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  1. Translation

    :sl: I am making a graphic for something, and was wondering if someone could translate this phrase into Arabic. I don't want to use a translator because they mess things up horribly, I want this to be correct. Also, I would really like this in Arabic script, not in transliteration :sl: "If one bows before God, one can stand against anything" Shokran wa Salaam
  2. How To Say.... In Arabic

    :sl: I posted a topic when I shouldn't have how would man say "If one bows before God, he can stand against anything" wasalaam
  3. Translation

    Wallah I am an idiot, I didn't notice the "how to say" section forgive me for being stupid wasalaam
  4. Thank You!

    :sl: Hello everybody, I have a question on the word, "thank you" Now I know the word is Shokran, but this is what I am confused about ÔßÑÇ áß [using large font size is not allowed] Now, after have studying arabic script, I know what all these letters are, but when I read them, I don't find Shokran, (Shkrn), but I find Shkralk What am I reading wrong? SH-K-R-A-L-K, right? Wasalaam
  5. Thank You!

    Oh woops, I need to look at the gender part instead of assuming one is a male Shokranlak, Sister :sl:
  6. Ramadan Question

    :sl: Last night I had slept at my friend Muslim friend Rameen's house, and this morning we had woken up late (I'll be making up for Fajr at Zhuruhr today) and noticed that even though it was after the time to start fasting his Muslim family had still served breakfast. It had made me very confused, though had told me that "because we missed the Fajr meal, it's ok". Honestly, I didn't know if I really believed this, but because they were good Muslims, I had taken their word and decided to eat. I really question though if that was correct... God forgive me if it was wrong... Wasalaam
  7. Thank You!

    This has made it so much clearer, thank you, brother! May Allah irRahman irRaheem be with you! Wasalaamu alaiykum!
  8. Positions In Islam

    :sl: I know I am having quite a bit of questions recently, but I think they will come to a good cause. This is about positions in Islam. What I mean by this is like vocations that Muslims can take. For example, an Imam. Being a revert, I don't even exactly know what an Imam does. I want to know this because I am VERY interested in maybe following one of these vocations. A dream is to someday call prayer, for I believe the call to prayer explains what the world must do in order to enter paradise. I believe the call to prayer is the upmost humble way to let the world know who is there looking upon us, who is the Most Compassionate, and who is the Most Merciful. Hearing "Allaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhu Akbar'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahu Akbar" is probably the most beautiful thing to me. But ANYWAY (sorry for getting off topic) Could someone explain to me some of these vocations? Wasalaam
  9. Powerful Recitation

    :sl: Alhumdulilah! What a beautiful recitation! Mashallah he has an amazing voice! Allahu Akbar! Insh'Allah I can recite like him some day. This is so powerful, my heart feels so embraced by Him who has created me! Ash-hadu an la ilaha il'Allah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasullah!!! Allahu akbar thank you for sharing this, thank you so much sister! Wasalaam.
  10. Obama - Death Warrants For The Elderly

    Salaam Same, when he left Islam for his gain, even though I was not Muslim at the time, I still decided it was no good to follow him anymore. I disagree with you on his wife though, I also see her as a Zionist Abortionist Anti-Muslim promoter. Wasalaam
  11. Obama - Death Warrants For The Elderly

    :sl: Mashallah, sister, someone has seen the true veils of Obama! I feel that many muslims are being misguided by this figure, as if he is some sort of savior. Do not let him do this too you, for he is a Zionist, Abortionist fool. I beg Allah subhana wa ta'ala that muslims will finally realize this. I'm glad I have met one. Wasalaam
  12. Thank You!

    Wasalaam Thank you, that was EXTREMELY clear, it makes complete sense now. Though I have one more question, I do not see "noon" (ä [using large font size is not allowed]) anywhere, where does the "n" sound come from thank you so much!
  13. Hello, as I have said in the welcome section, my name is Michael, I am 15 years old, and about 4 months ago I converted to the beautiful lifestyle that is Islam, and this is my story. In December>January, I had become very interested in Islam, as I had learned a bit more about it, and saw the beauty of total submission to the will of God. I was a hard practicing Catholic, and as I still do today, loved God very much. Unfortunately, the people I was going to church with did not have such a burning passion and love for God as I do, and unfortunately many children (not just Catholic) my age do not share such a beauty that I have come to know and love, and this was very upsetting to me. I love the Catholic Mass, as I find it beautiful, but what the Priests were preaching, the parishioners would not listen. I would hear my friends use God's name in vain, and sin as if they didn't understand the consequences. This gave me righteous anger, I was tired of it, I was tired of the Church separating, I was tired of parishioners not listening, I was tired of the lack of love and discipline! Islam became very attractive. I was helping my friend study for a German test, because I have studied and have become very good at speaking German. Anyway, as I was about to leave his house, he had a Qu'ran for some reason (he's an Atheist, and his parents aren't religious), and he was about to throw it out. I became very offended he would do that and I said "i'll take it if you don't want it." He let me take it home and I looked into it. I was shocked by the beauty, the truth, and the passion for God that I found in this book. I kept reading, and I was so enjoyed to see what love for God was found in this book. I had decided this is not just some Harosy as I had been taught, it was more. I have a friend named Rameen of whom I just got a position in a band to play with. Him and his parents are God loving, practicing Muslims. They had beautiful pictures of Allah's (swt) many names, and beautiful prayer set ups and so on. I had began to ask questions about Islam, and the more I learned, the more I became compelled to convert. I had finally had a breaking point with Christianity, with the lack of loving God, the lack of respect for someone who has given so much for us, when we aren't deserving at all. Although I had a huge problem: My family (especially my father) are hardcore Catholics. There was no way that I could tell them I converted to Islam, and still haven't to this day. Although, I had believed that I wasn't going to be stopped by my family to convert in order to show my absolute love for God. I converted. I haven't been to a Masjid yet, and so I don't think i'm officially a Muslim, but I have said the words (not in arabic though :[##][/##]), and I label myself as a Muslim and I try so hard to be as good as can be. I run into many problem though, for example, I can't pray 5 times a day and unfortunately haven't been praying at all lately :sl:, and I need to get to that. I only know the Al-Fatihah by heart, and I need to study more. Muslim friends have been extremely generous as to donate to me a rug and two books on Islam. I am hoping for my first trip to the local Masjid this saturday, and I will talk to the Imam there. This is my story, and my story continues day by day. I try to live my day the Muslim way. I listen to Sami Yusuf and jam out to Allahu and Al-Mu'allim as much as I can haha Anyway, thank you for listening, and I hope that you guys can be a big step to me becoming more Muslim as the days pass. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar!!! Michael (Laith is my Muslim name)
  14. Islam In Germany

    Wasalaam I'm really happy you mentioned this. You are exactly right! A lot of discrimination against Muslims here comes from Old Time Communists who are still loyal to the USSR and New Time Nazis who have come in offering reform to those who hated the USSR. You haven't seen any discrimination in the South? This surprises me, I haven't either, for I don't live there and only go there on special occasions. This kind of surprises me, but you do have a point, the South is predominately Catholic, and me used to have being Catholic know that Catholics won't discriminate against Muslims. Thank you for your post :sl:
  15. How To Quote From Others Reply?

    :sl: You should be able to. If you press the "quote" button, it should turn red with a "-" in place of the "+". After you have hit that and it has turned red, you should be able to hit "fast reply" or "add reply" and it should come in bb code ( [bbcodecommand]quote[/bbcodecommand] ) If you can't see the reply button something is wrong. Wasalaam.
  16. Why Do I Hide My Islam?

    Wasalaam sister I'm 15 right now, and I am dependent on my parent's support. You are right, and once I am 18 years of age and legally an adult (for then they can't take any of my Muslim stuff away, for they have bought none of it), I will tell them. I will get a prayer cap and some robes, and wear them all the time. I will Muslim, and I will be proud of it :sl: Thank you for your post, sister
  17. :sl: Here's an interesting topic I think some Muslims should ponder upon. I notice that many Muslims seem to see Barack Obama as the light for America, or even a personal hero, bent on maybe helping the spread of Islam. As you can see in Dot's previous thread, Obama had addressed the Muslim world recently, giving much due "respect" for Islam. Though I think we need to look through the veils, has anyone seen what Obama stands for? Obama: 1) Is a Zionist This is extremely offensive to me. Something Muslims keep mistaking is that they believe Obama is actually Pro-Palestinian. He's not. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetbarackobama(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/pdf/israelFactSheet.pdf view this. They will not help us in this battle against the Muslims and Christians dying and being oppressed. 2) Supports the Culture of Death Obama is an outgoing death extremist by supporting a Haraam action, and that's Abortion. Obama constantly makes abortions avaliable for women, as well as supports Planned Parenthood, an organization that is geared towards pressuring women for abortions, pressuring men to use condoms, and pressuring the world to find this as "a woman's choice", when in fact it doesn't just kill an innocent life, it hurts the woman severely. We need to realize that Obama is sending support money to KILL our brothers and sisters trying to come into this world, and above you see he sends support money to brothers and sisters already in this world. 3) Supports Homosexuality I don't hate homosexual people, but we all know that it is Haraam in Islam to allow such a thing. I need say no more. 4) Repeats that he is not Muslim Listen, I can go on and on, and if you want more send me a personal message, but you get my point. We need to understand that what this man supports is NOT seen as righteous by the most Gracious most Merciful. We need to understand that as Muslims, by supporting Obama, we support: ZIONISM, Abortion, Homosexuality, and so on. Have you heard the saying "that if it leads to haraam then itself is haraam". Supporting Obama's views to destroy innocent Palestinians, destroy Innocent Children, support perversion of nature should be HARAAM. Understand that
  18. Why Do I Hide My Islam?

    :sl: Salaam, brother As a Muslim in hiding, I have an idea of what you feel. I can't tell anybody or it could mean either my disownment or my dad taking away anything Muslim that I have. You are probably still transitioning from 2 and a half years of hiding to just starting to tell people, that's normal. Though try to express it as much as you can and don't hold it in. Remember, you are Muslim, and you should be proud about it (stay humble, too lol). Now that you've told one person, tell the world. Fellow Muslims and friends will hear you, and you will benefit greatly. Wasalaam.
  19. Revert Or Born Muslim?

    :sl: REVERTS IN DA HOUSE yeh'YEH wasalaam
  20. Does Obama Really Mean Well?

    Woops I accidentally didn't finish, and I can't edit yet lol. Anyway, About number 4- He denies that he is Muslim as if it were a problem if he was. He denies Islam in a defying manor. and so on, Understand that Obama's views are everything against Sharia. We, as Muslims, can't support this. It's Haraam. Wasalaam.
  21. Poems

    :sl: Sorry I ask so many questions, but I wish to grow in my imaan through these answers, and I wish to thank you for your all's answers before I ask this question. You all have made my reversion to Islam so much easier, knowledgeable, and i'm not going to lie, FUN!! :sl: Okay here's my question: I write a lot of poetry, as this expresses what I feel towards things and the world. Ma shaa Allah I get many compliments about my poetry! Due to my reversion to Islam, I have been wanting to write many poems about Allah subhana wa ta'ala and His messenger Muhammad sall allahu alayhi wasalaam. One thing I wish to do is start off my poems with "Oh God the Gracious the Merciful" (Bismillah Ir-Rahman Ir-Raheem) but I do not know if this would be haram. I ask if it would be haram because I feel as if to say such things would be an imitation of Al-Qu'ran, which i'm not trying to do obviously. So would it be haram to start off my poems like this, or would it be considered haram because it's imitation of the Qu'ran. Wasalaam
  22. I couldn't find this in any of the massive "New Muslim Q&A Forum discussions", so I decided i'd ask here, if this is a misplaced topic/post, delete at your own consent :sl:. Okay, well me being a new convert, I only have Al-Fatihah memorized, and obviously it takes more than just knowing Al-Fatihah to pray. I know this, but my question is: What should I recite and memorize after that? What surwa should I begin to memorize? Where should I start? Is there something in particular I can do to help memorize?
  23. First, I want to say :sl: to my Muslim brothers and sisters and peace to my non-muslim brothers and sisters considering reversion. I really do hope my advice will go a long way. I don't know exactly how to start, except to start off and let you know that Islam is NOT an easy religion... because it's not a religion at all, it's a lifestyle. From what I have experienced, Islam is exactly as your school teachers have all taught you- total submission to Allah the Gracious the Compassionate. Though what it teaches you is something no other religion- or lifestyle can, and that's Love for God. Me, who was once a full on, not-gonna-be-converted Christian felt so restricted by Christianity to show my Love for God (all due respect for our Christian brothers). It was... going to church on Sunday for an hour and that was it. You could go on other days but wasn't required. Most Christians didn't even go to the hour they were supposed to. I couldn't find any Love for God there. Though Islam... Islam may mean submission to Allah but that also means appreciation for everything he has given us, through Love. Think about it: God has given us everything, a healthy life, a great world, great people, nature, everything. You make mistakes all the time as well as I, but He forgives and still loves us unconditionally... and Islam is a small thanks to what He has put upon us. Praying 5 times a day, showing modesty, not drinking, not eating pork, not dating, going on the Hajj (I'm actually excited for that) once in your lifetime, all these rules are given to us because God loves us so much, that by letting us know what we need to do to love Him back, we can grow in our Imaan (faith) towards Him, and we may reach Paradise. You should revert because loving God should be first in your life, giving Him your life, as He has given His unconditional Love to us. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Ash-hadu an la illaha ilallah! Ash-hadu an la illaha ilallah! Ash-hadu anna Muħammadan rasulullah! Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah! Hayya 'alal-salah! Hayya 'alal-salah! Hayya 'ala 'l-falah! Hayya 'ala 'l-falah! Al-salatu khayru min an-nawm! Al-salatu khayru min an-nawm! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! La ilaha ilallaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!![using large font size is not allowed] Do you heard that? It's Prayer time. Time to revert.
  24. Definitions

    :sl: Okay, something that I need some serious help with is definitions. I keep looking them up but get mixed answers and don't really understand what it is. So to be straight forward I am looking for definitions for: Hadith: Du'a: Ummah: Ummayad: Sunnah: Fatwa: Thank you all, I'll probably be adding more words to the list! Wasalaam.
  25. Why Should I Convert To Islam?

    :sl: God has given us many signs to show that he is real, though many choose to ignore these signs. There are many, but for a quick example: We can look at Time, matter, and so on to find evidence of God. The fact that in order to create all the finite, there must be an infinite. Time is finite, and we know this because it is described as "the measurement of changes in matter". If I were to give you a piece of gum after I turned the lightswitch an infinite amount of times, would you ever get it? Of course not. We Muslims believe that God is never changing, that he always was, and he always will be. But on to course, so if time is matter, what created time? Time does not consist of any elemental features, but then again it is a LAW that "matter can not be created or destroyed", and time is matter (even though it measures changes in matter, for time changes), so then what could do such a thing? Something has to be able to break the laws of physics in order to create time, nothing else can. God, maybe? Unseen doesn't mean Unevidenced. As for the "we are all born Muslim" thing (and I am a revert myself) you need to realize that Islam is NOT a religion, not a belief. It's a way of life. We were all born unto this way of life until our parents have made us change this way of life by not doing it themselves. We have nothing to base the Muslim way of life off of, so therefore we can't follow this way of life until we are mature enough to understand it is the correct way of life. My parents aren't Muslim, so when I was born, they didn't prostrate for prayer, they told me Jesus was God, and they took me to church every sunday. I was taken AWAY from the Muslim way of life. As for your two things for being non-religious, these go hand in hand. First off, I beg of you, LOOK UP evidence for God, I can give you many things in a PM if you wish, it is SO abundant, people just begin to reject it instead of accepting it because it is so painful to their own beliefs. Second, after you have built faith that there is a God, us Muslims believe that God grants us rewards for these deeds that we will later see be brought upon us in Paradise. It's kind of like a pay check, if you do your job, you get paid. Allah subhana wa ta'ala gives us so many blessings and rewards for our good deeds, and you will be informed of these at the gates of Paradise. Even if you look for a more down-to-earth solution, do good deeds for people, and watch their reactions. Imagine what recognition would be given if you simply gave a box of bottled water, or a nicely cooked meal to a starving Palestinian family. The look on their faces, the thanks you would get. They would grow their faith in God the Gracious the Merciful. More importantly, they will show you love for what you have done, if that's not informant, then please explain to me what is. Wasalaam.