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  1. Obama

    I personally think Obama has been elected because of his skin color. Of course if he did not carry enough credibility, the party would have chosen Hillary Clinton (In fact this election was maybe more a vote against McCain and his party). Obama's election is the result of a social and cultural context in the US. The perception that I have of Americans is that electing a black person makes them look cool and tolerant. They also needed change, and what better change than to have the first black president in United States. It's obvious that I am pessimistic with regards to obama's impact on the real issues our world is facing. But I prefer to be mistaken being pessimistic than the opposite. Wassalamo alaikom
  2. Assalamo Alaikom

    Assalamo Alaikom, Thank you brother for this reply. I feel very welcome. I cannot find any place where to change my username. If the moderator can change it to anything else. I will call myself "Mohamed" in this forum which is my father's name. Wassalamo alaikom
  3. Assalamo Alaikom

    Assalamo 3alaikom brothers and sisters. I am a young muslim alhamdolillah and this is the first time I register to a muslim forum on the web. What brought me today here is the need to raise questions. Questions I cannot really pose to my family, friends or imam at the Masjid. I seek support for the sake of Allah and hope someday Rabbi soub7anaho wa taala will turn me into a good muslim muttaqi, or otherwise have mercy on me on the judgement day. Wassalamo alaikom