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  1. Prophets (pbuh) In Paradise?

    But Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) did met Prophet Moussa (PBUH) there too. So how come Prophet Moussa was in paradise ?
  2. Islam in France

    Wooo What do you mean exactly by take over? My parents like many other people came to France 30 years ago to live a better life and not to convert France to an Islamic country. Ridiculous ! We never force people to join Islam, we have our religion and their have theirs. Of course if anyone is interested we'd be more than happy to explain it to them but if their aren't that's ok... I'm Muslim and french...It's not impossible. Anyway right now the french government are trying to ban the Niqab/Burqa. They think that it's against women liberty....
  3. Salam

    Hey my name is Nawal, I'm 22 and currently living in France. I'm in the first year of College as an English student and hope that inchaalah I'll be an english teacher. This is all you need to know Lol Salam