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  1. Help..need Duas?

    Is there any dua(s) you could say for someone who is mentally ill and someone who cannot give birth? my cuzin is having a hard time giving birth..when she gets pregnant she cannot carry to full term, she ends up having a miscarriage around the fourth month and one of my other family members is suffering from mental illness..it just recently happened to her this week so is there any duas i could say for them that would help?
  2. Laylat Al-qadr

    how do you pray on this night, i know its different from regular prayers but im just learning how to pray by myself so im kinda confused...help?
  3. Hi

    this is a bit confusing I am new to this forum, well im muslim but im here to know more about Islam and find guidance...i havent been the best muslim im ashamed to admit it but i want that to change...