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  1. What Is My Problem?

    Absolutely Abdulrahman, have faith that things will be ok. My mother (a well-learned scholar in Islam God bless her) told me when your thoughts are in the right place and your behaviour is still playing around, you should be glad as your soul has basically moved into alignment and it takes a bit of time for the belief system to get your "playful self and desiring habits" into shape. It either gradually becomes a habit, or like Sabera said an act of sudden enlightenment will hit you so hard you won't be able to stop praying if you wanted to! For me it was a sudden urge in one fateful afternoon as I was traveling on a bus and Asr prayer Athan sounded (I think I mentioned it somewhere else on this forum). We were on the highway and even though I was excusing myself consciously as to why am I suddenly in a rush to pray when I hardly did two in one day before, and now I am travelling and at least have that as an excuse. It was urgent and I had to make ablution in the bus' cramped toilet and prayed on time. Did not miss one since then el-hamdolellah. So have faith, read the quran, and make dua to God to bring you around.
  2. Do You Put God Before Humanity?

    I wouldn't vote for either one. I agree with twoswordsali. Athiests wish to apply arguments regarding the existence of God is not out of purposeful seeking of knowledge, but actually because in their smaller minds they are actually targetting argumentative perceived-supremacy rather than actually reaching a conclusion. This question is just pseudo-logic of self-negation: choosing either one brings forth the suggestion that God and humanity are at odds, which is not true like Vishah answered. The approach is called argumentative bridging. The real logical statement is that God and humanity are one one side, and everything God ordained IS truly what is good for humanity. It's a truth that continues over the ages to be attacked, as in the Quran there will always people who will "plug their ears and say legends of ancestors". I never understood the fanatic approach to supporting that belief system, because to me it's too much work for basically saying "there's no God, so don't trouble yourself with worship". Here's a question for you though: 1- If God exists and what Muslims and believers in God say is true, in the afterlife athiests will face an eternity of hellfire, while those who believed in God and worked for that day will God-willing be granted entry into the eternity of paradise. If hypothetically speaking God does not exist, Muslims would have had lead a fruitful moral life and a peaceful satisfied death, while athiests gained... nothing. The question is: What is to gain from an athiest belief?
  3. Family Problems, I Am Feeling Hopeless, Suicidal..

    Sister, your problems are complicated, and a reason for those complications is that apparently (and yes I think you need to accept being judged here) you and your family seem to be ignoring so many small problems until they compounded into an unbearable life. Sometimes people think that a good intention and commitment to Islam means that God will sort out your life for you. That is obviously not true (despite all the secret thoughts we have from time to time). You are responsible for your life and your actions, not those of others, and equally you should focus on WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF. Your parents have obviously not spent enough effort on making your brother a responsible person. Accidents happen but there is insurance, and above insurance there are savings, and above savings there are jobs for all adults of the family, and before all that there is proper planning for let's say a second US$1000 support car to keep the family of five adults mobile. Before all that, we marry people as per Islam someone whom we accept and like his religion and values. You introduced him to Islam, good, you didn't have to marry him! Sorry, i may be presumptious if I even say you didn't have to adopt that puppy, because the way you describe him he sounds like a troubled puppy you emotionaly got attached to so you can fix him up. Reason I said that is everything you said about him are his problems, yet you said you're attached to him. Why did you marry an Italian guy who did not finish high school, hates his father (naturally then stays away from him and gets into altercations with him, which is unacceptable by any standard in Islam) and even when he did have a job he could not live with you on your own and moved in with your parents?! A major portion of your message is about how your husband is jealous of your brother and talks back to your parents, that he played video games after a crisis and you fought with him, that your parents didn't do anything about your brother being reckless (you don't get arrested unless he was doing something seriously wrong) and wrecked the car. STOP! Back up and focus on what YOU need to do for YOU: 1- First thing you need to change is how you deal with your parents. Talking back and fighting with your parents and hurting their feelings is the biggest sin you can do in Islam. Nothing is more vital than this and do not expect anything in your life to be blessed when you're doing that. 2- Ask yourself why did God put obligations on the wife and obligations on the husband if it is not to maintain the balance of rights. A wife HAS a right to her own separate quarters, either in a separate house or at least a room in HIS FAMILY's home. Not being able to provide shelter and now not being able to provide anything, while still enjoying video games and online chatting is a serious deficiency. However, you cannot control what HE does, you can control what YOU do, and that is by stating that you insist on seeing him working or you will seek a divorce. 3- Having all of you in one home (and now with NO cars) while no one is comfortable financially is a natural stressful situation and there are bound to be problems about ANYTHING. What you described (husband jealous of brother, husband mad at brother wrecking car, etc.) all these are symptoms of frustrated individuals. You need to find the root of that frustration like others suggested through professional counciling, and I suggest the members of your family be part of it too. 4- No, your husband doesn't have a point in being mad and abusive towards your brother. It's none of his business how your family runs even though it isn't ideal how they pampered your brother. You shouldn't anyway be a conduit of his grief towards your parents, as I said refer to point number one: arguing with your parents and hurting their feelings whether you are right or wrong is a grave sin and God promised misery in life and death to anyone who does that. Sister, sort things out. I have a strong feeling that you will come back with "it's not that simple" aqnd you will start talking about your feelings for your husband and how he's not that bad and that he's trying to get a job, and therefore you won't want to leave him, and then talk about how your brother is and get into all the details that will reflect the complexity that is in your mind. Well, good luck to you, but trust me, your salvation lies in making tough decisions and executing them, and most importantly start looking with completely different eyes towards your parents. Your husband not getting along with your brother, who you, him and your husband are still living
  4. How Do I Edit My Existing Post

    Yes, but how? There is no edit button next to the post or below. Once I post a comment, I only see "Fastreply", "Addreply" and "Newtopic". I don't see an edit feature.
  5. I Lied To Someone About Something What Should I Do

    Dear what should I do, Lying about a dream is a big deal by the way, bigger than a normal lie. A vision in sleep is not something to be lied about. Anyway, like Younes said. You need to repent, but you need to understand what you did. You lied in order to do good, while your notion is commendable, you chose a bad way. First, think about the psychological effect that she might go through later on, maybe she's thinking now that her father has not visited her for anything except that guy, and therefore that was the ONLY thing wrong that she was doing, when in fact it's far lesser than no praying all prayers for example. Or she might be depressed that her father's "spirit" contacted YOU rather than her, and will be depressed and think she's unloved by her own father's soul!! Now think about the effect if it's found out? Your credibility will not only be lost with her, but also the fake barrier she created to stop what she's doing with that guy would have been shattered from its foundation, and now she might ignore OTHER things you might have said and maybe even start seeing the guy again. In her mind, the pious advising friend is untrustworthy and therefore why should she take ANYTHING he says at all. My friend, as your life become more and more pious and straightforward, what seems small to other people becomes a big thing with us and it is a burden, a burden which we carry gladly as we know that is the path to being a better human being and a closer person to the prophet -pbuh-. ADDITIONALLY you need to understand that you CANNOT manipulate people into what you believe is better behaviour!It's not your charge or responsibility to make people behave in a certain way. Most muslim scholars advise direct preaching should not be more than once to those people you don't oversee (like your children for example, those you shape their behaviour with authority of course and use means of motivation and punishment and repetition) and in that one time it should be with kind explanation, and giving examples of the better samples of humans and what they do. My opinion in addition to repenting, is to ask to talk to that girl again and with honesty and regret you tell her you made it up, and tell her that you did this only for her own sake and now you know it was wrong. Smile with vulnerability and she might forgive you. If you are a happy satisfied person and do all your prayers and not have illicit relations, she will see that as a good example to be ATTRACTED towards herself, and then your guidance will have meaning. Don't beat yourself up about it though, you had good intentions, just a misguided decision. Sam
  6. First Question

    Hi Epchois, Welcome to the forum and glad you decided to learn about Islam from direct sources. :sl: To answer your question, a muslim's faith means believing in God, his angels, his messengers, day of judgement, and fate whether good or bad. Those are the basics of our faith, belief. As muslims we submit to God, the one and only, to worship and obey as the one true God. Along with declaring God as the one true God and Mohammed being his messenger and apostle, we are required to carry out daily prayers, annual fasting, an annual zakat or ordained charity, and to perform a pilgrimage if we could at least once in our lifetime. Those five form the foundation of Islam. In the Quran and reported sayings of the prophet, we are charged with leading a moral life full of good deeds. In terms of behaviour, it was summed up perfectly when Mohammed -pbuh- said "Treat others the way you like to be treated". Jesus's statement in christianity "Love thy neighbor" I'm sure is familiar to you. It's from that basic concept that human behaviour is shaped towards spreading peace and prosperity amongst them. Racism, cheating, unfairness, hostility, and even secret redicule has all been mentioned as things to be shed of a person's code of behaviour. The prophets were all examples for us of what and how our ethical acts and thoughts need to be, starting with Ibrahim and Noah, all the way through Jacob, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. Being easiest to deal with, and kind to people, is a major factor for our sins and transgressions to be forgiven by God. As the prophet -pbuh- said to his companions: "Do you know who is truly broke?" and they answered to the region of "that who has no money or belongings" and he answered "No, the truly broke from the believers is he who comes to God on Judgement day with prayer and fasting and charity... and he arrives after he has insulted this one and smeared this one and ate (took without right) money from this one and shed the blood of this one and hit that one. For they come on that day and each one takes from his good deeds to make up for what he did, until all his deeds are over, so they (God's angels) start taking sins and bad deeds that those people did and throw it upon him, and then he himself is thrown into the Hellfire." (Narration of Muslim and Termethi from Abu Huraira) So the ethical concepts and principals are based on basic goodness and kindness, and are derived from the Quran and reports from the prophet Mohammed, as well as the example set by the companions of Mohammed and other prophets of God like Jesus, Moses, and Ibrahim.
  7. The Punishment Of Apostate

    Dear Foxgarden, I actually rechecked on more information about the subject, and found the following "loose" translation from an extract of an Al-Azhar Islamic Council article: "Every nation, religion, and unity system that collects individual under a single flag requires the establishment of a protection plan for the welfare of that system and its individuals. It has been set in stone that treason is punishable by death, whether it is a russian spy changing his beliefs from communism to capitalism and trying to desert, or it is an officer on the battle field turning against his fellow men. Such is the punishment set in Islam for an apostate who takes God's religion in vein, and the Quran verses "There is no compulsion in religion..." does not apply to those who turn on their fellow muslims. However, a person who converts out of Islam is not necessarily an apostate. Just like for example a russian family escaping deteriorating conditions in Soviet Union are not traitors, and an officer refusing to follow an order because it defies a perceived moral code or in his judgement violates the trust of his fellow officers and refuses to proceed, may be arrested and court-martialled but is not a traitor. As long as the conversion out of Islam is not seen as a political movement, or the person has merely reverted to Islam out of a planned approach to later convert out of it and uses that to directly attack the Islamic community, or as long as the conversion is not an open act of defiance against the rule of an Islamic state, the person is free to go, and his punishment is by God not by the people." Hope this helps you to understand. Thanks for the thought though. It is those things that make us study more. :sl:
  8. Really?! you actually would be SEEKING a proof of a board. You didn't actually see from the analogy that I was simply trying to show you that you're not OWED a proof more than currently available, it's you who needs to explain why you wouldn't accept something so obvious to start with. If you say you don't accept the employee handbook and demand to meet the board in person, you'll be turned down flat. Melliodora now you're starting to make me lose interest in this whole discussion. Building resistance towards chemical toxins is a feature of all living things dude, give a child some bee toxin in measured doses and in less than a year will be practically immune. That's NOT mutation!! Sorry but I didn't say the same amounts of gases, I said same general temperature and same composition, which is Nitrogen, oxygen and CO2. I am referring to that it was NOT composed of ammonia and chlorine as some evolutionists claim, a claim which was made after discovering that amino acids synthesising proteins is IMPOSSIBLE in an Oxygen/nitrogen/carbon dioxide atmosphere. Thanks for explaining that plants SOMEHOW was first and BY CHANCE produced the oxygen rich environment without which life would be impossible for the animals that came after, but yet MAINTAINED their existence and state as such conveniently acting like the lungs of the earth and allowing a much higher level of metabolism in the complex and active animals to function. All the while cosmic radiation is turning photosynthesising plants into snarling beasts that can move and immediately would need blood circulation, movement organs, sensory perception and a nervous system, non-existent in the plants from which they came from! Oh yes, I can see the logical probability of that as much as a blinding hurricane flicking around wrecks in a dumpyard into perfectly tuned race cars! What scienc-fiction movie were you watching when you thought of that?! Melliodora, making up stuff is a very good way to lose credibility and further lose respect. If you want us to debate with you, you will need to rise to a much higher standard. Evolutionists themselves will tell you no one was ever capable of watching evolution, only natural selection. First off, don't depend so much on "supernatural being" being improbable. A platypus was supernatural and called "a texidermist joke" when scientists first encountered it. From that sense, supernatural is only something you don't understand at the moment. What I meant regarding the Big Bang is that it is physically impossible to create or destroy energy, so the Big Bang is proof of directed energy manipulation, as it could not happen in a stable or even chaotic environment. Either energy was created and exploded everything, or the forces involved in the explosion were deliberately compressed to that level. Both cases require a driving factor. Hearing that from the one who thinks insects were evolving in laboratories, I wouldn't really care to repoint the plethora of factual statements that was not available to humans at the time. You search for yourself if you care, you can find tons on this forum, and the rest in hundreds of websites by just googling for "scientific facts in Koran". But when you say you saw a lot of misleading claims and dishonest attempts, that is where I am going to have to ask that you show me what YOU have. Your arguments have been failing and non-sensical for a while now, and honestly I don't mean or like to assume things but I am starting to guess that you are more arguing to convince yourself and making up stuff rather than genuinely debating to gain understanding and provide understanding. Show me those false claims and dishonest attempts Melliodora. Show me how everything you read about the Koran scientific statements was basic knowledge to humans of 630 A.D. or made up today.
  9. The Best Age To Marry?

    I think it's a measure of maturity that is important. Maturity varies between many people and cultures. 1000 years ago before schooling and curriculum and the complex demanding life of today, a man's requirement to marry was being a provider, which could have been either a merchant or a craftsman, or someone of knowledge or skill that a wealthy stateman would take into his court. Many people have been known to reach puberty and then get married at the age of 14 or 15, and lead a successful life. Some people got married at the age of 30 and were still immature and frivalous and separation was inevitable. If you are today able to imagine yourself taking a spouse and be responsible for their care and comfort and emotional well-being, and carry out your duties towards your children, then by all means go right ahead. I have a friend from the countryside whose father passed away and has taken care of his family's business from the age of 14, and got married at 16. He's leading a perfect life right now by anyone's standard. Another guy I know is 33 and still want to hop bars and dance salsa, and when you talk to him about settling down you hear a response of a teenager brat. :sl: So it's all relative I think.
  10. What Brought You To Believe In God?

    Foxgarden, I agree with you. Most people stick to their families religion, as in the Quran mentioned many times that people will be attached to religious beliefs even if they don't make sense because it's their parents and grandparents religion. It's socially taboo to change religion in any culture and that certainly plays a role. Most people who do change are shunned by their families. Fear as well is another factor as a lot of people face dispair and an absolution figure becomes most attractive. Finding God the right way or for the right reason and embracing his worship with full willingness rather than following rituals due to peer pressure or desparation is what many people today are starting to access thanks to more and more information being available. All these arguments for and against God that you might find on these pages or anywhere else revolve around "doesn't make sense...prove it" and "how can you deny it?" dilemmas don't take into account the fact that there is a message. like I mentioned elsewhere, why would employees argue about whether they work in a corporation that does this or that against those who don't believe it's a business corporation to start with, when there is an employee handbook officially sealed sent to everyone to read what the vision is, what the company does, and what the rights and responsibilities of those employees are? It is for this reason you will find that, despite Islam getting a bad rap for being associated with mindless soulless terrorists, it is the most embraced and fastest growing religion in the World today. Because it all comes down to simply letting down pre-assumptions and sitting and reading the message directly, as it is, in the Quran. No splitting hairs about how this makes sense or that sounds harsh, just the pure authentic message.
  11. The Punishment Of Apostate

    At the risk of comparison with other religions though, you will find that EVERY mainstream religion regarded those who left the church or even those who just questioned it, to be heretics and apostates. One didn't even have to BE catholic for the inquisitions to kill the person, mercifully if he repents, painfully if he doesn't. Nobody kills you because of your beliefs. Nobody attacked christians and jews and idolators because of their beliefs in the day of the prophet or afterwards. The quran says "There is no compulsion in religion, guidance has been clarified and shown separately from conjecture". If you are thinking that crazy people will come after you if you join Islam and then convert, you're wrong, they won't and shouldn't. Under Islamic organization law, a muslim joins the national country of Islam under one ruler, and therefore becomes part and a citizen of that nation. You become part of its body and in the starting days of the Islamic nation almost all muslims were involved in the country's security and growth. Apostating is to declare oneself separate from the nation and not just the religion, and therefore if under the Islamic ruler that is found to be treason he has the right to apply that punishment. There are many conditions to meet before that rule is applied. As an example, if someone joins Islam in a Harby situation (outside a muslim nation), apostacy law is not applied to that person if he converts out of Islam under any circumstances. Also there is a reported story that even when all conditions were met, it is not always applied, for example a scribe for the prophet reverted to Islam and worked for a long time writing for the prophet Mohammed, and later left Islam and went back to his tribe and became a christian again, nobody attacked him or went after him. All that said, Islam is not a man-made "meditation" activity to be entered into lightly without belief or submission. Islam is not a church searching for followers to extract donations. Entering Islam is coming to the realization of God as the one and true God, and to believe in judgement day and to understand that the messages has been sent through Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed are God's messages and charge to us. Do that only when you do take these things to heart. You'll need to understand the reason for God's creation of us, you need to read copies of the quran (translations are fine as long as they are verified) in order to see for yourself the proofs of its validity. Read the history and ask us questions as many as you want, we will give you as many answers as we know and try to get information if it's beyond our knowledge. When you do become muslim, you benefit yourself.
  12. Foxgarden, Melliodora, here you approach the area where you need to ask yourselves: If you agree that someone created us, and then sent us several messages describing that, why would it be refuted?! If you refute that, then you need evidence, don't you? Look, your earlier argument was that there is no God and the World existed by co-incidence and the effects are just natural, which goes with your desire to see proof of the creator. But if you say that you believe some entity DID create the Universe, then you need some evidence to explain why would an entity be so powerful to create the Universe and set its physics, and then the cease of its existence! I mean you are saying "I think, could have, we don't know", sounds to me like lack of knowledge with no evidence, but somehow you think you should give it a higher value than proven knowledge? It's like you live in a city, it has one corporation where everyone works. You walk in and are TOLD by an employee's handbook, signed and stamped by the board of directors, that all those who apply to work at HR department will get an automatic job, but they need to report to work at 9 everyday. It also says if you live in one of the company's houses you will owe rent and if you take food from the cantine you will need to settle the cheque at the end of the month, but not to worry because your job has a monthly salary. Your response is like saying "No, I don't believe this corporation is being managed by this board, or any of that. It might have been created by one, but now for some reason it is just running on its own." Moreover, you are living in a company home, and you are taking food from the cantine. You get warned by your colleagues that this company's VERY existence is testament enough to a board of business men being behind it, and that there would be NO REASON for a group of business people to open a corporation and give away homes and food if the person is not doing what they are charged with, and your answer is that there is no proof of that. However, when they DO show you the employee handbook as the source of all this specific information, you simply say you don't believe in it. So you don't come at 9 am and you don't do any work, and you don't apply at HR. What do you think will happen at the end of the month? Moreover, how valuable will conjecture at what some of those people think the company was and what it's for, be to the other people who did read the book and therefore have an exact answer as to what the company is and why they're there? They can see very clearly a signature and stamp and can see that such an official document is being sent to every new employee and is addressed from "the board of directors", and includes particular information that can ONLY be known by the creators of the company. Meanwhile the first group of people decided to agree on the most convenient probability that it is a charity foundation, and that the employee handbook is from self-serving bad executives of the foundation who are trying to get something for themselves. We live in a World that is impossible to have existed on its own, that much you subscribe to Melliodora, at the time of the Big Bang. We come to this World and find two things: a meticulously marvelously built Universe with amazing features showing incredible balance and harmony, and we find a book that has information that could not have been available to humans from that time and supported by mathematical statistics within to show that humans could not have written it. If you want to try and disprove, then go ahead, show me the proof that it is wrong and that the Universe is created on its own. Don't say we're the one with an outrageous claim and the ones who need further proof. And Melliodora, even though life existed 3 billion years ago, evidence shows that diversity occured within 100 million years of the first sign of life, showing complete ecosystems and evidence of multicellular organisms. ANd as you yourself said, trilobites were not the first multi-cellular, so why depend on that whole "billions of years for bacteria to adjust to temperature" argument earlier? Even though, phototropism in itself is not something that is simple and can come up on its own!!! You think that detection of light, putting that feature on a spot on the outside, and then COMMUNICATING information related to that to the central brain is a simple mutation? Regarding your claim of thousands of mutations occuring all the time, please tell me EVIDENCE of the last useful mutation that happened in the last 10000 years to humans? Additionally, the atmosphere composition and Earth's temperature throughout the whole period was the same as it was today, averaged out that is to include ice age variations and slow warming eras. Also that same atmosphere composition "Oxygen and Nitrogen" would NOT have allowed amino acids to form proteins from lightening. That is proven evidence, so you'll need to re-examine your information. Think Melliodora, when was it that a broken down Ferrari could be fixed on its own if you leave it alone long enough, let alone get built?
  13. Call For Action

    Dear all, Wikipedia is known to be not the most reliable source of information, but still is a source for many, and to see the beloved Sahaba's biographies get written by non-muslims and "seculars" and hacked by those of other sects and cults is saddening. I am still cleaning up Abu Bakr's page though it still has secular guesses and worthless remarks, and unfortunately I am fighting just to make sure that the Shia views of Umar Ibn El-Khattab are not pressed onto the public as general muslim knowledge. Ali Ibn Abi Taleb on the other hand is being biographied based on Ismailiyya and Shia views, and I need help. I need those who know about the sahaba to go and clean up. To remove the Shiite and secular thoughts and myths into at least sections of their own that say these are unsubstantiated Shia views. You will be opposed and it will be hard, but if you are persevere you can do something. There are limits to what a single editor can do per day (things about three edit reverts and such), and page edits are also highly determined by consensus on the discussion page, an attempt by wikipedia to arrive at knowledge through majority voting. So I need you to guys start helping. Just check pieces of information, divide the work and the sahaba amongst you. Right now Ali Ibn Abi Taleb according to their page has been cursed in Masjids by hateful Sunnis until just a few hundred years ago and Umar is responsible for Fatima's miscarriage and death. Go to these pages to see for yourself, and whatever you edit, mention why and what in the discussion pages so that it sticks, and prepare for those who will reverse it and defend their views. You'll need to defend yours too. Use numbers if you can: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Umar"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Umar[/url] and.. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Ali"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Ali[/url] ..are just samples, go to (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Category:Sahaba"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Category:Sahaba[/url] to find access points for most of the sahaba. Would you answer the call? Consider it Jihad. Sam
  14. Call For Action

    Yes the pink signature of Pashtun, that is the vandal of Umar's page that I was arguing with. My handle is the same as here "Sampharo". Please however remember that we need to "debate with the better argument ÌÇÏáæÇ ÈÇáÊí åí ÃÍÓä" so if you get into a heated passionate argument, maintain your cool and try not to bash any of the people directly or their individual beliefs. I am just giving you a reminder because some of them are really frustrating and will attempt to trigger a reaction from you. Thank you for your support of the Sahaba.
  15. Hi Melliodora, Please don't take this the wrong way, we're not attacking you or your views, you are free to have them, but since you are in this discussion then the debate continues. Now, I asked three very specific questions, and since you seem to have attempted to answer only one, I may think you are actually then contemplating the others in your sub-consciense, because as you can see you did address them. But I think that you actually thought your answer covers everything, which pushes me to explain further. What you are referring to is natural selection, that is NOT evolution. When a less adapted group of organisms die out of a change in environment and the stronger more adapted group thrive, you can say this is the way things are. What I was asking about and referring to in terms of wisdom is evolutionary claims that the MUTATION occurs haphazardly based on what works best, yet this enormous direct service to that organism required complex calculations and intention into that mutation to make it useful, so how can it be haphazardly? To stick to your example, it is ignorant to say that a single-cell organism is simply resistant to temperature out of "fortitude" of its tissue. A resistent bacteria actually exhibits complex changes to its inner workings, changes the number and intensity of its mitochondria and alters its cytoplasm while changing its membrane osmosis abilities while bringing down its own water needs and therefore metabolic activity, all in a precise balance that if not maintained the cell will fail out, and carries that across to its offspring. THAT is the wisdom that I am asking about and that its existence is plain to see, yet unexplained by your argument. I KNOW that a trilubite with eyes function and live better than one without eyes, and will outlive it. But the question is: Where is the driving force and planning wisdom in directing cells to create a ball of transparent tissue, line the inside wall of one side with 11 layers of cells in precise order and function, lace it with complex photosensetive yet resistent biochemicals, and on the other side secrete and harden a lens out of gelatin that Carl Zeis would be proud of? Evidence shows trilubites had full functioning eyes, and those are the first generation of multi-cellular organisms. Regarding the other two questions I asked, let me use your own example so as not to seem insistent on mine: You chose a single cell plant organism that survived for billions of years, ok. Why did the first generation of cells exist with full reproduction capability in the first place?
  16. Call For Action

    Update: So far, the argument has been settled in Umar Ibn El-Khattab's page, but it was very reluctant from the sectarian's side. I fear sockpuppetry (assuming several aliases in a forum to create false multiple support for an opinion, used in wikipedia sometimes because many articles are driven by consensus or majority agreement) might kick in though to reverse it. Here is what you can do: Go to wikipedia and register an account. Go to Umar's page as per the URL in the first post, click on the tab marked "discussion". You will find a long argument between myself and this sectarian separatist called Pashtun Ismailiyya regarding illegitimate claims of Umar -Radiya Allaho Anh- attacking Ali Ibn Abi Talib and Fatima daughter of the prophet - PBUH -, that this imaginated Shia story has been corrobarated or validated by books of Sunna. Post a comment that supports the exclusion of such drivle without having an exact page to the proper Sunni book, and VALIDATING that it is indeed a Sunni book that belongs to the "mother of books" category of correctness. Additionally, improve on the article as much as possible if you have the knowledge. Ali Ibn Abi Taleb page and Uthman Ibn Affan page (find them by search) are abysmal and still need attention. Be calm and precise in your edits and always mention in the discussion page what you did and why so that administrators do not think it's vandalism and revert it. Use the help section and you'll learn how to do everything in 15 minutes. If you go to the Sahaba page as mentioned in the post above you will find that the "Shia view" divides Sahaba into what they consider truthful and hypocrytes. What they consider Hypocrytes include 6 of the 10 foretold of their entry into paradise!!! Anyway, those Sahaba's pages are there and linked, and those under that specific section you will find that their biographies are vandalized by wackoes. Correct as much as you can and persevere if opposed. Do what you can to honour the Sahaba and their legacy, these are men who fought and died next to the prophet, the one we cry at night for the chance of seeing on judgement day and praise his name everyday. These are men who persevered against their own innermost desires and embraced most fearsome of changes to their lives to protect the message and its messenger and to be in the ultimate path of God as it's intended. We're still a little bit more than nothing in comparison if we do everything we could from behind our keyboards and firewalls to keep away maniacs and sectarians from sullying their name. Let's not be less than nothing. Sam
  17. :sl: Melliodora, so living things mutate uniformily and with extreme wisdom to match their environment? What is the guiding force for that? I think we both can agree that it is unanimous in science that nothing and no effect happens without an applied force. Even gravity bothered Einstein because it was "pulling" until he developed the warped space theory that "pushes" objects towards each other. So what drives the mutation? As a matter of fact, before the instinct of survival kicked in (a complex multi-cellular organism feature), why do you suppose "Life" was trying to make it anyway? And I think you will find that I asked this last question elsewhere as well: Why is it that this amazing mutative ability does not conquer the one and most destructive true ailment of life: reversal of growth and repair tendency at a certain age for all living things, leading to certain death, even though biochemically there is no barrier?
  18. Sahaba Quiz

    Yes, that is true, there will be no ruling by gospel or torat. I have a question though Younes: isn't the law one and the same in the original form? I mean the gospels and torah as it exists today are nothing but fabrications of misguided individuals to sinister architecturers of self-service. Aren't they in original form matching what we were given as law and sharia? I remember the story when the prophet Mohammed -pbuh- was walking once and saw a man tied to a pole, when he asked the jewish people answered that he is an adulterer, so he called to the head of their Ahbar (grand rabbi) and asked him to speak the truth whether that was the punishment as in the torat, and the rabbi confessed that it was stoning as is in Islam but his people felt it was too harsh, to which Mohammed's reply was that this was the heart of the corruption, and that God's law was all one, whether that which was delivered by Musa or by him. Another question: In judgement day the prophets will lead their umam and stand at their head (those of whom believed and deserve to enter paradise of course) and Mohammed will lead the muslim ummah. Since Isa is the only one who will ever return before judgement day, what do you mean by "Every prophet would have to follow muhammad"?
  19. Difficult Riddle!

    Oops, I just went through the messages on page two and realized the answer was already found. Ok, so now the challenge is three questions. Let's give this a try: How about using door deductions? Ask person number 1: "If I ask the next person about doors 1, 2, and 3, if the safe door is amongst them, what would he say?" and again reverse the answer. If the man says yes, then I know it's a no and the door is either 4 or 5, if the man says no, then I know it's yes and that it's indeed one of those three. There you go, now we have two questions left and maximum three doors left. Another question to the next person would be breaking down the current list of doors we know the door is in. If it was 4 or 5, we just ask like before about them individually and use the safe one. If it was indeed amongst 1, 2 and 3, then we ask about individual doors, and if we get two yeses, or in reverse would mean two "no", it means the third door left is the only left option. How is that one?
  20. Difficult Riddle!

    Hmmm. OK I think I got it. What I would do is ask the first person: "Would the NEXT person say that door number one is the one we want if I ask him that?" And whatever the answer I get , I simply reverse it. Basically if the man says "YES" then I should consider it as "NO", and if it's a "NO" I should take it as "YES". Reason being that if the person I ask is truthful, he will think regarding the lie that the next person is going to tell me and truthfully tells me the liar's answer, which is something I want to go against (For example if door number one is safe, the truthful man knows the liar will say it's NOT safe, and he will say "No" to me, so if I reverse it then it is "Yes" which is correct since it is safe). If the person I am talking to is a liar, he will think about the truthful answer the next man will tell me, and then HE will lie about it when telling me, so again the correct answer is the opposite of what is being said (If the door is safe, the liar knows the truthful man will say it is safe, but because he is a liar he will say it is not safe, so if I reverse it then it is "Yes" which is correct again) By this method I establish a correct answer every question. I just ask them one by one regarding different doors one by one, and will know whether that door is safe or not every time. The only remaining obstacle here is that we get to ask four questions, and there are five doors. I think the answer to that lies in the fact that if after 4 questions I get three yeses and one no, the door that I was told about to be a "no" is the safe one that I should use (after reversing the answer), and I don't need to know any other door. If the four doors I ask about are all yeses, then in reality they are all "no", and therefore the only remaining door is the truly safe one. Did I get it right? :sl: Sam
  21. Sahaba Quiz

    Hi Yusha, Well thanks for the quiz. As for Isa ebn Mariam -pbuh-, well the word Sahabi is an Arabic derivative of friend and companion, and messengers or prophets cannot be regarded as another's companion because they are individually charged with a message to deliver. Haroon -pbuh- was a prophet and despite his time with Musa -pbuh- he was never Naseer or Hawary. Jesus had his own hawareyyeen and ansar "ãä ÃäÕÇÑí Çáì Çááå" and so did most of the messengers. Furthermore it was firmly established that the meeting on the Isra was a miracle from God in transcending time and that the messengers were carried across time to pray together, Sahabi refers to a man who embraced Islam and met the prophet in his time and came under his following. That as a subject however that has not been exactly exhausted in research by anyone as it is marginal and neither elevates nor delegates anything onto Jesus -pbuh-. But if you're gonna ask a question about a Sahabi Yusha I'm sure you can agree it's tricky at best to mean a prophet. :sl: Like I said though, good quiz. Get some more up here but make them harder, will you? :no: No, Aussie, you need to review this. Isa ebn Mariam returns as Isa el-Masseeh, Jesus Christ, as a standing prophet and messenger and with miraculous abilities. Also Jesus is, like messengers are, infallible in his message. He will lead mankind at war, killing an unstoppable anti-christ with nothing more than sight and breath, and later on he will lead the World through an unprecedented era of peace. Jesus's message and charge was not different than any other messenger (Moses, Abraham, and Mohamed) and does not differ from the revelation of Mohamed, it is the perfection and completeness of our book that sets us as muslims apart from those who manufactured man-made religions around the earlier messengers, why do you think we say "reverting" to Islam? Islam was since Ibrahim and followed by all, it is the people who changed it and hid its parts and destroyed the messages across time. Anyway if you're not convinced that is ok, you won't take it like this here if as you said your teacher told you this and you believe in him. My advice is check other important things with other learned scholars to make sure you learn from several authentic sources, this is crucial in studying Islam. As for the sahabi who dies from ghosl, I remember that story too. I am not sure if it was Abdullah ibn Bishr or not though! However Yusha said the one in question died as a shaheed in battle of uhud without ghosl, and that was definitely Hanthala. The story you mentioned the sahabi was hurt in his head during travel and at prayer time he asked whether he should do tayammum instead of ghosl, and they said no, but it ended up causing him complications and hence the rest of the story. But what's his name?! research time. :sl:
  22. The Punishment Of Apostate

    That's a big subject but I'll try to summarize as much as I could: In theft that requires the cutting of the hand there are conditions to be met for it to be considered theft, and conditions to be satisfied to make it appropriate to apply this punishment. For the theft, it needs to be stealthy stealing of an object or money of a certain value from a place were valuables are kept. That means: 1- It needs to be in stealth. Armed robbery, embezzlement or scamming someone out of money is not that kind of theft, and though forbidden it has its own code of hodud. 2- It needs to be a tangible object. A story or credit for work or that kind of thing is different. 3- It needs to be above a certain value, measured in gold weight terms, below which the punishment is not applied. 4- And it needs to be from a safekeeping place, not off a table or found on the ground. The person needs to be Rashed (have reached puberty), Aaqel (mentally sound), and not in grave need. So a hungry man stealing to eat does not get his hand cut, nor does a crazy person or a child. Also there are special circumstances, like a grown son taking something from his father's wallet in his bedroom, that does not require the punishment of hand cutting. As for repentence however, it does NOT stop the punishment if the thief was caught and found guilty. The punishment is still carried out regardless as his regret and repentence appears insincere. However, if the thief was not caught, but came by himself returning the stolen item and confessing, and there was no other evidence, the magistrate or judge has the option of pardoning him. The thief may still request the punishment to cleanse himself and the judge must apply it then, but the prophet has been reported to always pardon any adulteror or thief or otherwise who came by themselves confessing. God knows best
  23. Sahaba Quiz

    Dear Yusha, Let me take part in this even though I have reservations on some of the questions: 1- A Sahabi means companion, and it referred to the companions of the prophet. The requirement is that the person have seen and met the prophet directly, joining Islam during the prophet's life, and dying as a muslim. Those who joined Islam and then apostated, or knew the prophet and only reverted to Islam after the prophet's death are not considered Sahaba. 2- Ranks of status were not firmly or formally established except in case of Ahl El-Bait, who are members of the house of the prophet as in his direct family and relatives, they were highly regarded. However, the following are descriptive categories of Sahaba based on their deeds or groups they belonged to: a- Ahl El-Bait: just explained. b- Ten foretold of their entry into Paradise: Those include the four Kholafa Rashedeen (Guided Califs) Abu Bakr El-Seddiq, Omar Ebn El-Khattab, Othman Ebn Affan, and Ali Ebn Abi Taleb, that is along with Talha Ebn Obaid Allah, Zubayr ibn al-Awwam, Abd al-Rahman ibn Awf, Abu Obeida Ebn Al-Jarrah, Saad Ebn Abi Waqqas, and Saeed Ebn Zaid. c- Muhajirin: Those who left their homes in Makka and travelled with the prophet to Medina. d- Ansar: Those who supported those Muhajirin and the prophet -PBUH- and received them in Medina and especially the ones who made the Bayaat Al-Ridwan (Pact of Ridwan). e- Those who witnessed Badr: Special appreciation was mentioned by the prophet regarding those who went out for the very first raid in Islamic history as mujahedeen. Imam Suyuti says some scholars liked to rank Sahaba as per the following: The four Califs, followed by the other six in the Ten foretold of entry into paradise and including Hasan and Hussein ebn Ali the grandchildren of the prophet -PBUH- , followed by the 313 others who fought in Badr, followed by the 700 who fought in Uhud, followed by the One and a half thousand who commited to and made the Bayaat Al-Ridwan. 3- Hanthala Ebn Abi Aamer, but he did not have a wet dream, he was with his wife as a newly wed and left without doing Ghosl (washing) as soon as the call was made. The companions found his body on the field intact and drenched in water. When they asked the prophet he told them the angels washed him instead. 4- This is a strange question in its language, many Sahaba died in this unfortunate battle between Ali and Mu'awiyah, so why refer to "Sahabi" as single? Also what exactly WOULD you call transgressing side? Ali's army was the attacker but it was the Calif's army and therefore cannot be regarded as "transgressing". Ammar Ebn Yaser and Hisham Ebn Utba are amongst the Sahaba who dies in this battle. 5- There is no such thing as a Sahabi who will return at the end of time before judgement day. Only Jesus -pbuh- who was raised to God's heavens alive in body would return at the end of time to slay the anti-christ, and that is not a Sahabi. Outside of Islam, some Shia believe in something called the Occultation, which is that the Mahdi was already born and disappeared, and will return at the end of time, and even still that is not a Sahabi let alone to be fabrication and has no place here. On another note, Ebn Majah told that at the death of Abdullah Ebn Haram in the battle of Uhud, his son Jaber was crying so hard over his body, uncovering his face over and again, and all but the prophet were trying to get him to stop. The prophet -pbuh- then told Jaber: "Do you want to know what God said to your father?", then Jaber said yes, the prophet -pbuh- said that God speak to men from behind a veil, but spoke to Abdullah directly, saying "Ask me anything you want and I'll give it to you", and Abdullah said "send me back to fight and die for you again". God said "I would have, but I already foretold that "none who passed shall return (to life)", "Ãäåã ÅáíåÇ áÇ íÑÌÚæä", and Abdullah said "then let those left behind know", and God sent his verses "Do not think that those who are killed in the way of God are dead, but alive with God and provided for", "æóáóÇ ÊóÍúÓóÈóäøó ÇáøóÐöíäó ÞõÊöáõæÇ Ýöí ÓóÈöíáö Çááåö ÃóãúæóÇÊðÇ Èóáú ÃóÍúíóÇÁñ ÚöäúÏó ÑóÈøöåöãú íõÑúÒóÞõæäó". Anyway, it's good to have quizzes.
  24. Looking At Women

    Ok, this subject is getting AWAY from where the asker intended! Let's calm things and bring them back to where they were. Dear Mudahedin, it is specifically told by sunna that the woman's modesty is all her body except for her face and hands. It has also been established in sunna that when a man wants to marry a woman from a home, he has the right to meet her and at least see her face. It is also been obviously presented in many hadiths and sunna stories that the prophet and companions - after the hijab rules of modesty has been established - were still talking to women if they know them and some of the companions would even describe how some of the prophet's women dressed when they saw them and recognized them around the Kaaba. Not only that but the prophet has met and sat with women in many situations and looked straight at their faces, including the great Women Bayaa after the Fath (taking back Mecca) {Saheeh Al-Bokhary}. Furthermore, handshaking was not specifically forbidden, however it was noticed very clearly that the prophet never did. Abu Baker however shook the hands of old women and children (women outside the age of sexual desire), and Abdullah Ebn El-Zubair had an old lady as a nurse who used to support him when sitting and clean his head of fleas. As per Professor Gamal El-Masry and other scholars who teach at Islamic Universities, students of different sexes meeting in that college and standing and talking to each other, and looking at male and female teachers, is acceptable in sharea as far as the situation is purely concerned, and the haram forbidden area begins as the looks turn into contemplating gazes and thinking about unacceptable things. It is therefore firmly established that if you are conversing or learning from someone and you are looking at her face, you are not commiting a sin just for that, most particularly in a learning situation like a school or college or while conducting buying and selling like in shops, as long as you are maintaining Islamic behaviour of not looking at her body or conjuring up thoughts in your mind, or taking the conversation out of its subjective nature and moving towards useless banter. UmAhmed, with all due respect, the hadith did NOT say to avert looking at a person when she's veiled. The glance of this hadith has been established by most scholars to be a glance at the body making out its features, and yes it is meant as a glance of interest towards her "womanly features". It was established by most moderate scholars that "looking at a woman while speaking and while she is wearing a dress that abides by the Islamic hijab rules is not forbidden." The look that is meant in the hadith and the quran they have established that it is when you look unnecessarily at a woman as a whole and naturally see her body and start receiving thoughts of how her body looks, that is what men must avert their eyes quickly. But looking at a woman while she is teaching or being taught, or while she is buying your goods at your store or handing you the money, is not haram. Further to this UmAhmed, I have ALL the respect for Saudi scholars and have learned from many, but I need to always review what is said by people from there which we don't know, and that is because some of them are influenced by the eighteenth century movement that has made many acceptable things to authentic Islam as unacceptable, a movement which was actually demeaning of women in a lot of ways. Sam
  25. Now I Am Confused...

    More than thousands upon thousands are descendents of the prophet Mohammed. He had seven children and they were married and had children. Egypt had a whole society who tracked their lineage and now it turned into a Union of all people who can prove their lineage to the prophet. The only thing they do is feel proud of the lineage of that great prophet. You are trying to apply Christian holiness that they dressed upon Jesus -PBUH-, saying that he within himself had holiness and capabilities within his body and blood and therefore descendence if it existed. And even still, anyone who claims descendency to Jesus and tries to "make up" an aura of holiness and a cult is a scammer and will be followed only by fools, and has nothing to do with God's religion. For you to say you have a problem with religion because of that is nonsensical at best. It's like you have a problem with cars and transportation because someone had an accident, or have a problem with money because someone stole yours. Use your mind man and remember you are making up excusing, arguing them and using them to defeat yourself with such nonsense, not anyone else. Little devil speaking in your ear to tell you to stay away otherwise you'll stop drinking alcohol and all the other fun stuff, and your own mind is rationing lies... sorry, I mean rationalising... for you. :sl: God sent messengers with just that: a message. You are charged with a responsibility and told of consequences if you refuse and explained WHY the charge was made. Earlier messages were distorted by people who wanted power or wanted to make things easier for themselves, but everything from the days of Abraham through all prophets including David, Moses, Jesus and Mohamed is one the same. They were supported with miracles, acts of extraordinary power or ability to prove they speak truth of the all-powerful God, but they were humans nontheless. May you find guidance.