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  1. Evolution

    done that before and of course the opinion varies. do you have anything to comment on? your personal views? disagreements with evidence or agreement with evidence?
  2. There is plenty of evidence. Dna, fossil records, morphological trees, the tree of life, junk dna, the geologic record, the many dating techniques etc... they all show us essentially the same tree of how things came into being. phylogenetic tree (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Phylogenetic_tree"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Phylogenetic_tree[/url] We did not evolve from monkeys. We are apes. evoltion it self has been observed How can we tell that we have evolved from other lifeforms? That is like asking how can we solve a murder that we didnt witness. We look at the evidence. nonsequitor much? Science has been one of the greatest things out there. If science didnt know anything then you wouldnt have that nice computers of yours that science is responsible for.
  3. Im Back

    wow afte a month in the states i have finally made it back to japan, i had two late flights out of 4 which ment i had to run with wayy to much weighted bags...
  4. So you cant state how people are being oppressed in the US? And do you think im reffering to resonable restrictions on liberties such as not allowing murder, theft etc.... or do you think im reffering to unresonable restrictions such as religion, preferecnes ect.. Im not sure what your reffering to and you seem to refuse to state your side. I am not declaring there is a perfect system, i can declare some systems as being more oppressive than others. I can also declare some as being way way way way way oppressive.
  5. Old People's Home

    Ya gotta stop making assumptions based off of your own poor experiences. im sorry that you have had them but everyone is not like you. Why would my grandpa be happy being able to socialize with people? Why would he be happy being in an enviroment where he can get better exercise both mental and physcial? Why would he be happy not being forced to stay at home all the time with kids running around all the time or playing music to loud? And once again, there is a difference between taking care of kids and adults. Try changing diapers of a baby and a 100+lb adult. or perhaps lugging a baby upstairs or a grandparent? preparing specific medicine... etc... tell me its the same. the facilities needed for adults and children can vary completely especially depending on the health of the individuals. You seem to demonize something that can have a very good use and purpose. I have no problem agreeing that like anything it can be used incorrectly, target that not those that dont use it incorrectly.
  6. id agree that any political group hates competition.
  7. I never said it was possible, there you go again putting words in my mouth. What i did say was a general statment. Ill see if you can figure out what im reffering to. You aparently dont know what I mean so ill just leave you at that. Why dont you explain your diatribe on limitation of liberities in the USA. +- or what have ye. Do you live in the USA? And what limitations are you talking about? (as I said im not talking about things like not yelling fire in the theater.)
  8. Old People's Home

    they are not children. they do not have the same needs as children. they are mentally different from children. your responciblity to them are different than that of children. I am not supporting dumping them there for no reason. I am recognising that they can provide facilities and care that family may not be able to provide or be incapable of providing. I am recognising the they can provide an eviroment that the old can prosper and enjoy. My grandpa was much much happier in the home he moved to. He was taken care of to a degree that is impossible for my parents. He was taken care of medically and he was able to socialize much more than he could stuck at a house. We visited often (which seems to be the issue of out of site out of mind) . I have no problem agreeing that people can just leave and forget and i think thats sad.
  9. no its not, i can still be against it. But I am also sure you know what i mean by restrictions of freedom. (I am not talking about yelling fire in a theater) I am against any oppressive goverment. And? I never said it was perfect nor do I pretend to state a perfect one. I am giving a rough ideal. In the USA there are laws to help prevent the majority oppressing the minority. Thus it can not ever be a religious goverment. If all you had in the Islamic slate were just muslims who all perfectly agreed with what should be then sure as long as no oppression occurs. Of course that ideal is only a dream. Dealing witha realistic version im betting it will oppress others as will likely occur in any goverment that sets up 2nd class citezens.
  10. Your adding many things to what im saying. I am speaking hypothetically. I am against what I see as something that would restrict the freedoms of others. I am against dictatorships, I am against religous goverments (assuming they treat others as lesser citzens.) I am against the majority oppressing the minority. I am against many things and I can feel for those who are in such conditions even if im not. I am not against muslims or other religous groups develpooing their own religious state as long as they do not oppress others. (majority oppressing the minority.) If the Islamic state is just for muslims and they harm noone and oppress no one else then go for it. (although I suspect as with any religion oppression will still occur between those in any religion that hold different views.)
  11. Old People's Home

    medical, rehabilitiation, proper nursing etc.... Not to mention it does allow them to assoicate with others that they may normally not be able to if they are restricted to your house.
  12. Old People's Home

    From my personal experience i find homes being needed for proper care that cant be provided at home. What is sad is when people just leave the old there and forget about them. I find this no different than if you never visit your family or contact them. A retirment home is able to provide the facilities and care that a private residence can not. I find no fault in those that choose to try to take care of there family in alternate ways as long as they do check out and shop for proper care centers. I do find fault in those that just drop them off like a puppy to the pound never to be seen again.
  13. why are non muslms against it? It depends on what you mean, I would be against any goverment i live in being a religous state of any kind. I imagine anyone thats not of that religion (and many of that religion) not wanting a goverment of that religion (whatever that religion may be) It would have a great relevance if i lived in that country, I also would likely feel for those that lived in such a state. Frankly it would be great if no goverment enforced its religion on anyone.
  14. I think many have a good idea of what an Islamic state woulebe like. The question is of one existing or living in one. I have no problem with one existing, i dont want to live in one. I also dont know of one existing at the moment but from what I can tell it would extremely limit freedom and be unfair to non muslims.
  15. Don't Try This

    wow where did theyt find all of these photos of me.