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  1. It's only music.


    Sure, there exists lewd content in some material. But so what? Some people like to listen to/watch that stuff, and others like to make it. Freedom is fundamental to Western society (not that this stuff is exclusive to the West).


    And why exactly would the Jews want to encourage lesbianism? Their Torah opposes homosexuality more so than the Qur'an.


    The whole thing is completely illogical. And when you consider the millions upon millions of people involved in the music industry, at all different levels, why isn't there a large group of them coming forward and saying that this is what's happening (instead of some anal-retentive virgins posting this nonsense on an internet forum)?


    You don't even have to agree with the content of a song to like it - because that's not what music is about.

    Some of the classical music orchestrated in Nazi Germany is very beautiful. Does that make me a Nazi?


    Moreover, the whole backmasking effect is not remotely scary. It's just a ploy or parody, or in some cases the silly attempt of 'rock stars' to sell more records as ciphered, satirical nonsense fascinates groups of superstitious goths living in basements in Dunstable.

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  2. "He it is Who created for you all that is in the earth. Then turned He to the heaven, and fashioned it as seven heavens. And He is knower of all things."

    - 2:29 Qur'an (Pickthall's translation).


    At Islamawakened dot org, there are translations from 15 other Islamic scholars, and they're all essentially identical. The literal translation is also provided there:


    "He (is), who created for you what (is) in the land/earth/Planet Earth all together/wholly , then He tended to the sky/space, so He straightened them (into) seven skies/space(s), and He is with every thing knowledgeable."


    I have two questions about this verse:


    1- It seems to say that the Earth was created before (emphasis on 'then') the 'skies' (stars etc)...

    2- What are the 'seven heavens' (or 'firmaments', as Yusuf Ali calls them)? There seems to be lots of evidence to suggest it's referring to the celestial spheres of the old geocentric model of the universe.



    Thank you.