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  1. A Question From A Non-beliver

    Salaam, a non beliver asked Islam doesnt worship idols so why do muslims worship the Ka'bah?
  2. Forgive Me ( Beautiful Nasheed )

    Salaam, wow so touching thanks for posting
  3. Salaam, welcome to the forum, where is the podcast available from, dates is a kool name, you could also discuss the topic of covering up and Islamic dress. wasalaam
  4. Assalamu Alaikum

    Salaam and welcome to the forum sis, hope you like it here x
  5. Hiiiiii!

    Hiiiiii back. lol Salaam, hope you find this site benificial. xxx
  6. Short Story For All

    Salaam, a good story, it shows how wrapped up people are in todays world, they run after money, property, cars, and try to live a life of luxury, they dont realise this world is temporary but the real life of luxury is in the heavens, they forget they will leave everything behind. May Allah swt guide everyone onto the right path . ameen
  7. How Do I Prove An Atheist Wrong?

    Quote about fingerprints. 'Yes, We are able to put together in perfect order the very tips of his fingers.' (Quran 75:4) Everyones fingertips are unique and different,including twins. Fingerprints where only discovered in the late 19th century, before then people only identified fingerprints as ordinary curves and patterns without any meaning. Using fingerprints to establish identity has been used in legal processes for the last 100 years. Think.... how many people are on this planet and yet we all have differnt fingerprints, look at the detail of the fingertips and imagine how these curves were created all to differ on billions of people.
  8. How Do I Prove An Atheist Wrong?

    Salaam, there is soo much info in the quran that was impossible to prove 1400 years ago, i myself have brought a book about some of these miricles, yet i know there are some videos on youtube that explain the miricles of the quran, it would be worth having a look at them. A quote about the moons orbit. 'And we have decreed set phases for the Moon, until it ends up looking like an old date branch. It is not for te sun to overtake the moon nor for the night to outstrip the day; each one is swimming in a sphere.' (Quran, 36:39-40) As the moon orbits the earth it moves around it in a pattern resembling a 'S' shape. The route is described is like the resemblence of 'an old date branch' and does indeed resemble the twisted from of an old branch. The word 'old' to describe the pattern is appropriate because old date branches are more twisted and thinner.
  9. Thinking About Reverting...

    Wow its great to hear your thinking about reverting to Islam. Dont let people put you off and dont feel shy about asking questions because asking questions is stressed in Islam because it widens a persons knowledge, This site is realy good at answering questions, You could use the sisters room to ask questions if you may. Do you know of any reverts that may quide you where you live?
  10. Taraweh Prayer " Al-aqsa"

    Salaams jazakallah for the link. I watch live taravee prayers on a television channels its amazing watching them and so peaceful. xxx
  11. Salaam sister, Mashallah its always really touching reading about peoples stories. I pray Allah SWT keeps you on the right path and strengthens your imaan more each day. Ameen, xxx
  12. A Couple Of Questions

    There are more women on earth then men it is a proven fact. If a man was jut to marry one woman, then what would happend to the remaining women? And yes more children need to be born to keep the population stable and to pass the message of Islam And as for men hitting their wives. No woman should tolerate this. Islam never taught us to hit our wives. Instead it teaches us how to love them and look after them and provide for them. Did the prophet ever hit his wives? No he never thats why we should all try and follow the sunnah of the prophet and live life the way he lived.
  13. Ramadan Mubarak!

    Ramadan Mubarak Welcome Ramzan! Walk Humbly Talk Politely Dress Neatly Treat Kindly Pray Attentively Donate generously Allah bless You
  14. Taraweeh

    Salaams. Some people read 8 rakahs and some people read 20 in tarawee, i heard my friends saying people who read 8 are reading it 'wrong'. How many rakahs shud one read?
  15. Some Advice Please?

    Salaams sister. I suffer from migranes aswell and infact ive got one this very moment, it triggered off yesterday. But fortunatly mine arent as bad as yours although they are making me feel very drained and it is very painful. Its been about a year since ive been having these migranes so i dont really now how the rest of ramadan is going to go. But i will be fasting. I dont know the options in a situation like yours. But i have heard, if people cannot fast then they should donate money so someone can have a days food. I really hope someone can guide you on here.
  16. Advice About Student Finance

    Salaams, me and my friends where talking about our student finances and borrowing money off the government here to pay for out education. They mentioned interest is haram. Right now i a borrowing money for my tution fees which is around £3300 a year and when i get a job i will have to pay this money back with a little bit of interest. I also borrowed a loan last year to help with my expences and just now have realised i will have to pay it back with interest., Can some explain to me if this haram and why and also should i be borrowing money off the government in this way. Everyones saying interest is really haram. Now i dont even know if the money i am borrowing is permissible in Islam. Confused sister please help
  17. Advice About Student Finance

    Salaam, my plan was to pay back the money when i find a job after my degree, because i ill have to pay the money back when im earning over 15k a year, its going to be taken out of my wages automaticaly. I am going to ask someone about this, thanx
  18. Advice About Student Finance

    Ive got 2 years left from september. i applied for tution fee loan only this year because last year i took the extra loan and this year i didnt. I didnt realise it was haraam to do this. I am thinking of paying the loans back asap, its hard because im not working at the moment and its so hard to find a job. this year i took 3300 and i will need to do the same next year. Overall i am going to be in around 12,000 debt.
  19. How To Tell ?

    Salaam. Focus on your own actions rather than other. I know it might be a bit upsetting to see the others behaving like this but you cant control them or their minds.The most you can do to others is advise them, however if they ignore your advice you have done your bit. You cant take the worlds worries on yuor shoulders. Forget what others are doing and concentrate on how you can save yourself from the fire .
  20. Hitting Yourself

    Salaams, hitting yourself is a sin or causing any intentional pain to your body. Allah gave you this body and he would like it back exactly as he gave it you. I havent got the hadiths or any quotes from quran but am sure people will put many up soon.
  21. Old People's Home

    Salaams, i thought i would mention this. My grandad had a stroke 4 years ago, he is no longer with us now, he left us just recently. But the main thing is he needed 24 hour care, he was bedbound and could only move the left side of his body, due to the stroke the right side was paralised. The system here in th UK allowed nurses to come in the morning and night to give him any care he needed including the doctors to come and visit him at home if he was ill. but the main thing was he was living at my unlces house. And all the family cared for him and we could see him anytime with out any time restrictons. My family did have the option to put him in a care home but this was not necerssary as the NHS provided us with the essential equiptment such as wheel chairs etc at home. Luckily my family has the room in the house for all the nessercary equiptment and all the family helped out. I think sometimes people are so busy in their own careers they might not have time to have such a burden on them, other people might not have the serivces available to care for their parents at home and others might not have the space in their home for such equiptment.
  22. Old People's Home

    Salaams its the same in my culture to, the elders are respected and are not thrown into a care home. I did care work in the UK and as i was looking through profiles ofthe patients on the home my heart sank when i read they family would only visit once a year. The people must have felt so lonely.Here it seem the kids grow up and move out leaving the poor parents alone.
  23. New Member

    Salaams and welcome to the forum .Hope you benifit from it.
  24. Mufti Abu Lababa Shah Mansoor

    Salaams, welcome to the forum. I will try to get hold of this book aswell
  25. 15th Sha'ban Specifying For Fasting, Reciting Quran

    Salaams. i am really confused about this because alot of people fasted on the 15th of shaban and told me that night was the night of forgiveness but my Masjid claimed it was the night before i dont understand why there is such a divide?