and easier or were they closed in your face, and follow whatever is chosen for you. Immigration issues will depend on circumstances, I thought my immigration to Malaysia couldn't be easier, and it was for me, but was a big problem for my wife, however it was eventually sorted. As for Indonesians and Apartheid I am sure umAhmed with her family there can you tell you a lot more than I can. God Bless
  2. Names Of Masjids

    Hi Salman, Well a vowel is missing in the first one, Haraam, which means forbidden. Al-Haram means a sacred place, where certain things that can be allowed outside are forbidden inside to guard the sanctity of the place. Both come from the same Arabic lyxical source Í Ñ ã. Al-Masjid Al-Haraam is Al-Kaaba in Mecca, which is the main center of prayer of Muslims as it is the house that Ibrahim built. (Also see this post (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/show.php/showtopic/727034/view/getnewpost"]Here[/url] to check out an amazing recent discovery about Al-Kaaba's position), and it is where muslims perform their pilgrimage where many things from squashing an unharmful ant to fighting is forbidden. Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi, means the "Prophet-ial (if that's a correct English extraction from prophet?! :sl:) Mosque", derived from Nabi (prophet). It is the Masjid that the Prophet Mohammed -pbuh- built, and is considered the second Haram (that's why they call King Fahad "Khadem Al-Haramein" or "Servent of the two Harams". Hope this helps. Sam
  3. Islam And Banking

    If you are holding a bank account for payment of bills and safeguarding of your money, all scholars said it is absolutely ok. You need to inform your bank that this current/saving account is not to earn interest under any circumstance, and that you don't want an overdraft service to be ever provided. Most banks in the west would happily honour that request. You can use a debit card, pay bills, write checks and make TT's freely. Sending money through the SWIFT TT system is not wrong, and all Islamic banks have made no changes whatsoever to these procedures when they setup their process. You can carry out all your business and it is Halal for the bank to charge set fees on its services (TT, cheque book production or cashing, ATM charges etc.) as long as it is not a percentage of the amount. And God knows best
  4. For people who dumped two billion dollars in that Atlantis hotel and charge on average in excess to US$250 per household for electricity per month, I think they should loosen their pockets and pay for the darn cells. :sl:
  5. Request Free Quran Soft Copy

    Well usually I would be of that opinion, however this guy's behaviour is dodgy at best. We asked him several times to post the attachment and explained more than 4 reasons why email addresses are not preferred, and all he's giving us is marketing bull about "Even as we speak, Requests are coming in for the Holy Quran Attachment!" and he's also bashing others now. I have to really reduce my IQ to less than two digits in order to allow for a second the thought that he might be legit. I say alert the moderators to remove the email address link he put and let's not waste any more time on him.
  6. Well, in financial markets, stock and currency price movements are analyzed using two methods. The first is called fundamental, in which the financial analyst scans and studies the company announcements and economic releases of countries in order to determine the overall health of the stock or currency, and judge what investors would be doing in response and therefore would be able to predict price movement accordingly. The other way is called technical, which involves mass psychology effects on price movement and uses mathematical formulas (called technical indicators) to measure price movements and therefore be able to again predict future targets. One of the most reliable technical indicators used was Fibonacci levels. Fibonacci levels tool was used on a price chart, which simply depicts the price movement of a particular instrument (stock or commodity or currency) over time. Whenever a price of an instrument seems to relax after a major surge or fall, and then return to the surge or dip after the resting, we can apply the ratio of 1.618 to predict how far the price will go. Based on that we can advise price levels to expect the move to stop at to investors who in turn make buy or sell decisions based on that. The following chart shows an example on the Euro price (against US dollar): ######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetsavefuelmalaysia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/images/Fibonacci-Levels.jpg[/img] As seen, the price of Euro dropped from 1.5990 till a low of around 1.3800 before bouncing back and relaxing to 1.50 (halfway). Over the next three days it crashed again and broke the 1.3800 level, which in the analysts work is a "signal" that further decline will occur for a considerable distance, a movement which could allow speculators to take advantage of. We used the Fibonacci tool to measure the beginning of the original dip, till the level that was broken, and it automatically shows the median (0.382, 0.50, 0.618 of the movement) as well as the target levels (1.618 of the movement, or 161.8%). As you can see in this example the level was achieved, and not much further, which is a perfect way to put a target on a trade. Yes, just like Pi that is used to calculate circular area and perimeter, it is a constant number that goes on to almost infinite decimals. That's why we say the higher fibonacci sequence numbers don't actually GET to 1.618, but just get closer and closer. :sl: Subhan Allah Sam
  7. For someone from the Middle East, I can definitely relate to what you are saying Wanderer. It is however astonishing how many initiatives for solar power and deslination were literally knocked out and fought simply because of politicians. solar power panels are "illegal" on houses as the government is the only source of energy allowed, and if you want a generator for an event it needs to be a haulable quickly-in and quickly-out device, which of course means that only a diesel generator will do. people had to "hide" solar water heaters with built aluminum side walls that naturally reduce their effectiveness and not have them so prominent just to avoid the fines from the municipalities and electric government agencies. If you talk to them you find them very neutral and almost supportive of any concepts or ideas, but the bureaucracy ends up breaking entrepreneurs' spirits. Water is the same thing and if someone wants to bottle drinking water, it is fine (but how would Reverse Osmosis water compete with natural spring water of Gulfa or Masafi), but if you want to build a water deslination plant to feed the pipe system, not allowed. (By the way, desalination plants work by Reverse Osmosis, which is pumping water through special membrane tubes under high pressure to force pure water through the membranes and not the salt. Evaporation would consume far less energy than RO, but would not produce 5% of the water capacity that RO can produce out of the same sized plot and resources.) The whole approach to entrepreneurial activity and allowing the private sector individuals to gain access to infrastructure business and creativity would do wonders there.
  8. God, the most gracious most merciful, is an entity beyond superlatives or comparison. We pray and worship in utter humility to the One, the Only, the all-knowing, the all-powerful. Some knowledge though might escape the average person and appear to be utter non-sense. Let's see if you can dig into your reportoire of your understanding of Aqeedah to see if you can answer the following three questions: 1- What is it that God does not have? 2- What is it that is not in God's realm? 3- What is forbidden to God? If you know them, write them using the spoiler method to keep it going for others. If you don't know them, don't get SHOCKED, there are perfectly good Islamic answers to the question that are easily achievable by those who use depth of thought rather than superficial handling. Sam
  9. Request Free Quran Soft Copy

    Dear dr Umar, Publishing it on the downloads section will not make people read it on the website, but will make it available for "download" and it will become their own attachment like you are saying. However like umAhmed from the support team and Mohammad pointed out, people do not prefer to send their email addresses to unknown individuals, and I think especially now when you say that you are storing thousands of addresses. You need to be understanding if they don't take it at face value that their email addresses will be safe with you. Additionally, why would you ask for direct correspondence like it's some form of a condition anyway? I suggest you publish the attachment in the downloads section since it's for no charge anyway, and may God reward you for your efforts.
  10. Professor Hafiz Fateh Muhammad (ra)

    God bless the soul of anyone who works towards building a masjid and teach the Holy Quran. He surely is the best of us ("He who learns and teaches Quran is the best of you" prophet -pbuh- said). May God bless his soul and reward you for keeping the memory of a community leader and a good man.
  11. Change Of Surroundings

    Wooooooooooh, hold your horses buddy. Well it's nice to see you're not happy with your "friends" doing drugs / prostitutes / and every sin under the sun, but that doesn't mean you go and start "chatting up" muslim women and get married. :sl: Newtoislam, a family my friend is a responsibility and in Islam you go to a FAMILY and ask to marry their daughter, you don't find muslim women to talk to. Ok seriously though congratulation on cleaning up your act and repenting to God from drinking Alcohol and living the life of decadence. Like you just called yourself though, you're new to Islam. If you're new to something that affects your life so profoundly, you should first focus on yourself and find your own balance. You left those friends and their bad habits and anything connected, but do you really think that just by taking a step away everything will automatically be balanced out? That you won't relapse on a stressful day and an old "friend" will not dangle an evil invitation to just "talk over a couple of pints" won't sound inticing? Just because you quit smoking doesn't mean you'll get no urges if you know what I mean, and that is the worst time for you to take on a big huge plunge of marriage, responsibility, and leading a family in life and religion. You need to first get comfortable in your new life my brother. First thing is to get REAL friends who will support you in your faith and guide you if you get relapses or "cleansing" depressions. They will show you the ropes. A masjid is a great place to start. It never fails if you go to the imam after prayer and just say you're new to Islam and would like some guidance and support. Getting the prayer to be habitual and working a routine in your life that takes Islam into its pleats take time, which is about right about much to spend it getting to know some good muslim brothers to be your friends. From there you'll sort things out with regards to knowing what muslim families be looking for to accept you as a suitor for their daughters. (then again there's the internet where you can just ask muslim women what they're looking for) :sl: Good luck
  12. Help Me With My Decision

    Indeed this looks like your best choice, Yusha. If you want to make something out of your life and do something that is great, and you will probably be better than most of us sitting here on our behinds writing :sl: Your work as supporting other fighting mujahideen is a most noble cause. In all honesty I believe it is better than being a fighter in that situation anyway, as I knew two people who went there with that intention, and only came back extremely disappointed and one of them in great fear to have commited sins as they found that many of the fighting groups are pushed into political situations and may be forced to break rules and conditions of Jihad. If you are supporting families then you don't have to be in that confusion, and whatever you do is for God in heart and effect. God bless that and you.
  13. Dear ostheimer, I can tell from the language of your message that you feel you might offend the people here with your question. Rest assured we have none taken, you are more than welcome to ask about such things. As for what you asked we are equally bewildered! To provide some specific answers: 1- Yes, Muslim women are not allowed to marry christian men. That is because although men and women are regarded with equal diginity, their duties towards each other are different, and therefore while a Muslim man's duties of spending and providing and care towards a christian or jewish wife can be upheld without faulting his religion, a muslim woman's duties of obedience and care may not be upheld without faulting her religion. It is not frowned upon, it is strictly forbidden. 2- A temporary marriage was a habit amongst Arabs in the old times and has been outlawed when Islam came as it violates the nature of the marriage union. Though some lenient scholars have advised that marriages like Messiar marriage (marriage in a foreign land during long-term travel, where some of the marital rights are not held) is still permissible under specific conditions, it still requires Muslim husband. As far as my not so limited knowledge in this matter is concerned, this is a faulty marriage and there's no proper Imam or scholar who would sanction this. It is my belief based on that, that unless the husband converts to Islam, both those people are living in sin. God knows best
  14. Deep Contemplation Riddle

    I guess this one had a bit of time so I can reveal the guiding answers to the questions: 1- He has no son or equal "Has not begotten, nor was begotten, and he has no equal" (112:3, 4) 2- There isn't another God 3- Injustice "Oh my subjects I have forbidden injustice upon Myself, and forbidden upon you so do not bring it between you..." Hadith Qodsy narrated by Muslim I guess it was easier than I thought. Most answers were in the right zone. :sl: Foxgarden, we really wish that there isn't evil in God's realm but there is, God created human beings and let them choose their paths, and we do good or evil as we choose. :sl: And of course the devil and his subjects are all focused on pushing us towards any wrongdoing they can bring to our attention, and that itself is the greatest evil.
  15. Request Free Quran Soft Copy

    Dear Dr Umar, Thank you for this. But why don't you put it in the downloads section? Many people's email addresses cannot receive attachments of a certain size and this will allow everyone to get it easier. Just a thought and jazakom allaho khairan. Sam
  16. First Question

    Hi Epchois, The quran is full of so many references to how muslims should behave. The prophet Mohammed summed it up with that hadith, but also many other speeches and traditions to enforce it. From the Quran there are literally hundreds of verses like: "You shall worship none but God; and you shall do good unto your parents and kinsfolk, and the orphans, and the poor; and you shall speak unto all people in a kindly way; and you shall be constant in prayer; and you shall spend in charity." (2:67) Or "True piety does not consist in turning your faces towards the east or the west - but truly pious is he who believes in God, and the Last Day; and the angels, and revelation, and the prophets; and spends his substance - however much he himself may cherish - it - upon his near of kin, and the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarer, and the beggars, and for the freeing of human beings from bondage; and is constant in prayer, and renders the purifying dues; and [truly pious are] they who keep their promises whenever they promise, and are patient in misfortune and hardship and in time of peril: it is they that have proved themselves true, and it is they, they who are conscious of God." (2:177) Or "AND WORSHIP God [alone], and do not ascribe divinity, in any way, to aught beside Him. And do good unto your parents, and near of kin, and unto orphans, and the needy, and the neighbour from among your own people, and the neighbour who is a stranger, and the friend by your side, and the wayfarer, and those whom you rightfully possess. Verily, God does not love any of those who, full of self-conceit, act in a boastful manner" (4:36) and "AND, INDEED, after having exhorted [man], We laid it down in all the books of divine wisdom that My righteous servants shall inherit the earth:" (21:105) in addition to many more. Some describing specific actions, some are more general. As for the Christians and Jews and other believers, there is a verse that regards them and their position before the reveal of quran: "Those who believe, and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in God and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve." That regards those across time in their own eras before the message of Islam reached. In Moses and Jesus Quran says: "For, indeed, We vouchsafed unto Moses the divine writ and caused apostle after apostle to follow him; and We vouchsafed unto jesus, the son of Mary, all evidence of the truth, and strengthened him with holy inspiration. [Yet] is it not so that every time an apostle came unto you with something that was not to your liking, you gloried in your arrogance, and to some of them you gave the lie, while others you would slay?" "Lo! The angels said: "O Mary! Behold, God sends thee the glad tiding, through a word from Him, [of a son] who shall become known as the Christ jesus, son of Mary, of great honour in this world and in the life to come, and [shall be] of those who are drawn near unto God." "God will say: "O jesus, son of Mary! Remember the blessings which I bestowed upon thee and thy mother-how I strengthened thee with holy inspiration, so that thou couldst speak unto men in thy cradle, and as a grown man; and how I imparted unto thee revelation and wisdom, including the Torah and the Gospel; and how by My leave thou didst create out of clay, as it were, the shape of a Bird, and then didst breathe into it, so that it might become, by My leave, a Bird; and how thou didst heal the blind and the leper by My leave, and how thou didst raise the dead by My leave; and how I prevented the children of israel from harming thee when thou camest unto them with all evidence of the truth, and those of them who were bent on denying the truth were saying, `This is clearly nothing but deception!'" All this regards the truthful message delivered by Moses and Jesus and shows the good place the people who followed their messages are in before Islam. However, after the message of Mohammed and the Quran is revealed, non-belief in them is a breach of faith. It is the same that a muslim is considered have faulted out of Islam and is regarded as a non-believer if he denies the existence or message relevation of Moses, Jesus, David or Abraham. Look at it this way: Employees at a company receive company rules and regulations by fax from the board of directors. Some take it to heart and do what they can understand, and some say many lines aren't clear and require confirmation. Some start to add to the rules on the fax and take out some because it's not convenient to them or they say that the part was not printed clearly because of the fax machine. (Moses revelation) Then a second communication is sent in the form of a long descriptive email. Again some take it to heart, while others still ignore it citing that it wasn't documented and there is no signature or proven source, and just ignored it and pressed delete, and later argued about what was in it. (Jesus message) Finally an employee handbook arrived in the mail for each individual employee, with their name printed at the front, and the full board names, signatures, and original seals at the back, detailing and repeating everything sent before. (Islam and Quran) It was good enough to follow the email and the fax as that was all what was available. But If someone accepted the previous communication and neglected the final fulfilling handbook, it's no good. Faith is negated by that action. As for the Quranic verse, it is quite clear: "If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost." So based on the Quran, christians and jews who believed in God and did well through their time and died on that before receiving the message of Islam, they will be treated fairly and will be forgiven and entered into paradise. But if they receive the completing message of Mohammed and the Quran, find the indisputed references in the book and deny it, it scars their faith and God shall judge them and put them "in the ranks of those who lost". Sam
  17. Was I Tested Or Punish By Allah

    Dear Brother poster, Do you know how common your exact complaint and note is? Do you know how many muslims are saying the exact same thing? That they are strangely denied "tawfiq" in many worldly aspirations and endeavours. It is a norm of life my brother for anyone who becomes close to God and prays. You have so many sins to wash away, so much rust to pound out of your metal, steel is only made with pounding and diamonds do not form without pressure and if you are under pressure and hardship then God wants good things for you, much better than the comfortable ones. Read Quran: "Or do ye think that ye shall enter the Garden (of bliss) without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? they encountered suffering and adversity, and were so shaken in spirit that even the Messenger and those of faith who were with him cried: "When (will come) the help of Allah." Ah! Verily, the help of Allah is (always) near!" (2:214); "Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere" (2:155); "And were it not that (all) men might become of one (evil) way of life, We would provide, for everyone that blasphemes against ((Allah)) Most Gracious, silver roofs for their houses and (silver) stair-ways on which to go up," (43:33) My brother, be glad, for if you were happily getting everything you wanted you should have been worried. Companions used to fear comfort when it becomes too long and wonder why they weren't worthy of testing anymore, and become glad when testing comes. No one of course can withstand constant pressure, but God knows best how much to put on your shoulders and how much to relieve. Your job if you truly are accepting of God's dictation and his Qada, is to rest assured that you will not be tested with more than what you can bare. You will be relieved when you need to be relieved. Just don't think that being a good muslim means smooth life, on the contrary, this life is made luxurious and comfortable without any hassles to those who don't believe, so they have nothing to ask forgiveness with on judgement day. They believe so much in "Karma" because it does really happen with them: They do something good and get something good coming their way. That's because there's nothing written for their good deeds. You my friend, your good deeds are for the afterlife, and any bad deeds you do are cleansed through tests and hardship, so as to come on judgement day and all your small transgressions are outweighed with your patience on the tests and you are rewarded justly with paradise. There is a dua that you can use to lessen the burden: "ÈÓã Çááå Úáì äÝÓí, ÈÓã Çááå Úáì Ãåáí æãÇáí Çááåã ÃÑÖäí ÈãÇ ÞÖíÊ áí æÚÇÝäí ÈãÇ ÃÈÞíÊ ÍÊì áÇ ÃÍÈ ÊÚÌíá ãÇ ÃÎÑÊ æáÇ ÊÃÎíÑ ãÇ ÚÌáÊ" "Bismillahi ala nafsee, bismillahi ala ahlee wa malee, allahomma ardenee bema qadayt lee, wa aafenee feema abqayt, hatta la ohebba taajeel ma akhart, wala taakheer ma ajjalt." It translates: "In the name of God on myself, in the name of God on my family and money. O'God please satisfy me with what you decide for me and grant me wellness with whatever you keep for me, so that I wouldn't like to hasten what you delayed or delay what you hastened." Every day when you wake up. Also my father taught me that Surat Al-Waqia (number 56) every night prevents poverty, and I never fail in reading it myself. May God give you patience, wisdom, and strength to bare your burden, and reward you for it all.
  18. You Are Being Lied To About Pirates

    Nile Salafi, I am sorry man but this post is illogical by all accounts, and though I avoid trying to discuss politics or advise people against propaganda, you left me no choice with the severity of this one. Somalia is a torn country that is sadly in tatters, it is overrun by hunger, true. However, it is also full of arms trade, warlords, and the worst record of justice to date. That much is internal. The fact that the country was unable to guard its coasts and therefore illegal dumpings by illicit private corporations and overfishing by unauthorised traders cannot be so naively be used to generalize the strife of the nation and place it on the West's shoulders. Like funzie mentioned, the dumpings were decades ago, and though horrible it happened in many countries and the response was severe, so it was only natural for "waste managers" to dump where there is no guarding. What do somali boys in speed boats off the coast and holding RPG tubes have in common with Carribean pirates of the seventeenth and eighteenth century? Do you really intend to believe that John Silver is what "inspired" the Somali bandits to take crew hostage and hold cargo ships for ransom? Could there ever be any more drivle than going into so much detail in the article over the Robin Hoods of the 1700's high seas to prove that this is one badly written "save face" article, another "blame it on the white man" rant? The ships that are now weekly on the news as hijacked are all traveling cargo ships. What do they have to do with fishing or waste dumping? Was the Saudi oil tanker picking up lobsters on the way to Europe too? Enough with the blame game, this piece of Somali propaganda to hide the corruption of the officials who are earning money from the pirates to let them do their dirty business and complete lack of control over the warlords arming them to bring in more and more money should not be given any credibility.
  19. The only ignorant and delusional claims here are coming from your side, and it is extreme now how senseless and disconnected from the topic or reality your debate has become. If you think that you can get to say what is wrong or not wrong with the Koran, expert geophysicists, and general science, then you truly have a condition that needs professional attention. By the way, before making pretentious statements at least TRY to hide your now apparent high level of ignorance: it is called ad hominem, something that a person whose first language is English and likes to use latin terms should know, and I do not need it at all in your case, as you have done the greatest job of discrediting yourself all on your own. This debate is closed from my side. Rant alone if you want, but I suspect you should be ranting somewhere else now for people here actually have higher standards.
  20. 1, I already said that Earth's core is made of Iron, you say as if I wasn't the one saying it first Second half of 1, 3, and 4 are all your personal conjectures that goes against what other scientists have theorized based on their evidence and here you state your personal thoughts as scientific fact. Iron according to scientists cannot form on Earth and could not have formed even at its hottest, it needed star temperatures to create the element. Further, the core analysis was found to be a single crystal of iron-nickel alloy that matches meteorites which suggests it came down. All this again and you crab-walked around the invalidity of your statement that ALL you saw about the quran presenting scientific wonders are "dishonest claims". 5- again giving silly experiements of natural resistance building, adaptation, or natural selection as evolution. You fail in addressing that over and over again. Show an actual bodily mutation, a useful fifth finger when there were 4, creation of an organ when there were none, or an actual transition from one family of fish into a land-walking air-breathing lizard. 6- So in number 2 you say you are not saying the Koran is wrong, but in number 6 you say the Koran IS wrong and dictate those statements like scientific facts, and based on your own assumptions - that has no basis whatsoever and actually go against what geophysicists say - that mountains are not stakes? That's another example of self-contradiction that makes it useless to continue this debate. I am sorry though I cannot resist coming back and pointing out the otherwise-obvious. I don't think I have offended you (yes maybe rediculed your arguments and lack of sense, sure) but I did not directly insult or assault you. As a matter of fact I think you have broken so many rules and were making false claims towards the quran that SHOULD be taken offence to. You did not make subjective observations but presented self-contradicting statements and misrepresented information as fact when they weren't. Do me a favour, how about you DO go ahead and report the posts and see if the moderator thinks I offended you? :sl: Fair enough? Enough of this, this is no longer productive and a waste of time. I promise I'll restrain myself from doing this again no matter how rediculously senseless and the next posts are. :sl:
  21. Dating And Islam

    Dating in Western culture is the act of "play marriage" or "trying out" each other without going through God-stated commitment for life. It involves a hundred forbidden things starting from speaking to someone of the opposite sex with thoughts and words of romance that naturally leads to arousal of lust and desire. Furthermore she's not a muslim and will naturally expect a free-going affair, making out and other acts that are all prohibited. You just say the truth and tell her you are muslim and you don't "date". Crying and all that even if it happens will be done in no time and she will be over you. Even if she doesn't, you don't break God's commands and commit haram because a girl might be upset.
  22. Honestly Melliodora, like I said before: all you're belting out now is Bla bla bla persistent penniless retorts that don't address the points bla bla bla change the words and misrepresent them to crab-walk around the rebuttal bla bla bla make up false information about evolution theory like we didn't read the book bla bla bla display further ignorance by not knowing the Earth's core of iron IS the main deposit of iron that was proven to have been sent by a giant meteor and without which we wouldn't have had the EM field or a working compass and that it was proven by agnostic scientists that, indeed, ALL iron came down, not some, , and again taking an unproven suggestion that has very little chance of being true, that people might have known about it, to treat as "fact" and say that it makes the whole scientific mention of iron being brought down as "false" bla bla bla reduce Hoyle's credibility being an astronomer when Darwin himself was an amateur non-specialist to start with and trying to suggest that only biology can disprove evolution, and again crab walking around the other scientists mentioned bla bla bla throw a couple of terms to defend pride regarding not knowing debate rather than acknowledging the silliness of own statement bla bla bla again arguing that despite having no explanation for BB other than God, chooses the opposite set of standards and demand experimental proof for it before acceptance, yet disproven theory of evolution and anything that gives the lazy rationalizing of no God and therefore no charge requires an endless amount of disproving evidence and is still adjusted around with wild postulation and conjecture to keep it alive, playing "go fetch" with all its components, bla bla bla displaying further ignorance and attempting to use false information to negate practial common knowledge that mountains are much deeper than their height at the surface, and showing lack of understanding to see that because of the mass and shape of mountains they act like stakes or anchors for tectonic plates, without which the shock waves at faults every time plates collide or grind would ripple cracks and devastation across thousands of miles, and without which plates would be floating on magma and slamming into each other like pieces of wood in a stormy sea. Like I said in the last post. It's becoming penniless broke series of arguments that is delivering nothing but half-truths and stubborn denial, which really is your choice to believe in on your own, but I have no further interest to waste words in here, I see nothing from your side more than a losing attempt at feining and forcing an argumentative stalemate. There's no further need to debate this with you, my points were made, and you had hardly anything substantial to come back with. Good night.
  23. You don't know if pakistan could have been worse. Throughout your message brother you are intense about which is better and easier, and give in to your own double-mindedness. When you perform istikhara you are giving the decision making to God, who will decide for you by showing clearer hurdles against the wrong decision and making things easy and feeling good towards the one you should take. Go with that and stick to it. If you want to make a NEW decision, do estikhara again. The prophet heavily recommended it for everything even for buying a pair of slippers. Also you should do it every night until a choice presents itself as the clearer one. Once you go ahead, don't imagine what could have been, for the devil will use that door to enter and make you doubt it, hoping that it will lead you to weaker faith ("{What if} opens a door for the devil" as the prophet said). How do you know you wouldn't have been targeted by a bad professor in Pakistan, or even your presence there would be bad in some way? You don't. Be grateful to God you are making post-graduate studies in America, maybe one single person you meet who reverts to Islam on your hands was better for you than the whole of the World. Remember that in the Istikhara prayer you say "if this matter is good for me both in this world and in the Hereafter (or: in my religion, my livelihood and my affairs), then ordain it for me, make it easy for me, and bless it for me." what is better for you is something that God decides far better than we ever will.
  24. Halal Or Haram?

    Some scholars have also advised that if you are Harby (living in a non-muslim country indefinitely), that mentioning the name of Allah on what you buy from the shops or on the food at restaurants would suffice even if you don't know whether it was slaughtered or not, not just slaughtered but don't know if God's name was mentioned. That is because it is a necessity to thrive on meat and chicken and cannot live on just toast and salad for an extended length of time. (That is not applicable though if you have access to a Halal supermarket or a halal restaurant.)
  25. Good, you go on ahead and wait for someone to "fire" you. I for one along with logical people figure out that there's everything to lose with that approach if we were right, and nothing to gain with your approach if you were right. Let alone that since the employee handbook was properly signed and sealed AND the logic of the whole environment even without the handbook suggests a business corporation when looking at the building and the facilities and the sign and therefore naturally would consider it as such, it would be stupid to assume and ACT on the opposite while feining ignorance. Remember that everyone will get fired together, and since like I said it is ONE AND ONLY corporation, fired is really the "end" of it all for them, and the only reason for them in going to the extreme impossibility would be to buy themselves an excuse for just laziness and immoral existence. Make up science in your own crazy World, evolution was defined by Darwin as a mutation in the creature structure triggered by a need. Your "version" basically says that Africans sold to slavery and transported onto ships, and underwent natural selection pressures from the journey combined with developed physical fitness from their hardship, which translated to stronger and healthier offspring are a "new species" of human beings. Evolution is and cannot be separated from the its proposed holistic theory: That the first creation of life was by lightening striking amino acids and forming the first proteins which gained life and originated the first micro-organism, which over time developed into all creatures on Earth. It has been categorically disproven by agnostic and non-muslim professors and scientists using accurately recorded experiments, including Louis Pasteur, Sir Fred Hoyle, Charles Wickramasinghe and others, let alone that Darwin himself professed that we need evidence of intermediary fossils to back up the claim (none was found across 150 years except for the skull that turned out to be manufactured and half of a modern orangutan's) and that he based it on the thought that maggots were mutations of dead flesh, rather than they were laid in by flies. I am not presenting a false caricature of evolution, IT IS a caricature now based on current knowledge, and like I said before, you believe in a disproven theory that defies the Second law of Thermodynamics, yet demand evidence to God. You call it a possible postulation only because there's no other way to start the Big Bang but are perfectly satisfied to cover your ears and eyes because everything a few milliseconds afterwards can have some imaginated way to explain it, as if those milliseconds are not the WHOLE importance of existence within themselves "Oh look, it's a car at the dealer, it exists just by itself, let me show that it does not need a car designer or manufacturer by pointing how it CONTINUES to work and years later it will NATURALLY slowly rust and break down". Dude, you're seriously gone, and have no debatable argument left. No it hasn't! What you might be referring to was using radiation to force mutated wings that had no muscles, tendons or function is a miniature Hiroshima effect, and the flies died. They were not new species, they were the same species with extra useless extremities. That's mutilation, not evolution. Hahahaha, that is EXACTLY the language Newton used to discover gravity!!!! He didn't say "Oh, the apple just drops" he said "WHY is this apple dropping? What is driving it? There needs to be a deliberate force." You think you actually have a scientific approach? Do you even know what it is to think? I know you can't debate, and I know you don't differentiate between fact or fiction or made up propaganda, but at least don't preach what you have no idea about. YOU need to learn objective language and understand when to know when an argument has been defeated, acknowledge and actually think about it for your own sake. And there is your closing, a post from a guy who's jumping at a video titled "part 8", saying that this scientific fact that is CORRECTLY mentioned in the quran, MAY under some wild imagination JUST POSSIBLY have been known to some genius at the time, and therefore despite it being correct, it just might not be miraculous, just that one! Couldn't get anything on parts 1, 2, 3, thru 7, or any of the parts afterwards, and just thought that maybe he can make a claim on this one that has at least a chance of being plausible. This video is about the quran mentioning that Iron was sent down to Earth, indicating clearly that it wasn't part of the Earth's periodical table, and modern science found that it cannot be created on Earth and has to come on meteorites from very hot stars that create the element. Your suggestion is that there MIGHT be someone then who knew that. Interesting... so in the seventh century when Earth was thought to be a flat rectangle by "educated individuals" with big waterfalls at the edges (and an island on the back of a great fish by Arabs) and while everyone was confident that stars and the sun and the moon were all flatly stuck on the inside a big dome, at that time illiterate miners would pick up meteorites, realize that they are meteorites, and not only analyze the composite minerals in it and detect iron (maybe they had primitive but effective spectro-analytic computers) but also correctly assume that the large deposits UNDER the ground is a huge gigantic meteor, decide without any geological knowledge that Earth is really old and has cooled down and earth deposits have covered the iron ore creating the mines, and more importantly come to the completely unindicated conclusion that ALL iron on Earth HAD to come from the stars, when 95.3% of meteorites are actually stone meteorites. So EVEN if we come to that wild conclusion as possible, it still takes NOTHING away from the quran in that it was true. Like I said however as clearly shown that is one wild imaginated assumption for that to consider, but more importantly it is not a dishonest claim of Quran's containment of scientific knowledge. Melliodora you prefer to subscribe to that based on this, and you cannot answer to any of the other hundreds of scientific truths mentioned, most of which cannot be considered something known at the time EVEN by a wild stretch of the imagination, but yet you choose to say "ALL what you see are dishonest claims". Was it regular knowledge at the time that planets, Earth, and the moon are floating celestial bodies in their specific orbits? Did they know at the time that stars would explode at the end of their lives and would recess back to a much smaller version? Was it general knowledge to know the precise description of human zygote and development as a microscopic embryo till it becomes alive? Did they know about floating tectonic plates and that mountains acted as anchors? Did they know about deep sea waves or the separation of light colours under water? Melliodora, forgive me for this, but enough of this penniless broke useless argument. If this was a debate you would not be given any more room by neither the moderator nor even your coach. You have no responses anymore except persistence driven retorts that are either ignorant, self-contradicting, or straight up fiction. This last note regarding the "misleading video" was weaker than a mosquito's wing. If you think you are a man of science and want to improve as a person of knowledge, go find out about that specific insect body part, and I'll tell you when you come back why I used it as an example. Until that time however I will take my leave of this argument and consider the debate closed. I don't see you have anything genuine left to ask, or anything learned left to say. Enough said.