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  1. asalamalakum :sl: with all this chaos about the world coming to an end in the year 2012, my mind has been flooded with thoughts. i never believed in this until the movie, which changed my mind insane amounts. i simply believed the europeans conquered mexico, and the mayan race died out due to them conquering so they never got to finish their calendar. what do you believe? and what does Islam say about this?
  2. Burqa And Niqab

    Salaam :sl: This might be a very stupid question, but I was just wondering... I was looking at pictures of Islamic women in burqa and niqab, when I thought to myself: "How do they eat or drink?" So everyone, how do women dressed in burqa and niqab eat or drink in public? I'm sorry if this sounds like a dumb question! :sl:
  3. Name Change!

    And now, it is Imaan. I changed it to the name I chose to call myself (while with my Muslim friends and their families) at my shahada. :sl:
  4. Burqa And Niqab

    I'm sorry, but what exactly is wajib? Lol :sl: I have never heard of it. I figured they did, but the whole point is to cover. What if someone sees their face? Another male or something? I apologize, it is a dumb question. But I was just wondering! :sl:
  5. Haram Jobs In Islam

    JazakAllah :sl: I appreciate your answer; it does help a lot. I'll look into it with my masjid, as well.
  6. Haram Jobs In Islam

    I am a nursing major. I'll be doing clinicals next year. InshaAllah, I'll be going to graduate school to specialize in neonatal ( working with and caring for infants :sl: ) During clinicals, there is something called rotation. I have to test each part of the medical field (in nursing) to get a taste of everything. Is being a nurse considered haraam since I would be touching a man/non-mahram for check-ups and others? And being alone with them in a room? I reall hope not :no: I really do admire & love the medical field.
  7. Salaam :sl: I reverted to Islam about a year and a half, two years back. Everyone has their speculations on Islam, but I am a very open-minded person. The more I looked into Islam, in depth and all, I found this religion to be the most peaceful of them all. It is absolutely fantastic. Sadly, due the the attacks on 9/11 and the war in Iraq, a majority of people believe Islam to be a religion of terrorism. My parents found out I reverted and it was a terrible experience to go through. My father believes that Islamic people have "brainwashed" me and that it's a cult. He believes that every Muslim person in the world is a terrorist. And I find that to be absolutely disgusting thing to say. It honestly breaks my heart. I do understand there are people out there who are radicals and do this. But, majority of Muslim people are completely 100% against it. I don't wear hijab and since my parents found out, I hide the fact I am a Muslim. Now, I have a few questions; how did you or do you face the racist comments? How do you answer these people? Or answer anyone who has false and terrible thoughts about Islam? Hijabis, do you feel you are more targeted for racist slurs since you wear the hijab? I know this is a very touchy subject, and I am sorry if it bothers some people. I do not wish to harm ANYONE by asking this. I simply wish to understand and learn how to answer these comments.
  8. Asalamalakum, everyone! I recencetly came to Islam at the young age of 16. When you're 16, you are right in the middle: not yet an adult but certaintly not a child. Some people believe as teenagers, we don't make smart decisions or know what we want at this age. But I'm not like most teenagers. For once in my life, I knew what I wanted and I knew that this was going to be the greatest, smartest amazing decision I'll ever make. In all honesty, I don't believe I made this decision. Allah made this decision. He put me on this parh to Islam and He is patiently guiding me throughout it all. I was a born and raised Catholic/Christian. I celebrated every little holiday known to Christianity. I made all my sacraments. At the time of these sacraments, I was still kind of young. All I knew was that I'd be getting alot of gifts and a huge party aferwards. I didn't really care for what was "really" going on. From the young age of 5 until I was about 14, my mother enrolled me in Religious Education. It was every Wednsday from 1:45 to 3:30pm. I was supposed to sit and learn about God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit ... but I wasn't really intrested. I was also a difficult child. The teachers I had couldn't handle me, and I don't mean behavior wise ... I mean, my questions When you're a young child, you question EVERYTHING. And you don't want some dumb answer. You want to be answered as if the person you asked is talking to someone mature. Well, I never received that. I'd hear stories and ask: "Why did God do that?" or "Why did Jesus do this?" and "What really is the Holy Spirit?". And I'd get the same dumb answers: "Because God said so.", "Because God/Jesus can do that." and "Because it just is. Don't ask questions/don't question God." I wasn't questioning God, oh no. I'd never do that. God knows what He is doing. I was questioning the story I was just told and my beliefs, ever since a young age. When you are born and raised into a religion, and your family isn't so relgious ... it is very hard to believe or follow that religion on a daily basis. I've tried to follow Christianity. But it just wasn't working for me. By the time I was 15 and entering high school, I basically gave up on a religion all together. I did believe that there was God, but that's pretty much it. High school opened up my eyes and made me realize a whole new world. Not only did I come face to face with obstacles, friendships, relationships, boys, how to juggle schoolwork - friends & family all at once ... but my eyes opened up to Islam. I've seen many women in a hijab before and I never understood what it was for. I was kind of used to it so I never really questioned it. My freshman year of high school, I befriended a girl named Nour. In my next year, my sophmore year, we became very close and I began liking a Muslim boy. The only thing I knew was that he wasn't really supposed to date outside his religion. So I became interested in Islam just for him [stupid girl, I was. But hey, I was a young - immature teenage girl ]. I began asking Nour random questions: Who is Allah? What is Islam? What are these Pillars you are trying to explain to me? Then I realized, I wasn't interested in Islam for him anymore. I was asking these questions for myself. Months passed, I still liked this boy. He told me I'd be going to meet his mother and she is very religious. I told Nour and she warned me about not wearing tight or revealing clothing and to cover my head. So I said "You want me to wear a hat ... in front of his mother? What if we eat? Then what? Yea, you're real smart. Nice goin', Nour!" She gave me a look that said "Quiet, I'm not done ..." She explained hijab to me. That's what REALLY hooked me on to Islam, believe it or not. I finally understood what girls in my school were wearing on their head and the whole meaning of hijab. I never did meet his mom offically so I didn't have to wear a hijab. But I wanted to, all of a sudden. In the middle of my Chemistry Lab, I asked Nour if the next day, I can try hijab. She said sure. I was happy and anxious for tomorrow to come. TOMORROW FINALLY CAME!, and I ran to Chemistry Lab and waited. Nour and one of her friends came in. She pulled out the hijab. She told me to put the underscarf on first and that her friend will wrap the hijab for me. At the time, no one knew how interested I was in Islam ... so I told her friend "Please, don't think I'm mocking you or making fun of you or anything in that nature. That's not what I want to do. I just ... I don't know ... want to try it, I guess?" I wore the hijab for 3 whole periods in school. When I took it off, I felt wierd, as if I didn't want to take it off. I started making more Muslim friends, friends of Nour's, friends of mine and I'd ask questions. I don't remember the one question I asked to my friend Lubna, but she told me this great story about a prophet [she was talking about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and at the time, I had no idea] and his wife and about Allah. Then she told me "If you don't believe me, look it up in the Qur'an." That lead to "What's the Qur'an?" and that lead to me saying how Islam has all the answers and proofs that Christianity doesn't. I was now in my Junior year of high school, I had more Muslim friends and I still didn't have a belief. But I loved Islam. It was Ramadan 2008, and my friend Sarah was fasting. One day, I was talking to her about my beliefs and how much I love Islam. That's when I really came out & said: "Sarah, I want to convert." She told me how her mother is a convert just like I would be. She said that if I fasted these last 2 or 3 days before the end of Ramadan, it will help clear away my sins. I fasted for the whole weekend. Sarah's mother, sister, Sarah & I went to the mall to get our minds off of food LOL. Her mother spoke to me about her conversion. I was absolutely convinced that I wanted to be a Muslim. I The next day, I admitted it again to my friend Dania. She is extremely religious so she was just boucing off the walls with happiness. I can't even count how many times she must have hugged me! Her reaction made me know I was doign teh right thing for me. She promised me she'll walk me through EVERYTHING, I can ask her anything and that she will be my personal teacher of Islam. Lol. I started researching on how to become a Muslim. I held off on my shahada for about 3 months. Then I joined Gawaher, that's when I was told not to [And Alhamdulillah, I didn't]. One night, I was sitting on my bed, researching and reading and more researching. I wanted to be educated before I became a Muslim. Every page I clicked on to read about, had "Ash-hadu anla ilaha illal-Lahu Wahdahu la Sharika Lahu wa-ash-hadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluhu" written somewhere within the beginning lines or at the top. I became a bit freaked out, I'm not going to lie But I knew that this was a sign from Allah. It clearly meant I must say this now. And it was funny because earlier that day, I recieved my first Qur'an in the mail. So I knew I had to declare my faith. And I did. When I said those words, something came over me. I felt very light, very happy and joyous. And so many other things I really can't explain. Compeltely overjoyed. I felt as if someone was smiling down on me or I had a blue sky with sunshine following me around! LOL! I performed ghusl and immediately texted Sarah and Dania. From that night on, I've been trying to live my life as a good Muslim. I don't have the money to change my whole, entire wardrobe ... but I'm dealing with it now and knowing what to wear. I've been very anxious to wear hijab. Going into college, I will wear hijab insha'Allah. I read the Qur'an daily. I just recieved a new one from Dania with the Arabic lettering, transliteration and English words for each surrah. My parents and my family do not know about my reversion. I know I need to tell them soon but I'm scared of reactions. Insha'Allah, they'd be happy that I found belief in something instead of being a non-believer in anything. Well, that's pretty much my story Sorry for the length. Lol. I'd just like to take the time to thank the sisters & brothers here at Gawaher that helped me through, especially Safiyyah UmmMaher, who gave me warm welcomes since I arrived and has answered everything, and Zebanoor, a new friend who is very thoughtful and helpful. Thanks, everyone! Wasalaam, Nikki
  9. Asalamalakum :sl: RAMADAN MUBARAK, EVERYONE! There is a Muslim family I am very, very close to and keep close to my heart. They are the sweetest, accepting, loving people I have ever met in my entire life. I went to their house many times during Ramadan to break fast. I want to give them a good Eid gift, for the whole family, but I wasn't sure of what. The father is a very knowledgeable man when it comes to Islam and he collects Qu'rans. All different types, all different translations from all over the world. For Eid, should I get the family a brand new Qu'ran? Is there another gift anyone has in mind to give to a whole family? Please share! Thank you and again, RAMADAN MUBARAK!
  10. If Prophet Muhammad Pbuh Were In Haiti !

    I agree completely. You are right. In my opinion, when it comes to natural disasters or any tragedy, most people forget about race - sexual orientation - religion or anything else that seperates us & comes together as one. Haiti needs us right now. They need the food, love, shelter, water and so many other things and not only us Muslims, but the people of the world have that and we must share.
  11. Asalamalakum :sl: I was just reading the Qur'an, and in Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse 173, it states: He hath only forbidden you dead meat, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that on which any other name hath been invoked besides that of Allah. But if one is forced by necessity, without wilful disobedience, nor transgressing due limits, then is he guiltless. For Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. Does this mean if there is no choice of food, but of swine -- one could eat it?
  12. [Fatwa]Pork & Wine In Foods?

    Asalamalakum. I have two questions: 1) If there is pork, say next to rice or something, if I pick out the pork ... is it still considered haraam? I know that sounds dumb, but I'm just asking. I love chinese food and alot of chinese food has pork pieces in it. 2) My dad & I like this fish fillet and he marinates it in white wine. When alcohol is heated up, it disappears. Is this still considered haraam if I eat this fish fillet?
  13. [Fatwa]Pork & Wine In Foods?

    Salaam :sl: I have another question about pork and any meat from a pig. Is a Muslim even allowed to be around it? Like if cutting it up for a younger sibling, but not eating from that plate or fork? Or if it is being cooked in the same facility as you?
  14. Salaam :sl: I may be young, but one of my good friends was raised in a household of both religions: Christianity & Islam. Her mother was Christian, father was Muslim -- but her mother wasn't so religious. She grew up where Christmas & Eid was celebrated, where praying was a must and God was God AND Allah. As she got older, she grew accustomed to Islam more and already believed she was a Muslim. Her mother didn't stop her nor her sister from this. I'm 17, one year away from adulthood where my parents' can't make decisions for me any longer. Perhaps, when your daughter comes to see you & visit you -- she'll be Daddy's Girl and want to do everything daddy does: praying, fasting, going to the Masjid, etc. As she gets older, insha'Allah, she'll realize this is the way she wants to live her life. I hope your situation is handled in the best way possible not only for you, but for your family & your daughter. May Allah guide you through your struggles & make this burden easy on you.
  15. Non-muslims & Masjid?

    Salaam :sl: I am currently watching National Geographic. They have a special called "Inside The Qu'ran" and right now, they are focusing on hijab. While watching this, i was looking through a friend's pictures. She took a vacation for 2 weeks in Egypt and went to The Masjid & Madrasa of Sultan Hassan. Her and her family, the female members, weren't wearing hijab in the Masjid. I always thought that despite your religion, you should always cover your hair and body in a Masjid. She didn't do that. Should you cover even if you aren't Muslim? Is what she did wrong? How wrong?
  16. Help With Dua'a

    Asalamalakum, dear brothers & sisters :sl: Happy New Year to you all! I was reading the 99 Names of Allah, and I was curious -- it tells you "Say this 100 times, say that 1000 times in this time spand..." -- how do you know you've said this name 100 times or 1000 times? Do you keep a tally? Do you just know?
  17. Salaam, Amanda! :sl: Alhamdhulillah! Many, many congrats! I'm also a revert :sl: YAY! My friends did a surprise shahada party for me at the masjid. I had no idea I was going to say my shahada until I saw all my friends, their families and their friends there. I also received a lot of hugs & kisses from sisters. Tell me, wasn't it overjoying and wonderful?! I wanted to cry, I was so happy! Lol. It is a fantastic peaceful feeling. Your life in Islam will be great! I will make duaa for you! Once again, congrats, dear sister!
  18. Asalamalakum :sl: First off, I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to those in America & a very wonderful, joyous & loving Eid for every Muslim around the world! Lately, my older brother & I are expierencing new things in life and we're very happy for the first time in a while. We can actually say we are truly, 100% happy. I'd do anything to keep it this way because things have been going so smoothly and lovely! So... to my question, how do you pray for others while doing your daily prayers? Is it seperate from the prayers? Can you pray this at any time? AND one more :sl: -- how do you ask Allah swt for forgiveness? Thank you!! :no:
  19. asalamalakum :sl: i'd like to know if plastic surgery allowed in Islam? i'm asking because i had 3 surgeries as an infant. one at 10 days old, one at 2 months old and one at around a year old or so. the scars i have are not very nice looking. they are embarassing to me. since i am 17, almost 18, my parents have been telling me that i could get plastic surgery and make this scar disappear. i'm not getting surgery to look prettier, make myself look better to the public eye or anything of that. its for myself.
  20. How Do You Pray For Others?

    thank you, everyone! and yes, i do mean duaa. i didn't think it was the same thing. sorry for that. can you make duaa at any time? is there a specific time where you should make duaa? and can you make duaa for a non-muslim?
  21. asalamalakum :sl: congrats, sister. i, too, am a convert. its the most amazing, undescribable feeling in the world. i went through the share of hugs and kisses. it makes you feel so new and bright. for me, it took a lot of weight off my shoulders. i was often reminded that i am a newborn baby, God has given me a clean slate. so, remember that also. you are sin free :sl: and mind you, take things slowly - learn slowly. when i first converted, i knew a lot about Islam because i studied it for so long. but there were also many things i didn't know at all, especially about prayer. i was so in a rush to know it! God understands you're new and you are in the process of learning, so He will give you time. with His help, everything came easily. don't be a convert-aholic. :j: lol! once again, congrats! :no:
  22. Adoption And Islam

    asalaamalakum :sl: i'd just like to know the ruling on adoption in Islam? permissible? haraam? i was adopted and i find it to be a very unique thing about myself. also, it takes a very special person to want to take a child into their lives & homes. i was thinking of adopting a child when i'm married.
  23. asalamalakum, everyone! and ramadan mubrak to you!! :sl: i recently found out that Masjids across the country and six flags have paired up together to make a muslim family day at six flags! its all halal, too! my friends, their families and i are thinking about going. here's the info: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetmuslimfamilyday(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/faqs.shtml#"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetmuslimfamilyday(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/faqs.shtml#[/url] is anyone else thinking of going?! :sl: it will be a great day for everyone of all ages!
  24. Asalaam Aleikum

    Asalamalakum Nicole! :sl: Nice to have you. You'll love it here.
  25. Asalamalakum, everyone :sl: I have a little problem. I recently reverted to Islam :sl: Only problem is, my family is Catholic. I've fasted for a day while I was out with a Muslim friend & her sister. And I wasn't around my family, so it was very easy. But its getting harder & harder - until I go back to school. They're always wondering why I don't feel good or why I'm not hungry and all. For example, my family sits down to eat together. I had to sit with food infront of me & they placed a bowl of pasta in front of me. When I replied, I wasn't hungry, my mom said I must eat or I'm not moving from the table =/ Typical Italian family. They're starting to think I'm sick or things like that. I don't know what to do. While I was traveling, I did a half day of fasting. I had breakfast very early and dinner at the time of Isha. Is this okay to do until I go to school where I could fast properly? I don't know what to do =/ its very hard.