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  1. Hi girl_from_da_past, thanks for your reply! I'm going to have a search now, it looks like a hopeful possibilty! I will let you know how it goes...thanks again for your reply! Take care, Joanan x :sl:
  2. Hi Tamarbutah, thanks for your reply...! Yes, I did try searching and its so overwhelming the amount of things that come up...I will try a search for arabic sweets though, you may well be on to something! Thanks!!!
  3. Hello everybody, I have joined this forum as I came accross it in my search for a dessert recipe that I tasted when I was a child. The posts are warm and friendly so i thought where better to get help? about 20 years ago I went on a school visit to the Woolwich Masjid in london. As part of the visit we were given some wonderful desserts and sweets to try. One of the desserts has haunted my tastebuds for years, and having re-remembered tasting it felt the need to find out what it was! Let me describe it...It was a golden orangey colour. It was not in any particular shape, just sort of spread deliciously on the dish. It was soft, moist and almost crumbly. You used your fingers to pinch or pick up crumbly peices from the dish. The taste was aromatic, delicate and divine! I always think of carrot, cardamon and maybe ground almond...there was no seeds or nuts in it, it was smooth rather than crunchy... I have made burfi and halawa thinking that perhaps they were it, but unfortunately no, unless it was a different version than what I made. Burfi is a little too 'solid' to be what I am looking for... So...if any kind person thinks that they might be able to assist me in my search for that mysterious delectable dessert, I would be forever grateful! Thankyou so much for any help, from one home-chef to another...peace and love Joanan :sl:
  4. Hi, I am Joanan and i live in the UK. I am posting here so as to find a mysterious recipe, one that I tasted when I was a child. I will post in the food section and hope that someone will be able to help me. Thankyou and peace to all! :sl: Joanan