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  1. The Kiswa

    I was looking to find out what the actual writing on the Kiswah was. Any links to more info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello

    LoL [at] point 26 in the rules :j: Anyways... I will remain faithful to the rules as long as Allah `Azza wa Jall allows me to (and I ask that He does, ameen) and my sanity remains intact (it usually is) and if I do not forget... Bottom line, I will not blatantly disregard any of the forum rules b'idhni'L-Laah :sl: And shukran for the fruit juice :no: May Allaah grant you and your loved ones from Sharaab al-Kauthar, aameen. wa'S-Selaamu `alaykum.
  3. Hello

    a'S-Selaamu `alaykum Brothers and Sisters, I was searching for the meanings of the writing on the Ka`bah's Kiswah, and came across this site. Nice site maashaaAllaah. I live in Australia, am married and a proud father of four lovely children, w'al-hamdu li'L-Laah. I am interested in computer graphic design (Adobe suite, with proficiency in Ps, Il & Fl for now). wa'S-Selaamu `alaykum.