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  1. Wondering About Idolatory

    Melliodora, forgive me but you are becoming non-sensical and self-contradicting now. If science is about making hypothesis and testing it against the evidence, why are you rejecting the intelligent creator concept? Why would you "modify" the hypothesis of finite universe as more and more facts emerge based on the observation, while rejecting what for the sake of this argument we will call from your point of view to be the hypothesis of a creator. It is striking me that you are speaking with a biased opinion because you are clearly rejecting it as an athiest even though all the current data does not disprove it in any way. Why do you think you are not accepting this hypothesis even though empirical data and evidence have been in full constant support, and found that earth and life and human body and mind and civilization necessarily resulted out of an intelligent designer and guided creation and could not have been created out of evolution? Why don't you consider the hypothesis in evidence like you say "They are tested against the evidence. If they don't fit the evidence they are modified or rejected." and see if they need modification or rejection? Sam
  2. Introducing Myself

    Hello everyone, This is Sam and I am happy to introduce myself to everyone here. I saw many topics here spoken and glad to know that there is a quiet place where religious discussions are conducted without flame or anger. Hope that every person gets the guidance that they look for. cheers, Sam
  3. [fatwa]selling Pork Pizza For Non-muslims

    Dear Shez, A learned scholar, in this case the Mufti from the Egyptian house of eftaa, has given a fatwa and an advice. It is not acceptable discipline for us less-learned individuals to add on it unless you mention from a higher reliable source with references the different opinion. As to what you said I can see, and say, that it is obviously personal thought of cleanliness but is actually unnecessary. The consumption of the swine meat is haram, so is serving it to another under normal circumstances. The mufti has found that the situation warrants a necessity (daroora) that allows working in serving pork so it's ok. Touching swine however is not specifically haram. In the book of Al-Qurtubi, the prophet -PBUH- allowed a man to continue the use of swine hair to make thread to connect beads, and no one was forbidden from that handicraft till the day he died. What you are suggesting might unnecessarily interfere with his job and will get him fired (asking his colleagues to do the pork products). Sam
  4. The Punishment Of Apostate

    Abdullah, I did not negate your opinion or that of Abi Hanbal, I merely wrote my note to inform that it's not the only one nor can be said "the correct one" on its own. But to go on this, let me ask you: Do you have a single proven incident where someone was brought to the prophet -pbuh-, believing and declaring he believes in Allah and in Mohamed the prophet, and said he knew prayer was required but wasn't performing diligently because of his trade/position/tiredness, and was put in prison and told they will kill him as an apostate if he doesn't start?! None exist, and that is why it is found by many scholars today that you cannot declare a person who does not perform prayer out of non-diligence an apostate to have the hodud held upon them. Not that leaving prayer is a light sin, it is a grave one that leads to hell without counting of good deeds if he doesn't repent beforehand. But it's not one that allows interference from a judge as monitoring it is not within jurisdiction, and does not allow one to separate that person from his marriage or holding him as an apostate. All of the quranic and sunna evidence you used refers to that they will receive severe punishment from God. Either in hell or in this life through great misfortune and lack of blessing in his provision. None of them call to hold hodud of apostacy on neglect of prayer alone. There are also a clear indication from Quran and Sunna that suggest that even a neglector of prayer can leave the hellfire to go to paradise after being punished as long as he said "No God but Allah" believing it and has an atom's weight of goodness in them. Anyway let's bring this to a close because this is not an argument forum, and neither I nor Abdullah are worthy of "settling" this matter. The point I am making and I am sticking to is that MANY SCHOLARS believe that leaving prayer out of neglect or laziness is "fosooq" and would lose all good deeds if he dies without full fard prayers or repentence, and not full-fledged apostacy requiring judicial intervention and calling to separating them from their wives and to putting them to death. I hope Mr Abdullah understands that it is ok for us to disagree on this and we can leave it at that. No need please for another response to this to not open the door for flaring tempers and misguided defense of different math-habs or schools of thought. Count me out from here on.
  5. The Punishment Of Apostate

    Well that is the important issue here, that is it's not up to any "civilian" to take the law into their own hand. It is left to the local magistrate and judge. For the full fledged apostate it is compulsory according to the majority of scholars that he is asked to repent, while incarcirating him and giving him basic sustenence. Omar ebn el-khattab -radeya allaho anh- passed on one of the towns where they told him that someone has reneged from Islam, and when he asked them what they did, they said that they killed him (the local authority that is, not a posse or a riot!), so he said that they should have kept him in jail for three days at least, feeding him a loaf of bread per day, and speaking with him daily to see if he would repent. And he asked God at that moment to forgive him and them. Ali Ibn Abi Taleb -radeya allaho anh- advised a month. Other scholars agreed on more and some even said as long as needed or until they are sure there's no hope. Some scholars have said not to be killed at all, and cited that one of the prophet's writers who converted from christianity, changed back to christianity and left his job. He was left until he dies on his own and his people noted that his body kept being ejected from the grave where they buried him until they left the body on the ground. This is in Saheeh al-bukhary. However almost scholars agree that it's not necessarily an indication of law as other hadith saheeh clearly says the prophet -pbuh- commanded to hold an apostate woman and see if she would repent, and that he told the companions to put her to death if she didn't. If you live in a non-islamic country then you are in a different state and cannot enforce these laws in the first place. If you are in an Islamic one, then the local governor and the judge should oversee all the hodud, including cutting the arm for stealing or stoning for adultery or punishment of apostacy. God knows Best
  6. The Punishment Of Apostate

    This is an extract from Islamonline, wanted to share it for a balanced view: Title: Is a Non-Praying Muslim a Disbeliever (Kafir)? Question: Can a non-praying Muslim be labeled a disbeliever or kafir if he fasts during Ramadan? To my mind, a person must pray regularly to be considered a Muslim. Is the one who abandons prayer out of laziness be a kafir? Answer: In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. Dear questioner, we would like to thank you for the great confidence you place in us, and we implore Allah Almighty to help us serve His Cause and render our work for His Sake, Amen. A Muslim cannot be labeled a disbeliever or kafir unless he totally denies the obligation of prayer. However, if a Muslim abandons prayer out of laziness, he is not considered a kafir according to the majority of Muslim scholars, but rather a sinner. That person should sincerely repent to Allah and be eager to perform prayers at their appointed times. It is also the duty of Muslim scholars concerned with da`wah to kindly remind him of the need to perform prayer. In his response to the question, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty, a Senior Lecturer and Islamic Scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, states the following: "As stated in the `Aqeedah At-Tahawiyyah, which represents the standard belief of the majority of Muslims or Ahlu-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah, a person goes out of Islam by denouncing Islam just as he enters Islam by pronouncing the kalima (also known as the shahadah: there is no god but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah). So, he enters and exits from the same door. Having said that, we must add that if a person denies the obligation to pray, or fast, or pay Zakah, or make Hajj, then he goes out of the fold of Islam. However, that is different from someone who simply refuses to pray out of laziness; he will be still considered a Muslim if he does not deny the obligation of prayer." Moreover, we would like to cite for you the following fatwa issued by the prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, in which he states the following: "Muslim scholars unanimously agree that the person who abandons prayer while totally denying its obligation is a kafir. However, they disagree regarding the one who does not perform prayer out of laziness. The majority of them consider him a fasiq (sinner), and they say that the fate of that person is left to Allah, Who will judge him according to His Will. It is the duty of Muslims, especially those concerned with calling others to Allah, to invite the one who abandons prayer to perform it, and they should use wisdom and fair exhortation in their approach in order to wisely invite him to accept the truth. If he insists on his wrong attitude, Muslims should sever their ties with him in a bid to inform him about the sin he is committing. In conclusion, I would like to stress that it is obligatory upon the Muslim who does not perform prayer to sincerely repent to Allah, seek His Forgiveness, and be keen to perform obligatory prayers at their appointed times."
  7. The Punishment Of Apostate

    "Also I'd like to point out that the post I made was copied and pasted from the source I gave at the end of the post. It was not written by myself." That is ok, and God bless you for your effort, but like I said one part of that statement said "the correct view" which is what the scholar believes and supports on his own website, and as I followed your link it was a scholar who likes to follow Imam Ahmed Ebn Hanbal. There is no problem with that, but when it got copies and pasted here on its own it looked dismissive of the other three Imams and many scholars who believe otherwise and are also supported by Quran and Sunna. So it was to clarify that it's actually one view and not the only one. Jazakom allaho khairan
  8. The Punishment Of Apostate

    Major important correction: The Emam is Abu Hanifa not Ebn Hanbal that held that presented that argument. Ebn Hanbal actually was on the hard line and believed the prayer leaving is same as denial. Malik and Shafie held middle agreed with Abu Hanifa, though there was later a difference of opinion with those two. As you can see this matter has split the great scholars. Anyway, would really appreciate editing tool for one's own posts so as to have the chance to make corrections if one makes a mistake. No one is perfect but God, may we all be forgiven and granted mercy and guidance.
  9. [fatwa]making Pork Pie For Christian Grandma

    Dear Aussie, Though I agree with your opinion on the difference of the opinion for the pork pizza pie and that it doesn't apply in this one, I do have a disagreement with you regarding THIS statement: "With respect Andre, if you want an answer from a scholar you will have to ask one rather then ask on a forum." Though you are correct that taking fatwas from a forum random posting is a bad idea, this SPECIFIC forum room is meant to be answered by the Mufti from the Egyptian House of eftaa (read the note at the top of the page). It is a tool put to our disposal that we should be grateful for. That means however that you are the one out of place trying to give general opinions here (though like I said I agree with you) and asking people to look for a mufti somewhere else! :sl: Dot, thank you for your effort and please keep this going with the Egyptian house of eftaa (Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah). It is very useful and a much more reliable source than many so-called internet advisors or any of our opinions. God bless you and reward you for every viewer who gets guidance from any of these posts.
  10. Regarding Qazaa Prayer

    Dear Mosabja, I would certainly advise you to follow the Islam Web recommendation. This is what all scholars I have met agree on. It is hard, but you need to just pray one extra with each fard prayer you do. We will come on judgement day and our fard prayers counted and if it's not complete, the prophet PBUH said they will begin taking from the extras we have prayed. If the balance is fullfiled, we get accounted for our other deeds and get rewarded for them and hopefully forgiven for our small transgressions unless we have things like debt or kabaer that we have to atone for. If the balance is not not fullfilled because the extras and making up was not enough then as the prophet said our good deeds are "faseda" or spoiled. God forbid we stand in front of god with spoiled deeds and hope that none of us face this. As for the second part in your letter where you asked about a shorter form of prayer, what you wrote seems to be pure fabrication that you need to stay away from as I have never seen anything like this in the books I studied or ever hear it from our sheikhs and scholars. Do a proper prayer, but you may choose shorter verses after fatiha and you can skip dua and dua-e-qunoot as they are optional to strt with (Ibrahimeya is NOT optional). As for witr prayer is a sunna and cannot be made Qazaa, you make qazaa on the five fard prayers. God knows best
  11. The Punishment Of Apostate

    Dear brother Abdullah, Your long post was most informative and researched, however this statement you made in the end is inaccurate and requires clarification to the laymen brothers and sisters reading: The unanimous view of scholars and the saheeh is that one who DENIES prayer or declares it's not necessary is a kaafir and apostate. One who does not pray out of laziness or lack of care has been argued by most respectable scholars across the times and most notably the great leader of Hanbalee school Emam Ahmed Ebn Hanbal as he established it with Emam Shafie, that is NOT an apostate or kaafir but a "faseq" in great sin. A person who is an apostate DECLARES or BELIEVES something against the core of the Islam or outright adopts a different religion after the fact they were exposed to the truth and enlightenment of Islam, and therefore one who out of laziness or inaction does not perform a godly duty is not one. It is a well known argument that Emam Ebn Hanbal brought as he was discussing with Emam Shafie that a person's repentence from apostacy and kufr done through declaring that he is submitting to Islam and that he declares that Allah is the only God and that Mohammed his messenger, and those things are already declared and believed by someone who is muslim but is not praying out of inaction. This distinction is most important because a blatant apostate under Islamic rule and law should be brought to justice to be given chances to repent, that does not apply to a person not praying out of laziness or lack of care. Some scholars disagree with that and maybe so does Abdullah, which he has every right to his opinion and to follow scholars who believe that, however the statement was suggesting that this is an agreed fact and the only opinion and I had to clarify that it's not. Included in the modern scholarship authorities that don't declare a prayer leaver as an outright apostate is the great Azhar Islamic University council. This is NOT however to make people think that leaving prayer is to e taken lightly!!! For that one will face God's wrath in this life and the afterlife, and as clearly in quran and sunna all their good deeds will be ignored. God knows best and to him is our judgement and our final desitny.
  12. Dear A. S., First thing you need to do is take a deep breath and relax. Do that now. Ok, know that you're just confused and speaking the truth, and that is good. There is no offence to us or any other wise muslim in what you said. Some of the guys here has given you some good advice. I have one that I know from personal experience and studying is the heart of your problem and it might solve your dilema: When a friend calls you up in the middle of the night and you find that he felt bored and wanted to chat and asks whether you can come over for some midnight snacks and chatting, what do you do? Either straightforward you would tell them politely that you need to sleep and it's an inappropriate request, or you would tell them rudely to shut up and go to sleep and ask what were they thinking! If your 6 year old daughter however cries in the middle of the night, you WILL get up out of concern to calm her down from her scary dream or maybe she has a tummy ache. If it was a dream, even though you are tired, you will probably sit beside her to soothe her back to sleep. You would most probably do that reluctantly, while still thinking of sleep and wondering whether your daughter is at the age she starts to be more resilient. Now imagine that the wake up call however came from the hospital telling you your son, husband, or parent who was on a trip has arrived in the ICU, and when you ask about what happened, the nurse hesitates and then says it's best you get there right away, how would you think your physical and mental response will be?! Absolutely jump in the nearest car or mode of transportation possibly in your pyjamas and have a blood pressure of 200 all the way there. There is no hesitation, reluctance, question, or "not feeling". It is all in the belief system. The BELIEF system is a deep psychological structure in your character and mind that shapes your priorities in life. Things that are truly important are NOT that way to you unless you BELIEVE that they are. Just like a kid going to school lazily while the father with a bad job due to bad education fights with him everyday. The child has "heard" a million times about how important education is, but it's not built into his belief system yet, so his response is reluctant obedience in lazily going to school and the hardest mornings ever. The father who has felt and seen and BELIEVES how education was important as he saw his childhood friend succeed and go on to a good career while he is stuck in a menial bad dead-end job that was the best he could get, is jumping up and down inside his mind at how his child is not taking it seriously. Your billion dollar question, and one that shapes your life and afterlife is this: "Do you TRULY BELIEVE that God exists? That this most magnificent entity has created all of existence and shaped us humans with love and compassion and ordained this existence for us?" When that belief touches your heart, everything will fall into place. And I promise you God does reach out to people over time in many different ways. I have myself been a "lazy" muslim in my youth. Friday prayer was the maximum for me per week. A cosmopolitan lifestyle with all its bells and whistles was the norm. Everytime I talk to mum and she starts asking me when was I going to fix my ways my only answer was "yeah yeah sure" and rolling my eyes. I was once on a trip in Egypt and while sitting in the tourism bus stuck in traffic, the call of prayer sounded. I heard it a million times before and it always stayed in the background, but this time, that fateful Asr prayer call just shuddered through me for some reason. I got the urge, similar to the urge of responding to a crying baby, to get the heck up and pray THIS one. I actually started reasoning with myself, telling myself what was I thinking?! I was in a moving bus, more importantly I was travelling and therefore I have an actual excuse for not praying on time rather the million times before where I didn't pray at all without an excuse. It didn't matter, the urge was too strong, stronger than smoking (which I was doing at the time) a cigarette with a cup of tea after a big meal if smokers or ex-smokers here know what I mean. I finally "gave in" and went to the bus bathroom, bent around in the tiny space to do a full ablution, and then came back to my seat to do a seated prayer in my seat. I finished it and found that I wanted to make up Dohr and Fajr. I did in my seat too. When I arrived at my room I redid all the prayers and I could not stop shivering until I went to sleep. Haven't missed one prayer since, haven't spoke of God once without getting a real live reenaction of that shivering of that fateful night and it brings me to tears. It's like a veil was removed and I can "see" him around. I notice his work and start shuddering at how can this splendid universe and Earth be suggested to have been "spontaneous" or just happened. For my mother she was more like you in her youth, praying out of duty only rarely and questioning things right and left, not wearing a headscarf. Gratitude was not there because feeling and believing that everything is from God was still not there. She told me she had a dream though that the city was burning and people running around shouting and screaming that it's judgement day, she saw people burning and not dying, and in the middle of destruction and fire men walking up and snatching people by their arms, and when one came to her she saw herself screaming that she was a muslim and the man pursed his lips and shook his head right to left, and said "not according to what you were doing, you'll need to be judged" and he yanked her hard, and that's when she woke up. Maybe you'll be lucky to have your own dream, or your own urge, I don't know. My Islamic mentor who is a well learned sheikh scholar says I am lucky and blessed and not everyone gets this, but many do and I shouldn't speak of it to people who know me personally as this is something between me and God and should not be used to boast. I guess on the net it should be ok, you don't know me. However many good inspired muslim friends tell me quietly of a dream or an experience that just brought them to tears, and made them "sense" the presence of God in strong perception and therefore their behaviour shifted dramatically. ALL of your questions will perish and you'll see all the answers. Read the Quran right now actually and you'll see many answers to your current questions. You'll read that God asks us to wonder and not take things blindly, so don't follow things blindly. However it also explains that many things we might not see the "wisdom" in them and need to give it time. Just as pork was only recently analyzed to be found harmful to humans (no, not just the worm eggs) and that its fat does not change from swine fat to simple fat. You'll come to understand how prayer is crucial and how everytime you finish prayer it's like you just been rejuvenated. You will also understand how certain things are ordained specifically because they are hard, like fasting, as it teaches us to learn to appreciate God's bounty and how others who suffer hunger require compassion and have a right in alms and charity. Most importantly you'll understand why obeying and worshipping the One and Only is at the center of our purpose. You'll also understand the standing of women and learn that those backwards society that beat and degrade women from their rights are applying their own version of "selective" Islam. Think about it, if your job requires you to meet your manager twice a day for a briefing and debriefing, you would just do it because you earn the money from your job and it's crucial. If you inherit millions and more money than the company itself is worth, the job will be completely worthless and that boss will not get anything from you except maybe a resignation letter. God is there, until you see that, your soul will be restless for a while. Just wait, and trust in god. I believe you will find your own guidance very soon. Sam