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  1. How To Say.... In Arabic

    :sl: I posted a topic when I shouldn't have how would man say "If one bows before God, he can stand against anything" wasalaam
  2. Translation

    Wallah I am an idiot, I didn't notice the "how to say" section forgive me for being stupid wasalaam
  3. Translation

    :sl: I am making a graphic for something, and was wondering if someone could translate this phrase into Arabic. I don't want to use a translator because they mess things up horribly, I want this to be correct. Also, I would really like this in Arabic script, not in transliteration :sl: "If one bows before God, one can stand against anything" Shokran wa Salaam
  4. Thank You!

    Oh woops, I need to look at the gender part instead of assuming one is a male Shokranlak, Sister :sl:
  5. Ramadan Question

    :sl: Last night I had slept at my friend Muslim friend Rameen's house, and this morning we had woken up late (I'll be making up for Fajr at Zhuruhr today) and noticed that even though it was after the time to start fasting his Muslim family had still served breakfast. It had made me very confused, though had told me that "because we missed the Fajr meal, it's ok". Honestly, I didn't know if I really believed this, but because they were good Muslims, I had taken their word and decided to eat. I really question though if that was correct... God forgive me if it was wrong... Wasalaam
  6. Thank You!

    This has made it so much clearer, thank you, brother! May Allah irRahman irRaheem be with you! Wasalaamu alaiykum!
  7. Powerful Recitation

    :sl: Alhumdulilah! What a beautiful recitation! Mashallah he has an amazing voice! Allahu Akbar! Insh'Allah I can recite like him some day. This is so powerful, my heart feels so embraced by Him who has created me! Ash-hadu an la ilaha il'Allah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasullah!!! Allahu akbar thank you for sharing this, thank you so much sister! Wasalaam.
  8. Obama - Death Warrants For The Elderly

    Salaam Same, when he left Islam for his gain, even though I was not Muslim at the time, I still decided it was no good to follow him anymore. I disagree with you on his wife though, I also see her as a Zionist Abortionist Anti-Muslim promoter. Wasalaam
  9. Obama - Death Warrants For The Elderly

    :sl: Mashallah, sister, someone has seen the true veils of Obama! I feel that many muslims are being misguided by this figure, as if he is some sort of savior. Do not let him do this too you, for he is a Zionist, Abortionist fool. I beg Allah subhana wa ta'ala that muslims will finally realize this. I'm glad I have met one. Wasalaam
  10. Thank You!

    Wasalaam Thank you, that was EXTREMELY clear, it makes complete sense now. Though I have one more question, I do not see "noon" (ä [using large font size is not allowed]) anywhere, where does the "n" sound come from thank you so much!
  11. Thank You!

    :sl: Hello everybody, I have a question on the word, "thank you" Now I know the word is Shokran, but this is what I am confused about ÔßÑÇ áß [using large font size is not allowed] Now, after have studying arabic script, I know what all these letters are, but when I read them, I don't find Shokran, (Shkrn), but I find Shkralk What am I reading wrong? SH-K-R-A-L-K, right? Wasalaam
  12. Islam In Germany

    Wasalaam I'm really happy you mentioned this. You are exactly right! A lot of discrimination against Muslims here comes from Old Time Communists who are still loyal to the USSR and New Time Nazis who have come in offering reform to those who hated the USSR. You haven't seen any discrimination in the South? This surprises me, I haven't either, for I don't live there and only go there on special occasions. This kind of surprises me, but you do have a point, the South is predominately Catholic, and me used to have being Catholic know that Catholics won't discriminate against Muslims. Thank you for your post :sl:
  13. How To Quote From Others Reply?

    :sl: You should be able to. If you press the "quote" button, it should turn red with a "-" in place of the "+". After you have hit that and it has turned red, you should be able to hit "fast reply" or "add reply" and it should come in bb code ( [bbcodecommand]quote[/bbcodecommand] ) If you can't see the reply button something is wrong. Wasalaam.
  14. Why Do I Hide My Islam?

    Wasalaam sister I'm 15 right now, and I am dependent on my parent's support. You are right, and once I am 18 years of age and legally an adult (for then they can't take any of my Muslim stuff away, for they have bought none of it), I will tell them. I will get a prayer cap and some robes, and wear them all the time. I will Muslim, and I will be proud of it :sl: Thank you for your post, sister
  15. Why Do I Hide My Islam?

    :sl: Salaam, brother As a Muslim in hiding, I have an idea of what you feel. I can't tell anybody or it could mean either my disownment or my dad taking away anything Muslim that I have. You are probably still transitioning from 2 and a half years of hiding to just starting to tell people, that's normal. Though try to express it as much as you can and don't hold it in. Remember, you are Muslim, and you should be proud about it (stay humble, too lol). Now that you've told one person, tell the world. Fellow Muslims and friends will hear you, and you will benefit greatly. Wasalaam.