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  1. Marriage Joke

    Salaam,,, now that made me giggle :sl:
  2. My Conversion And Thanks.

    Salaam, great to hear, Im sure your sweet sister Nikki will always help you out! May Allah guide u. Ameen
  3. The Sacred Heart Diet

    WATERMELONS! My mums been buying watermelon so i have had some now and then, i am going to start this diet tommorw. Whats cantaloupe? ive never heard of it. i think i am going to google it. This diet,.... can i only eat fruit tomorw or have my norma meals aswell??
  4. Revert Or Born Muslim?

    Salaam, i was born into a practising muslim family, i am really lucky that i have always seen my mum praying, my dad going to the Masjid, its been a good influence from me as a child, and as ive grown up i did question alot of things, why cant we do this, why cant i do that? but i have always had an answer and i couldnt be more happy that Allah SWT chose me to be born into a muslim family.
  5. The Sacred Heart Diet

    Salaam, sister i still havent brought my watermelons yet! but this diet seem intresting, i dont need to loose wiegh but what i eat isnt healthy, i tend to snack alot, i think i am definatley going to give this one a go!
  6. Precious My Cat Missing

    Salaam. :sl: dont be sad... I hope she returns Shes missing you aswell, i hope she finds her way home,
  7. Forgetting Allaah = Forgetting Oneself

    Salaam, so true...
  8. Marriage Joke

    Salaam, haha i think in the third year its more like they 'shout' and the nieghbours listen.
  9. Why Do You Hate Muslims?

    This doesnt mean God doesnt want you to believe... and you cant think its not our fault he hasnt chosen us. If you dont belive you have no faith in God, He will not guide you, because you dont belive in him how can he help you. If you decide to seek the truth, then God will guide you and show you the right path. Its your actions that are important.
  10. Precious My Cat Missing

    Salaam, a###### this is sad to hear, i do dua she returns home safely!
  11. The Rapper Loon Accepted Islam

    Wow, great to see masha'Allah
  12. Asalam Alaykum

    Salam Ummtalal hope your ok. Hope you enjoy your stay here.. :sl:
  13. Salaams

    Salaam, hope your ok, another sister from the UK welcome lol x
  14. Why Do You Hate Muslims?

    Salaam, there was a time where i would get wound up alot if some one said anything to me about my religion or mocked my hijab. There was a incident at university, when a black woman in her forties called me a terrorist (yes at my university i thought she would have know better) then she went on to say why are you doing this to us whyy? and i was like ok im sitting here minding my own business do you want me to get up or something. I was just shocked. I never reported the incident, but it made me think twice about what people think of me when they look at me. But now i frankly dont care about other peoples opinions against me. Sticks and stone can break your bones but words can never harm you.
  15. 3 Day Watermelon Cleanse

    Salaam, wow soo much watermelon! i dont usually eat the seeds, but i am really going to try thiss! just need to get some nyc watermelons from somewhere.
  16. 3 Day Watermelon Cleanse

    Salaam, i have never heard of this, because i absoloutly love watermelons i think i am going to give it a try,
  17. Beautiful Islamic Quotes To Ponder Over.

    Salaam, Show mercy to the weak and you will be happy; give to the needy and you will be well; do not bear grudge and you will be healthy Be optimistic, for Allah is with you, and the angels are praying for forgivness for you, and paradise awaits you Be like a tree with high aims; if a stone is thrown at it, it simply lets its fruits drop Have you ever heard grief brings back what has been lost, or that worry corrects mistakes? So why grieve and worry then?
  18. Nandos Chicken Is Pre-stunned

    Salaam, i have to say i have been to nandos once and i would never go there again, my friends insist it is halal because of the certificate hung outside, but anyone can hang a certificate. like i experianced at my school,when tey hung a halal certificate, they introduced so called 'halal burgers' which turned out after 3 years not to be halal., thier isnt any barkat in the food made by kafir, i dont go to other places like mcdonalds etc and i wouldnt want to be eating at a place where there is so much debate about it being halal, its best to avoid these places,
  19. The Arrivals

    Salaam, JazakAllah for the trailor its saved me having to search for it .Definately looking forward to watching this one.
  20. The Arrivals

    Salaam. i didnt realise there was a new series soon. i will look out for it.
  21. Salaam, thankyou for posting, mashallah so beautiful and touching.
  22. Ways To Building Imaan

    Salaam, it is really good to keep in a state of wudu, plus everytime you do it some of your sinns are falling off
  23. Church Sign Says 'islam Is Of The Devil'

    Salaam i really feel like giving this terry jones a big slap so hard all his teeth fall out.
  24. Football

    Salaam, as a girl i dont think it is permissible for me to watch football especially with the uniform footy players have, with it written in he Quran women sould lower thier gaze.. but i dont like football anyway so this question doesnt apply to me. But for guys to watch guys playing is that permissible? i would think so... but i dont know,
  25. Calif. Imam Killed In House Explosion

    Salaam, this is soo sad to hear, may Allah grant him Jannah. I hate hearing things like this, i cant belive people have so much hatred in their hearts,