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  1. Why Atheism Doesn't Make Sense

    No its correct. I stated usable energy, the rest of the energy doesn't matter if it balances to zero if its unusable for reactions. im sure you have heard of the heat death theory..all energy will eventually convert to heat and life and all other processess will cease. thats what would happen to an infinite universe.
  2. Christianity Simplified

    In Islam the central authority is the Quran which is free from human interference
  3. Here lies the problem of people who base truth on empirical data and the scientific method alone. While this may be a great method for deriving to facts, it is not the only means to arriving at truth. As a matter of fact; facts and truth are not synonymous. It is quite easy to prove to you that the scientific method is not the only way to arrive at a truth. if you claim that the scientific method is the only method to arrive at truth i will simply ask you to prove the validity of the scientific method using only the scientifc method. Im sure you understand this is simply not possible. Now we both know that there are more than one method to arrive at truth. So please stop trying to apply the methods used in one field of human intellect to try and prove/disprove other realms.
  4. Why Atheism Doesn't Make Sense

    It cannot be true for the universe as if it was infinite usable energy would have long ran out. There is a scientific reason as to why it cannot be infinite. Since God falls out of the realm of science you must then use logic to prove his infinite existence. Simply, if God had a creator and so on, the endless list of creators would stretch back forever, we would never have been created.
  5. The Crusaders Were Not Christians

    Muslims are dumbwits yet you felt you needed to use words to demean instead of add to the conversation like an intellectual. You my friend are dumb as a rock! Nice word choice too the slang really proves your superiority to Muslim intelligence.
  6. The Non-crucifixion Of Jesus

    To touch the last point, celtic pagans also were willing to die for their many Gods. Just because there are people willing to die for it or just because it still exists is not positive proof of truth. In fact many people would die for their cause of white supremacy. Does this make white supremacy right and true?
  7. Question About Something In The Quran

    "To Allah we belong and to him we will return" Yes we did come from God, he is the creator. Just like the watch came from the watchmaker. Just because we are not the children of God doesn't mean we cannot have come from him.
  8. Richard Dawkins, What He Did Fail To Answer?

    I would consider the M-Theory quite bold. Can you show me some evidence to support it? I would consider spontaneous generation quite bold. Can you show me some evidence to support it?
  9. Richard Dawkins, What He Did Fail To Answer?

    God. then their religion got distorted after many years until it became that which was not like the original that God passed down. Same with all religions.
  10. Richard Dawkins, What He Did Fail To Answer?

    You missed the explanation on what hypnosis actually is i take it.
  11. Richard Dawkins, What He Did Fail To Answer?

    And since you dont have the least bit of knowledge about what hypnosis is I'll help you out. "When you hear the word hypnosis, you may picture the mysterious hypnotist figure popularized in movies, comic books and television. This ominous, goateed man waves a pocket watch back and forth, guiding his subject into a semi-sleep, zombie-like state. Once hypnotized, the subject is compelled to obey, no matter how strange or immoral the request. Muttering "Yes, master," the subject does the hypnotist's evil bidding. This popular representation bears little resemblance to actual hypnotism, of course. In fact, modern understanding of hypnosis contradicts this conception on several key points. Subjects in a hypnotic trance are not slaves to their "masters" -- they have absolute free will. And they're not really in a semi-sleep state -- they're actually hyperattentive." It is a trance state characterized by extreme suggestibility, relaxation and heightened imagination. It's not really like sleep, because the subject is alert the whole time. It is most often compared to daydreaming, or the feeling of "losing yourself" in a book or movie. You are fully conscious, but you tune out most of the stimuli around you. You focus intently on the subject at hand, to the near exclusion of any other thought. common everyday examples of "hypnosis" include reading, driving, mowing the lawn, watching a movie, etc. "In conventional hypnosis, you approach the suggestions of the hypnotist, or your own ideas, as if they were reality. If the hypnotist suggests that your tongue has swollen up to twice its size, you'll feel a sensation in your mouth and you may have trouble talking. If the hypnotist suggests that you are drinking a chocolate milkshake, you'll taste the milkshake and feel it cooling your mouth and throat. If the hypnotist suggests that you are afraid, you may feel panicky or start to sweat. But the entire time, you are aware that it's all imaginary. Essentially, you're "playing pretend" on an intense level, as kids do." No-one following religion is aware that it is all imaginary. Nice try but it seems you and psychiatrists have very different definitions of this phenomena, yours stems from preconceived notions while theirs is backed up by empirical scientific data.
  12. Richard Dawkins, What He Did Fail To Answer?

    Using your same logic the media has hypnotized you in all aspects of life. Your argument fails when because even when Islam is brought under scrutiny and is examined for error the "hypnosis" is not broken, therefore under your definitions it is not hypnosis. Also questioning is encouraged in Islam..why would this be if as you say it is a form of mind control? Why would asking questions which go against the very nature of the hypnotist be encouraged?
  13. Richard Dawkins, What He Did Fail To Answer?

    I didn't address the posts about hypnotism because they have no relevance to monotheistic religions.
  14. Richard Dawkins, What He Did Fail To Answer?

    If it requires courage you don't actually believe it is the truth. If you know something is the truth it requires no bravery, fear, etc. to accept it. Similarly if everyone believed rubbing a mossy rock in the Black Forest gave you everlasting life, It would require no courage on my part to deny this since I know this cannot be true.