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  1. Salaams peeps! hope everyone had a wonderful, happy smiley eid :sl: I really do hope ive posed this in the right place.. Well today i had a old friend of mine randomly ask me something. I cannot say what it is but it was something to do with the past, she had heard something from someone else about me and was asking me if it was true. Its been 2 years now since ive properly embraced Islam. Before that i wasnt religious at all i have done things i deeply regret. We all make mistakes in life, and inve learnt from mine and theres no way im going back or looking back. Whats bothering me is why are people gossiping about me? Stuff in the past comes back to haunt me its and its really sad because i seem to think everything ive achieved in the past 2 years is not enough to erase the past. I know the past will stay there i just hope ive done enough tauba and ive been forgiven, and i shall carry on doing tauba. I feel like the image i am building of myself, jilbab, hijab etc could be destroyed by the harmful words of others. I am not the person who i used to be. Its really hard for me to turn a blind eye to this, i hate being the centre of attention and the thought of people talknig about me is really bugging me. Are there muslims on this forum who have experianced this, i really need advice on how to deal with this issue.. So pretty please let me know if the past is haunting anyone else out there.
  2. Does The Past Ever Come Back To Haunt You?

    Thankyou for your advice SadClown, I guess people will always have something bad to say and gossip. I shall not look back and focus on the present :sl:
  3. The Arrivals

    Slaam brothers and sisters. I was just wondering if andone has seen the arrivals series, its available on youtube, but last time i checked the videos on thier website where down(thewakeupproject(contact admin if its a beneficial link)), looked as if someone had hacked in and took them off. This Series Explores the Revelations in World Religions Regarding the Arrivals of the Antichrist Dajjal, Imam Al-Mahdi and also about childrens mind control through disney films and cartoons and the satanic messages sent through songs and videos. It was intresting to see the bloodline of the world rulers and how everyone was related to eachother. I reccomend you to watch this series to gain more of a understanding what is happening around us. Wasalaam
  4. The Quran And My Fear

    Ok i dont know if this should be in the councelling section so forgive me, i'd like to think i dont need councelling lol To make this short and sweet, its been a while and im struggling with myself and my way of life. Holding the Quran is a mission for me let alone reading it.. I look at it and i get amazing vibes from it but the problem is im scared to hold it, even though im in a state of purity.. just dont want anything bad to happen and im scared to read incase i pronounce anything wrong and something bad happens. I've been praying and my faith has been increasing my fear has been increasing in Allah swt so i dont want to make any mistakes and get punished. Thinking about it now im geting hot sweats and goosebumps. I havent told my mum because i dont think shes going to take me seriously. Hm.... maybe this should have been in the councelling section looking at it. Please forgive me i just want to know if this has ever happend to anyone else and what they did to overcome this problem
  5. Ahh! Need Help. :-(

    Salaam sis, calm down and relax, i used to stress and worry alot, untill i realised me worrying wasnt going to change anything. Worrying isnt going to help you at all. Right this moment i am waitng for my university results and i am nervous but i know that if i fail i will re do it. I will try again harder next year and Its not going to be the end of the world and whats the worst thing that can happen? Ive realised not to get too attached to this world, Right now instead of worrying use your time to make Dua, as you know everything is in Allahs hands and he will decide whats best for you! So have faith and relax sis. Try dimming the lights and sit in a quite room and do some ziker ,its sure to help u relax xxx
  6. I'm A Muslim Now

    Salaams bro, Mashallah one of the best things i heard all day! Good luck and my Allah swt increase ur faith and keep you on the right path Ameen :sl:
  7. Need Help, Girl Problem?, Attention To Sisters

    Interested as in, not interested in knowing you or talking to you anymore. Girls are weird there could be a totally random reason why she isnt talking to u. Just dont get too tied up about it.
  8. Welcome Drink

    Hey and welcome to the forum x
  9. Thanks For The Drink

    Salaams sis, hope u enjoy it here xxx
  10. Hello

    Salaam and Hello back. Hope u benifit from this forum
  11. Need Help, Girl Problem?, Attention To Sisters

    I think this girl generally isnt interested. Theres a reason why she isnt replying back or making the effort, and you might never know why.Maybe she doesnt want to be friends. If i was you i'd let it be instead of bombarding her with texts and emails. I wont say wait for her to text because its not likely to happen with what you have said. But my advice just let it be :sl:
  12. How Much Time Do You Spend Here A Day?

    I used to be on here alot but its quite here, and there isnt many sisters about....i come and go and if i see anything intresting i do post. I stopped coming on when i had too much university workload but now ive come back its quiter then it was before.
  13. The Best Age To Marry?

    Yup i agree with the post above. if i was to marry now, id make my husband life hell, i cant cook etc so he would be waking up and making himself breakfast, i cant look after myself let alone someone else. So i guess its when you feel ready and not when your family thinks it time.
  14. When You Are Answered?

    Salaam, there is no such thing as coincidence in Islam because everything happens by the will of Allah so yes your dua was answered, many duas of mine have been answered just too much to write down :sl:
  15. Ideas?

    Talking from a girls view, right now clothing such as readymade shalwar kameez even unstitched fabrics, artificial jewellry are being sold like crazy. You might be able to find a good wholesalers and buy some to sell.
  16. Ya Illahi - Mohammad Husayn

    The meaning of this is nice, I want to ask, the pace of this is like a english song... is this permissible to lisen to? I mean the pace has been coped from the song of a kufer? And when i was lisening to this, the english song was going through my head.....
  17. Where Do You Live?

    Wheres all my UK sisters? lol
  18. Stress, Stress And More Stress

    Salaams people , i havent been on in a while and studying is taking up too much of my time. Ive got alot of pressure on me to pass my 2nd year at uni, i dont want to mess up and resit anything. In fact i just want to get my degree and get out of that place. Can anyone give me any tips to de stress myself also any duas i should read before my exams and any duas to help me relax. Your help will be much appreciated :sl:
  19. Stress, Stress And More Stress

    I think i push myself too much at time and thats when a panic and i forget things and dont meet deadlines, also i leave alot of things till last minutite aswell... hmm im going to have to balance everything out. thanks
  20. Confused

    Salaam, hope everyone is in good health. I made this topic because am extremly confused. I have quite alot of passion to learn Islam, i enjoy reading books and going to talks whenever i get an opporunity.. Recently i have been attending talks and they have been benificial for me mashallah, they have motivated me alot. I have always looked up what i have not been sure about and had doubts about. Well the problem is i have discoverd there are so many differences and opinions in matters and its confused me. Yes we should all follow the quran and sunnah. People bring hadiths out of anywhere and am lost... Can you recite the quran in the graveyard, be it surah yaseen? here i have found hadiths that say its allowed and others that say you shouldnt read. As i was discussing this matter with a friend it seemed like she totally made out i was dumb, saying learn the basics before you jump into detail. Its really put me off now. I just felt like she was judging me making out she knew more then me, fair enough i dont wear a jilbab but it doesnt mean i know less then her. I just felt like she belittled me, Now it seems like this topic should be in the counselling section. Ok back to what i am trying to say, how can i make sure what i hear from people isnt nonsence and made up stuff. Why is there so many opinions in matters, Isnt Islam meant to be straight forward?Why is there such a divide. How do i know what i am doing is right?
  21. Reverted Last Night

    Salaam, mashallah, may Allah swt keep you on the right path. Congratulations xxx
  22. Hairstyles And Cutting Hair

    Salaam, Is cutting hair allowed in Islam for women? If shes got really long thick hair and finds it hard to manage can she have it thinned or layerd. Or if a girl just wants her hair to look pretty and neat can she get it trimmed and styled. Im curious because in my culture ive been told not to have my hair cut into styles. And girls who have had their hair cut are always looked down on, bear in mind these girls dont wear hijab and fluant their hair, So i want to know if this is cultural or an Islamic view. If a girl wears hijab and had her hair styled no one can see it anyway so she hasnt really cut her hair for attention and beauty. I understand a woman cannot have her hair cut like a man, so she cannot shave it off or have it extra short.
  23. Women And Itikaf..

    Salaam i just read woman cant sit itekhaaf at home? My mums doing it at home, in one of the rooms, So you cannot do it at home then?
  24. Amazing New Nasheed And Video (with Subtitles)

    I love the lyris to this, but i have a little probem, its got music, and music is forbidden right? So isnt this setting a bad example?
  25. Sabr "n" Sukr Like Clutch Control..

    I aint guna stall lol