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  1. Music Industry? Pardon Me Its Actually The Demon Industry

    It is, and that's because they're the crowd that's most easily marketable too. When was the last time you saw a group of people in their 40's listening to the new stuff you hear on the radio today? That's because the majority of mature adults don't buy into it, rather, the music industry relies on marketing this stuff to a younger audience, often times at an age where they do not question the validity of what it is they're being presented. Sadly, this type of stuff is being marketed to all young people, not just any one particular type of group, and so I think because so many fall into the mindset that this type of music is "cool" and "trendy" that when presented with music that actually carries substance, they simply disregard it.
  2. Alex Grey

    Perhaps this is in the wrong section, but it seemed like the most logical place to put it. Anyways, is anybody here an Alex Grey fan? He does psychedelic artwork, and is responsible for much of the artwork behind the band "Tool" for those familiar with it. ######alexgrey(contact admin if its a beneficial link) Alex Grey is not Islamic, nor does he subscribe to any particular faith; in his works however, he often details God and the love we receive from him, subjected to us in many different forms. Truly unique and inspiring stuff. He is probably my favorite artist to date, as his work has definitely opened up my mind about the universe we live in and the way we perceive our surroundings.
  3. Alex Grey

    *Link* (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetalexgrey(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/"]Alex Grey[/url]
  4. Peace In The Quran

    Despite being an old thread, thank you for the information.
  5. Day Of Judgment

    I find it to indeed be a scary topic for a few reasons...the big one being that the Mayan's prediction on the eclipse and pole shifting was so accurate all those years ago, without all the modern technology and science we possess today. On top of that, they cited that day as being a day of "rebirth." That can mean many different things, however one such thing that strikes my mind is a "cleansing" of the Earth as we know it. I think the weirdest thing though is simply not knowing...will the poles switch and nothing happen at all? Will they switch and cause major natural disasters? Will they not switch to begin with? Will it just be like any other day? Who truly knows until the day is upon us!
  6. The Punishment Of Apostate

    And that is one thing we can both agree on.
  7. How Do I Edit My Existing Post

    Ahh I should have read this earlier when I double posted...however I did not find any feature that allowed me to edit previous posts.
  8. Difficult Riddle!

    Even though it's been solved, very unique riddle!
  9. Deep Contemplation Riddle

    To sum all three questions up with one answer
  10. The Punishment Of Apostate

    Trust me, no offense taken. I can completely respect your viewpoint, assuming you can respect mine, however I guess that will be a topic we will never see eye-to-eye on.
  11. The Punishment Of Apostate

    You could argue that leaving Islam is a serious offense against Allah, yes; however what if said person doesn't believe in Allah to begin with? For example, lets say I declare myself to be "God." You continue on worshiping me and doing as I ask without any issues arising. Then one day you decide "hey, this guy isn't God at all...what am I doing here?!" and thus you decide to leave. Would it be appropriate for me to do decide to kill you? On your end of the spectrum, you're saying "but this guy isn't really God, he can't tell me what to do" and yet on my side, maybe I truly DO believe I'm God. Simply because I believe myself to be "God" does that give me the power to sacrifice YOUR life? I realize arguing this is a moot point, because I'm assuming you're going to say that Allah is the one true ruler, and so his wishes take priority above anything else. However, you have to keep in mind that his sphere of influence ONLY extends TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN HIM. Just as if I declare myself to be "God," my wishes and demands only extend to those whose truly believe that I am indeed "God." If I decide that I do NOT believe in Allah, and that I do NOT wish to be represented within this particular religious community, since when are they given the right to violate my human rights and forsake MY life?
  12. Music Industry? Pardon Me Its Actually The Demon Industry

    I've known this for a while now....that is, that the music industry is one big pile of "fakeness." They care nothing for originality or creativity, rather they care first and foremost about increasing profits and selling a particular image. If they can get people to buy into something, ie: they think it's "cool" or "hip" or "trendy" then they'll continue to push it down their throats. Look at the music that radios continue to blast nowadays... what "message" does it convey? Yeah....exactly...it doesn't convey one to begin with. Very rarely do I hear a modern artist on the radio and walk away feeling more intelligent or enlightened in any one particular area.
  13. Celebrations....

    This thread isn't about chocolate?!?! :sl: Just kidding, but I do make it a regular deal to celebrate the birthdays and special occasions of loved ones around me. While I know it's not a big deal to everyone, I think it's good to let the ones you love know that you'll never forget about them, both in past, present and future. It's just a small token of reminder in letting them know how much you care, and if it makes them feel good too, then what harm can come of it?
  14. The Best Age To Marry?

    I couldn't agree more, and while I think 25-30 on average represents the age people are most ready to enter into the bond that is marriage, maturity is a relative term. As Sampharo said, I know people who are over 40 years old and possess no more maturity than a high-schooler, while people exist who are half their age and carry on their shoulders a great deal more responsibility. It all depends on the individual, their upbringing, and how they choose to associate themselves.
  15. Do You Put God Before Humanity?

    Not to double-post...but I just wanted to rephrase my previous post a bit. If I had some positive acknowledgment that God DID indeed want me to carry out some act, and that it was for the better of mankind, then yes, I would definitely do it. With that being said, I would need some way of knowing that this was indeed "God" who was asking me to commit this act, not merely a recollection of my own subconscious coming into play or emotions dictating my life, rather I would require 100% on knowing where this order came from before carrying it out.
  16. Simple And Beautiful Sayings

    I think most of those quotes are spot on, regardless of someone's religious affiliation. I like how even in the 21'st century, we can still apply them to our everyday lives. Especially the quotes regarding beauty, nobility, and generosity. That just because someone possess one of the virtues, it does not automatically elevate their status as a human being.
  17. Obama

    While I was initially excited to see Obama in the white house, I'm a bit stifled on how he's handling the economic situation. It's still WAY too early to judge however, as he's barely been in office in comparison to Bush's 8 year reign. Please keep in mind, just as it took Bush 8 years to drill us into debt, it will take Obama some time to surface us back out. My only worry now is his potential to cause inflation with all that money he continues to print, and the long term effects that will hold over our economy.
  18. Day Of Judgment

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone here have much belief in the whole "12-12-2012" Mayan prophecy? Some people claim it to be a "doomsday" scenario, while others view it rather as a day of rebirth. The main reason I find it to be extremely interesting is that the Mayans....way back in their time, predicted a specific eclipse to occur on that day, and modern science tells us that we will indeed have an eclipse that day. With this particular type of eclipse, the poles (north and south) will switch places, potentially causing great natural disasters and catastrophes across the entire globe. Any thoughts on this?
  19. The Punishment Of Apostate

    And I thank you, too. If we all had the same opinion, how would we expand our minds and grow into more intelligent beings? Just as I challenge your theories, you challenge mine; in the end we both walk away more enlightened than before. While I do not necessarily agree to the killing of an individual due to leaving a particular faith, I can understand what you mean when it's put into a political pretext like you've done up there. If you view Islam as a "nation" rather than just a belief system, I can understand why traitors to that nation would be punished by death. As I said, i do not AGREE to this method, but I can understand why others would put it in place.
  20. Question

    As the previous poster said...going to the Masjid may help, but I don't think that's necessarily the root of the problem here. I think the underlying issue is your fear of social environments, or rather, your fear of trying to conform into other peoples standards so that they'll "accept" you. Your faith, while great to share with others, is only one aspect of your overall uniqueness, and you need to realize that you as a person are truly an individual with many interesting talents. Do not feel that you ever need to change or adjust yourself to better fit somebodies liking, because if they can't accept you in your raw form, then they were never good enough to accept you to begin with. You need to interact with people who you feel will make you grow into a better person, regardless of what it is or who they are. I would focus less on the reassurance and reliance of others, and instead work on better bringing out the traits you possess that make you what you are. Everyone is a unique individual, and everyone carries within them the power to love themselves. When you can truly love and accept yourself, having confidence in your life's path, then the love and acceptance of others will flow in naturally.
  21. How Do You Deal With Interest?

    Maybe I'm a bit confused here...but why would charging interest be an issue?
  22. Political Poll

    I'm also confused as to what an Islamic market economy could be?
  23. Education?

    I will always hold a place in my heart for English...but after that, IT tops the list.
  24. Do You Like Fox News?

    I'm really not surprised a topic like this exists...lol. That being said, NO, I do not watch Fox News...but then again, I don't particularly enjoy ANY form of major media!
  25. The Best Age To Marry?

    25-30! I think that's when people are the most mature.