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  1. I Need Some Help...

    Salaam Firstly welcome, secondly from what you have written it is clear that your mind is in conflict, on one hand you want to be clean and on the other you say what is the point. I would recommend a few things: 1) Set goals and plan how you will achieve those goals in practical sense, make them small and build on them gradually 2) Change of company to good company probably easiest to accomplish if you start going to the Masjid 3) Dua / supplication, know my friend that supplication is the weapon of the muslim, and know Allah is not in need of us but we are in need of him, and that we all make sins but the best of us are those who repent, so if you sincerely and constantly repent know your sins are turned into good deeds and you will feel your burden being reduced. A side point is to be wary of the devil, know he will always whisper and put doubts into you but the only way to combat is through eeman, and know that the most restful peaceful content heart is that which is in the worship of Allah and believes in him with certaintly And Allah knows best. Wassalam
  2. Another Question

    Salaam Don't really know but I think it is important to find out if this ring is a symbol of a religion or not, as we are forbidden to imitate another religion. Second point would be that would it attract unwanted intention because you are wearing it, Wassalam
  3. Ramadan

    Salaam surah baqarah is the second surah and the ayat above you will find in the second juzz (chapter) Wassalam
  4. Ramadan

    Salaam I just wanted to mention that there is ease in the religion and for those travelling they do not have to fast but can make it up later, some of the new muslims may not be aware and may put themselves in extreme hardship which is not what Allah wants. i would suggest reading surah baqarah ayah 182 to 187 together with explanation And Allah knows best Wassalam
  5. Evolution

    Salaam Thanks for trying but my questions remain. Even the link you provide which talk of evidences assume quite a high degree of biology to even try to comprehend. Also I still fail to see why in the past there could not have been species in some aspects more similar to us, in some aspects more similar to whales, or some have feathers and as today some species become extinct, they also became extint, just because you find some similarities with another species does not mean they have been evolved from the other!! Regarding mutation, even if we take positive mutation to be even less that 0.5% these mutations have not stopped have they they must be continuing to happen, so have scientists identified any postive mutations recently? I think I probably won't get evolution, or perhaps to get a better understanding I would need to do a lot more personal studying, which currently does not appeal to me. Wassalam
  6. Evolution

    Salaam Thank you for your reply but it does not really answer any of my queries, first of all it is too broad. I realise that evolutionists believe that mutation and natural selection is essentially what evolution is but as I mentioned before to me it is a huge jump from changes within species to leading to evolving into another species. Again your answers is not specific and very vague even in regards to intermediateries. You mention provide some benefit, could you give any example such as animal a did not have feathers it would benefit from feather and this happened etc. Also is there any evidence for this. You have mentioned that the mutations are essentially random and then replicated, i would say usually mutations lead to harm or no benefit, but from what you are saying they need to confer benefit, do you have any examples of such mutations, ie those that have led to benefit. Regarding your links, the first had error page and the other just talks about species and its classification which is not what I need to know but rather are there any evidence to prove/suggest that mutation and natural selection has led to evolving into another species, particularly at the dna level. Thanks
  7. It All Goes Back To 1918

    Salaam I would strongly recommend you check out the video, it suggests that bankers would do anything to make money and have ultimate power, including funding, planning wars, assasinations etc. I am not denying anything you have said, but I do believe there is a deeper level. The people who control the people including presidents due to their huge wealth and power which comes with it. For example look into the great depression and how it was caused by the bankers. Anyway it is only a strong recomendation and I think you would enjoy it even if you disagree with it. Wassalam
  8. Evolution

    Salaam I would like someone to provide strong evidence to prove evolution theory. What in particular I would like is evidence which suggest that one species has evolved into another. What I don't want is evidence of natural selection, as that bit makes sense to me. In other words I want proof that over time our genetic pool has increased rather than already within a species there being a wide range of genetic material and due to change in environment certain benefitial genetic material more likely to survive and get passed on ( which to me is natural selection, survival of the fittest). I am finding it difficult to make the huge leap from natural selection to evolution, where by evolution i mean one species gradually becoming another species. In relation to this I also have great difficulty in understanding why small changes would have been made. Let me expand why would sea animals need to start living on land, and if this did happen then the process would be very gradual but at each gradual stage there would need to be a benefit for it to survive, right. Like say birds wings to become arms, then each tiny change would need to be benefitial but how would the intermediate stages be benefitial when they could neither be as effective as actual wings nor as useful as arms. Wassalam
  9. What Is Sin?

    Salaam Just to point out that if people do not respond it does not mean they can't but some of us think of the benefit in replying both to you and to ourselves and I believe many will think it is a waste of time, as you don't believe in god yet these questions all stem from believing in him. To me sin is disobeying Allah. It is bad because our purpose is to worship god and not disobey him. Opposite of sin would be deeds which receive a reward from Allah. God is the creator of all his creation and hence he created being who have free will and hence ability to do evil. There would be no free will nor would there this life be a test if there was no sin, rather man is prone to make sins but the best of men are those who repent. Wassalam
  10. Salaam It is clear to me that you have another agenda and in all your posts you try to point out your believe that there is no god. Looking into these peripheral issues is not going to address that, as you have stated before you are not interested in why things happen but how they happen which to me means if you persist in that reasoning you will never find god not that you currently want to. Hence in future I will try and give brief responses as I see little benefit for either in these discussions. Regarding your last points, the creator is not like your great grandpa as he did not create the heavens earth etc. Regarding humility, i would describe it being humble if you do an action but play it down, if you don't that is up to you. And just to repeat good and bad actions are ours and that is the reason we will be judged. We choose to attribute good to god and evil to ourselves for the pleasure of god, something clearly you won't understand as you don't believe in god. Wassalam
  11. It All Goes Back To 1918

    Salaam Brother Yank I would suggest that there is a deeper level to what you have studied and that is the role of the bankers, they were after all the ones who benefitted from the war and leant to both sides, and then there was the convenient great depression, i would suggest that you look up the video Money Masters on google video or you tube to get a better picture, made by an economist. If you have already seen it what do you think? Thanks Wassalam
  12. Dajjal (Anti-Christ)

    Salaam In surah imran, he is referred to as being from those who are muqarraboon, ie those who are close, ie close to Allah. As you are aware the term friend is english and is very broad. Wassalam
  13. The Arrivals

    Salaam I think the plan is for it to come out in the last quarter of this month, check out the wakeupproject website and I think it will be called the awakening and a trailer is already out on youtube. I am recollecting from memory, forgive me if I have made a mistake. Wassalam
  14. Salam Just to clarify what I am saying is that as individuals the action comes from us, if it is good we get a reward for it. The reason why we would attribute it to god is that this statement is also true as ultimately he is the ultimate creator, he created everything in the creation including satan. Also by doing this we will be humbling ourselves, not get arrogant about our acheivements and it will help us strive more and get more reward for attributing good to Allah. Allah does not need us, we need him. Wassalam
  15. Salam We as humans are given free choice, through this free choice we can do good or bad. For example if someone forces us to do "a good act such as give charity" and we have no choice in the matter and are compelled and do not intend to do it, it wont be regarded as good, ie something worthy of reward, if we are compelled to do evil without a choice then it wont be considered sinful. So in this sense evil and good comes from us. As mentioned one could also say as god is the ultimate creator that god has created good and evil, as if he did not want sin, wrong actions he would not have given us that ability and we would have been like angels who cannot disobey. Rather this life is a test and for a test good and its opposite needs to be possible. And Allah knows best. Wassalam