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  1. As-salam 'Aalykum, Brothers and Sisters, I feel very strongly on this matter and was very angry when I heard of this. Let me explain. In the UK, there's a major tv channel called the BBC, and a very popular soap they air is 'Eastenders'. Personally, I hate it and never watch it, feeling it's just full of filfth, however it is incredibly popular amongst other British people. They wish to show a storyline involving a gay Muslim man, Read this article for more info: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8072720.stm"]news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8072720.stm[/url] I'm very angry that they even thought of the idea and wrote to the BBC the following: "Recently I've heard that EastEnders are wishing to tackle a storyline about a gay Muslim man. Firstly, I am absolutely furious that such an idea was even contemplated by the scriptwriters, and secondly that the BBC has decided to go ahead with it. Having homosexual storylines is enough for the majority of Muslims throughout the country to turn of their TVs, but to feature a plot like this would completely enrage them, similarly to the way I am now. Being homosexual is sinful and heavily shunned upon in Islam. To show this storyline could cause unbelievable unrest in Britain’s Muslim societies, and I assure you I will not be the only one to complain, and there are many others with much more extreme views who may go further than writing a letter; expect protests and national outrage from Muslims all around the UK if this storyline was aired. In the article I read, informing me of the upcoming plot, EastEnders executive producer stated “Sometimes there's a danger of being too careful with black or Asian characters that we might go into territories that might offend†Of all the storylines the scriptwriters could have chosen for the on-screen Muslim family, this is by far what will cause offence on an immeasurable scale. The article also hinted that it’s a bid to reach out to a wider audience such as the diverse multi-cultural society there is in Britain today, this, however, would only deter Muslims away from this show and possibly the whole of the BBC. Statistics taken from ‘The Guardian’ newspaper showed that Muslims had a zero tolerance policy on homosexuality (See link below), so how I ask will this storyline branch out to Muslim communities? How will it do any benefit but further increase the gap between British Muslims and British society, which already is so painstakingly wide? If the BBC truly wanted to do service to the Muslim communities it would definitely cancel the storyline, as the prevention of this causing offence would be much better than trying to apologize once millions of Muslims are already infuriated after the episode’s showing. To prevent problems to both British Society and the BBC, I strongly suggest that this storyline is completely cancelled immediately, in the hope that the incredible harm already done can possibly be repaired. British Muslim Poll - (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetguardian.co.uk/uk/2009/may/07/muslims-britain-france-germany-homosexuality"]you are not allowed to post links yetguardian.co.uk/uk/2009/may/07/muslims-britain-france-germany-homosexuality[/url] What they replied back I can't copy here as it's 'confidential' :sl: but they had said that they had consulted muslims before going ahead with it, the Muslim they 'consulted' was Yusuf Wehebi from Imaan - an organisation that supports gay Muslims. I would like your help to also complain to the BBC, they replied but dismissed the idea of cancelling the storyline. I feel if enough people complain they will have to take it more seriously. A letter is not needed, even a simple sentence stating "I feel the gay Muslim storyline on Eastenders should be cancelled" would be enough to let the BBC know it's unsettling more people. You can complain using the the link below. If you do complain, a post here informing me that you have would be appreciated, so I know roughly how many people are. It won't take much time, but I'd be grateful for your help :sl: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetbbc.co.uk/complaints/complaints_stage1.shtml"]you are not allowed to post links yetbbc.co.uk/complaints/complaints_stage1.shtml[/url] Many thanks Fixed links -Redeem
  2. Help Me Tell The Bbc To Cancel Gay Muslims Publicity

    I don't know the exect day but sometime next month, within the coming weeks, I think. To complain you don't need the transmission date though I just wrote the Programme 'Eastenders' and the Channel 'BBC1'. I really wish the BBC weren't being so stupid, deliberately picking contraversial subjects :sl:
  3. Help Me Tell The Bbc To Cancel Gay Muslims Publicity

    As-salam 'Aalykum, I thank you all for helping to rise against it. Insh' Allah we shall get this storyline cancelled before it's aired, and at least show the BBC our complete disgust! I strongly urge everyone to complain, whether you live in Britain or not, even the Christians who are part of this forum, from what I understand it is very sinful in Christianity too. Peter_J, thank you for hoping the storyline is cancelled, but even better than hoping is if you complain, your help would be much appreciated. Josh0335, Poverty goes on in the world and is reality, does that mean no one should feed the poor to try to help? Does that mean the people of the world should be left to starve? Murder is a reality, does that mean we should not punish it? Josh0335, I hope you can see how shameful homosexuality is and how it is for us to stop this ridiculous storyline. I understand British soaps are filled with so much disgusting filth that rising against it all could take forever, however this time it involves a character who is a Muslim man. This will make people think it is acceptable in Islam, and even some young muslims who watch the filth may even start to think it's acceptable, or maybe even the older ones too! Society is becoming more liberal and straying from Islamic values, we must do all that we can to stop it. So again, please do not just commend our efforts, help! Sister, Umm Khattab, I absolutely hate the soap too. Your description of 'BELOW FILTH' fits brilliantly :sl: I have not seen how the 'Masoods' are like, but I'm pretty sure it's very un-Islamic! Indeed, I feel the BBC just want to corrupt muslims and slander our religion, it must be stopped! Especially after following their refusal to air Palestinian Aid adverts!!!!! They can air a gay Muslim storyline to 'do service to Muslims' but they can't publicise Palestinian Aid!!! Please, everyone, complain if you can, even a short sentence will do! :sl: Also, is this post getting enough attention here? Is there any where in the forum more people may look at it? I really hope we can stop this storyline airing but we're going to need more people. Insh' Allah, it will be cancelled.
  4. As-salam 'aalykum

    As-salam 'Aalykum, I'm a young Muslim from England. I'm currently studying for my GCSEs and hope to become a Doctor one day, Insh'Allah. I feel very strongly about a lot of issues, including moral/ethical issues and political. I try my best do what I can for people and the environment. For example, convincing my family and school the use of solar panels/ recycling etc, but also whenever possible raising awareness of political issues in the classroom, no matter how controversial. For my recent GCSE coursework, while most students did a speech on their favourite sport or hobby, I chose the injustice going on in Palestine as my topic. Anyway, that's a bit about me :sl:
  5. Global Warming

    As-salam 'Aalykum, You are a few years younger than me, yes I understand, schools heavily emphasise on these matters nowadays as Gloabal Warming is a big problem, affecting many things, such as melting ice caps, overall increase in temperature, etc. However, I don't think it will be the end of the World. I think Humans are causing Global Warming by mistreating the Earth and it's resources that were given to us. We were meant to look after the Earth and the animals, not damage. Yes sister, I too beleive the natural disasters that occur are tests from Allah, as nothing happens unless it is Allah's will. Although, I think Gloabal Warming is happening because of humans, as we were given free will and we have chosen to cut down the beautiful forests that Allah made, and irresponsibly burn fuels. However, Allah knew all along what we would do as Allah is all knowing and all powerful. Now we suffer the consequences through gloabal warming and it's effects and nothing happens against Allah's will, so yes, it can be seen as a kind of punishment. A punishment to test us maybe, to see how we'll respond after realising the scale of the damage. But who knows? Our intelligence is so small and almost nothing, compared to that of Allah's, we will never be able to understand things to the shere unimaginable detail and complexity that they are. As for 'loving to know about it'? I didn't quite get what you were referring to :S Whether it was punishment and tests or global warming. But if it was about gloabal warming a short summary is: The sun emits heat radiation that gets through the Earth's atmosphere. Some is absorbed by the Earth and the rest re-radiated back into space. Carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere absorbs/traps some of this heat that should usually have been re-radiated out of the atmosphere. Due to this, the overall temperature of the Earth rises. An increase in the Earth's temperature can cause a lot of problems, even if it is only by a couple of degrees. Carbon dioxide and methane are produced by some of the following: deforestation, rice fields, cows and the main one - when we burn fossil fuels. Hope that helps :sl: