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  1. Verse 2:29

    That's because your not reading what is written. it says that what is IN the Earth was created not the Earth itself was created. it then says that the sky was fashioned into 7 heavens not the sky was CREATED. This Surah makes no mention of stars so you can't attempt to assume that it is referring to stars. what it says about the stars is that the stars were adorned in the lowest heaven. once again adorned does NOT mean created. You are replacing one word with another. To use an example. if you celebrate Christmas then every Christmas you adorn the Christmas tree with decorations. You place the little fuzzy balls, and tinsel and place the star at the top and all that. When Christmas is over you take the decorations off the tree. Does this mean that every Christmas you create new decorations??? No, the decorations were already there you just moved them from the box they were in to the tree. Same thing applies here. the stars were simply placed in the lowest heaven.
  2. New To The Forum

    Sallam to all my brothers and sisters in the faith. I have just recently joined and wanted to say hello to everyone. I hope that in this forum I will meet many new people and hopefully be able to engage in some quality discussions.