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  1. Islam in America

    Didnt read the above posts too throughly, but Illinois and Michigan are really good states for Muslims (reverts and born) to find an accepting community as well as decent jobs.
  2. Married The Wrong Person

    I realize this wasnt a recent issue. Apologies.
  3. Married The Wrong Person

    I am no marriage counselor, but you should and must talk to your wife and ease her into the new environment. There could be many side reasons to her actions (that have nothing to do with you but are coming back to you because probably you are the only one around or she feels close enough to to lash out...as ironic as it may sound, but its true for many people I know). One thing with women is they dont say it up front, they want the husband to figure it out by the hints they give. So try learning from her hints atleast rather than giving up on the marriage. Send her unexpected flowers/gifts/cards that she receives when you are at work. Come home early instead of late. If you ignore her and try to stay away from her, that will give you less time to know her and more time to plot how to end this marriage. Keep in mind divorce in this day and age seems very common but it is one of the most disliked of allowed things. Keep also in mind that the man is given the right to divorce and the woman can only ask for it. Allah has His Wisdom for this, but to a human mind, a very logical explanation is because women are emotional and women think and say things emotionally. If a man stoops to that level and utters those words, the divorce becomes permanent and there is no going back. Thats why a man must think logically and make ways to make things work rather than end. Make efforts, sometimes it just takes time. If one day it doesnt work, try again in a few days. If all fails just try to make things work for sake of Allah, and inshaAllah Allah will make things work. When a divorce takes place in a home, the Threshold of Allah shivers and Shaytan becomes happy. Just for this purpose try to avoid a divorce. Also there are several ayahs that can be read over sweet food and given to the person to make them like you. (But here you might need to eat that as well since you too are running far from her.) This isnt 'black magic', its using the Word of Allah to make your marriage work. Black magic appeals to shaytan and jinns for support, not Allah. Just like the duas below, the last three ayahs of Surah Baqarah are also a dua for this and any purpose. Another ayah (96) is in Surah Maryam (19) - (19:96). There are a few more as well.
  4. Divorced Man

    I agree with above. You should make sure he gets the civil divorce done. And ofcourse before anything, do istikhara. if you have doubts dont go into this marriage.
  5. Feeling The Heat

    I think it has nothing to do with being cultural, its just a mind set. Ofcourse its up to Allah to get all of us married when He has decided for us. But parents worry. I have had the same issue for 4 years now and I similar in age as you. Actually my pressure started much earlier like in 4th grade, when some girl the family knew committed adultery. Since then they have been concerned about anywhere I go, who I talk to, how I dress...and how I should get married soon so that they dont have to worry about this. I guess like you, I need advice too...when there are arguments about marriage, I dont know how to deal with it. Its frustrating when I am told that because I wear the hijab I look timid and to some extent retarded because I dont talk much and stay quiet most of the time when I am outside. And even when proposals come and even though the family decided against the guy, I am told that because of the previously mentioned reasons I dont get good proposals. But enough with me, I agree with the previous post. Instead of rejecting right away, do istikhara. That way Allah will guide you to the right guy. InshaAllah.
  6. Mom Demands That I Take Her Exams

    I think the best situation would be that you do the exam for her but have her with you, or tell her that you want to consult answers with her and see what she thinks of the particular question. Also, it could be that she is busy with cooking/cleaning/job that keeps her busy or she becomes tired and isnt able to do the exam. You could take those responsibilities and maybe that would give her some time and strength to complete her exams. InshaAllah good luck.
  7. Husband For Sale

    Funny...but true to some extent. :sl:
  8. Beautiful Islamic Quotes To Ponder Over.

    SubhanAllah, that was beautiful UmmMaher.
  9. Kids On Mariage!

    Kristen and Derrick got it right! :sl:
  10. Mortgage

    The Islamic mortgage option is really the same as the regular mortgage. The only difference is intention. With Islamic banking the bank buys your house and then you end up buying it from the bank. The difference comes in when instead of paying interest to the bank, you are just buying the house for a little more price. The bank adds in the interest for 30 years and gives you a final value that you slowly pay off each month for 30 years (or however many years you set in the contract). This is my knowledge of the system in the US. I think a similar option should be available in Canada as well. Though I dont know how 'halal' this is.
  11. 2 Questions

    Wasalam, 1) I dont know about Islamic rulings on such matters. 2) I recently read that if a paste of warm olive oil, honey and cinnamon powder is applied for 15 minutes and then washed can help with hair loss. Never tried it, dont know if it works.
  12. Beautiful Islamic Quotes To Ponder Over.

    "O Allah, You know me better than I know myself, and I know myself better than these people who praise me. Make me better than what they think of me, and forgive those sins of mine of which they have no knowledge, and do not hold me responsible for what they say." Hadrat Abu Bakr Siddique (radi-Allahu-anhu)
  13. Go Figure This Out.

    I was thinking 'mouth' as well.
  14. Have A Welcome Drink

    Waa'laikumusalam, My name is Imtihal, and I am a college student in the US. I like poetry as you can tell. I think thats about it. Wassalam.
  15. Convince Me Islam Is Truth

    I was not aware that swine flesh was forbidden in Christianity as well. The quotes provided are very helpful.