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  1. Nafl Salaat

    Salaam Brothers and Sisters. I am new to praying Nafl Salaat and am hoping that someone can outline the steps to perform such a prayer. Thank You
  2. Small Favor

    But Brother, school and homework timing does not permit me to do pray all the time 5 times a day. I find it difficult to pray Isha and I come home at 4 30 to make Zuhr. What should I do?
  3. Small Favor

    Salaam Brothers and Sisters. Today I have taken an important exam, an SAT Subject Test in US History. I am simply asking that you pray that the test results come out positive. My family has gone through a great deal this year and I just want to make them proud. Our family needs some sort of smile and happiness and I hope to credit my SAT to this happiness. So brothers and sisters I ask that you pray that I did well on the exam. Also if anyone knows how I can ask Allah himself to grant me my desire of passing this exam. I am a Muslim teen, and have now become a steadfast prayer meaning 4 times a day rather than 5. But I hope to start with 5 times prayer tonight. There is always a good day to start afresh. I just would like to know how I can ask/plead Allah to give me the score I so desire. Also I ask that brothers and sisters, you pray that I did well as well. Thank you. Salaam
  4. Praying Behind Imam

    Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters. I have a question on how we pray behind an Imam at a Masjid. Do we recite surahs or just remain mute as we follow the Imam? How does one pray behind an Imam. If anyone can tell me in detail. Thank you. Salam
  5. Just A Simple Prayer

    Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters. I am here asking all of you to pray for our family. My father is facing dire situations with his business and soon enough the economy might force him to close down business. Therefore I ask you brothers and sisters to pray for my father and our family, so that we may remain in a stable financial situation. Please help Allah grant my wish, pray with me for a stable financial situation for my father and his family. Thank you.
  6. I Need Help

    Thank you brother. If anyone else can add their own input, I would appreciate it.
  7. I Need Help

    Salam brothers, I am Brother Imran and am a 16 year old youth who has done one of the greatest sins. I have had a girlfriend and went the total distance with her as in having had sex already. Many times for that matter. And now I have become an addict. Addicted to sex. I have said that I will not do this anymore, I promised to Allah that I would cease all sexual activity. But as soon as I saw a friend of mine we went and had sex. I do not kknow how to stop this addiction. Brothers please help me stop this addiction and how can I ask Allah to forgive me. Forgive me for all the times I disobeyed and had sex, all the times I broke my promise of abstinence. Please I have decided to commit myself to faith now but I want to ask for forgiveness first. And I got my SAT scores back today, a huge test for college. I did pretty poorly and I originally thought I did well. Is this because I had sex the day before I got my results back? Is it the power of Allah that denied me the ultimate score, as a punishment? As a warning? Let me know what you think brothers. Please reply soon. I want to correct my life as soon as possible.
  8. Imran

    I am a 16 year old Islamic Youth living in NYC. I am just someone lost in this western world. I have been having great trouble bringing out the Islam within me. I am hoping this forum would be able to provide the guidance.