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  1. Laylat Al-qadr

    how do you pray on this night, i know its different from regular prayers but im just learning how to pray by myself so im kinda confused...help?
  2. Help..need Duas?

    Is there any dua(s) you could say for someone who is mentally ill and someone who cannot give birth? my cuzin is having a hard time giving birth..when she gets pregnant she cannot carry to full term, she ends up having a miscarriage around the fourth month and one of my other family members is suffering from mental illness..it just recently happened to her this week so is there any duas i could say for them that would help?
  3. Hi

    this is a bit confusing I am new to this forum, well im muslim but im here to know more about Islam and find guidance...i havent been the best muslim im ashamed to admit it but i want that to change...