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  1. Socialized Healthcare

    Salaam, The system does work in the UK but the biggest flaw is the dentist, so hard to find one with the NHS and then when you have eventually found one they have no room for more patients so you have to carry on looking for another and they are soo expensive.
  2. Ways To Building Imaan

    Salaam, i suggest u read, read and read more. there is nothing better then gaining more knowledge by reading Islamic books, and acting upon them. be careful who has published them because i have heard of some cases of false information in them. I have got many books, books about the prophet SAW and his wifes, life after death, but i have the say the most Beautiful book i have that i would recommend to you sisters is 'you can be the happiest woman in the world'. It is full of little quotes and stories its amazing, i jus read bits here and there somtimes when im feeling down and it brightens my day up. :sl:
  3. Salaam brothers and sisters, I have come across a video about hijab on youtube claiming it is cultural rather than Islam, after reading the comments i was suprised to see alsot of people agreeing with this video, even muslims themselves, i think the video was actualy made buy a muslim. i dont know if i will be able to post the link, but if you youtube'Hijab not Islamic but cultural' then you will be able to see it. I dont know why but i got very angry whilst watching this, it is sending out the wrong message of Islam and misinterpreting the Quran. It said the hijab was for the prophets SAW household ladies only because they wernt ordinary women thats why the rules for them where different thant ordinary women. Is this video jus someone sending out false information? It would be great if someone who had more knowledge then me was to have a look at this video and was to give thier opinion. wasalaam
  4. Youtube 'hijab Not Islamic But Cultural'

    Salaam thankyou for your reponse, I didnt realise there where so many misguided people and haters out there, i am going to be very careful especialy on the internet because anyone can put a article up and claim it is Islamicaly correct. My mum said, towards the end it will be the muslims misguiding thier own people, I guess she is right. Wasalaam
  5. Socialized Healthcare

    Salaam, i was doing nursing last year but i left the course mainly because my placement hours where ridicilous and i found nursing wasnt for me. too much work and little pay, The NHS does work. B ut... Lately i had to pay for my medicine from the pharmacy costing me £21, and this is alot especialy if i have to keep on going back to get repeat prescriptions, Its not free for me i am over 18 but in fulltime education, i still got told i had to pay. I got a HC1 form now to help me with my expences. I think rules shoulds be changed especialy for students in higher education like University who are really tight on money, i cant help but think the jobless people on jobseekers allowance, what contribution do they pay to the NHS, nothing? because i know some lazy people who claim they are looking for a job but getting free money sitting on their backside. Sorry if i have gone off topic abit Wasalaam
  6. Karate/martial Art In Islam

    Salaam i would say the same thing, if you are going to get hurt by the opponent then its not allowed because you are putting yourself in danger, and your body is from Allah swt, he wants it back just as he gave it you, so he doesnt want it back with a broken nose because you decided to do some boxing,, i havent got a clue how aggressive or violent martial arts are, but if they make you menatally or physically stronger than i dont see anything wrong with it wsalaam,
  7. Karate/martial Art In Islam

    Salaam. I dont really know much about this but i was talking to my sister and she said its allowed for self defence purposes or for fitness but not if you have got the intention to knock someone out lol
  8. Hello

    Salaam sister, i am too of pakistani background but i live in the UK. Welcome and enjoy your stay :sl:
  9. At Wits' End

    Salaam sister, the only thing i can say to you is to break these ties with your online friends and focus more on the people who are around you, make relationships stronger with your family or neighbours or sisters who can guide your to the straight path. And soon you wll realise you will not need these friends. You dont need to feel as if you have to hide in a cave and pray to make up for your lost prayers because remeber Allah Swt is the most merciful, the most forgiving, I suggest you read prayer, pray, read the quran even if it a few pages a day and strengthen the relationship with you and your creator and you will feel ease, the worlds worries will be off your shouders and the most important thing, have faith in Allah SWT and these online friends wont matter to you anymore. If they call you back think... why should i waste my time with them? I understand you may not be able to give up on the internet but restrict its use for any important use. As Ramadhan is coming up i suggest you use this time wisely as it is a really important time.
  10. Go Figure This Out.

    Salaam, is it because the night guard fell asleep? had the dream when he should have been guarding!!
  11. Which Surah Boosts The Memory?

    Salaam, My mum has always told me to read this ,
  12. Protection Against Backbiting?

    Salaam, i dont know of any dua to protect you from back biting, but someone once told me, if someone does talk about you behind your back then some of your own sins are being forgiven, i dont know if this is true, maybe someone can clarify this. wsalaam
  13. Best Way To Explain Trinity To Our Muslim Friends

    Salaams, this is way to funny, thanks for posting this :sl:
  14. Slaam brothers and sisters, i jus need a little bit of info. I want to put the Quran in my bedroom because at night if i want to read it i dont want to read it downstairs, i get scared :sl: but the problem is i sleep in the Attik and the roof is low. As you should position the quran in a high place i thought of placing it on top of my wardrobe but the problem is my feet face that way when i sleep.They dont face my wardrobe they face the door, and the wardrobe in next to the door. Can i still place it on my wardrobe because my feet dont directly face it? Sorry if i have confused anyone :sl: [using large font size is not allowed]
  15. Unsure About Where To Put The Quran Pak

    Jazakallah for your reply. I have always been told to put the Quran in a high place thats why i was abit confused.
  16. Random Incoherence

    :sl: Random: i just ate a mango hehe :sl:
  17. Aslkm All! Im New...be Nice! :)

    Salaam Amber, hope you benefit from this forum. Lol scotland, we are neighbours!.. well kindda. Enjoy yur stay!!
  18. :sl: An amazing story, it was wonderful to read. subhanAllah you have embraced Islam at such a young age, i hope Allah SWT keeps you on the right path!
  19. Took My Shahada

    Asalaam alaikum Sister, Congraulations, I have the same problem with fajar i wake up and i cant sleep. What i do after fajar is lisen to Quran. I put it on my ipod and it so peaceful lisening to it, it helps me relax and sleep. You should try it!
  20. Go Figure This Out.

    Yes its fire!!! Ur clever :sl:
  21. Go Figure This Out.

    Salaams everyone.. heres a riddle for u to figure out... i think its quite easy though! Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?
  22. orite, i guess you cant change some people.. I pray you clear your debts, inshAllah :sl:
  23. Aslaam Alaikum... Why dont you try talking to her and opening her beliefs up, try telling her she should respect other people regardless of their religion or where they from, ask her where she gets these views from, it is worth a try dont you think?
  24. Hello

    Aslaamalaikum... Its zebah here, not much i can write about myself..,Im 20, studying at university, i am a really outgoing person, but have joined this forum to get advice about issues that affect me as a young muslim woman living in the UK. As a girl i have noticed there isnt many women role models in my community that i can look up to or get guidance from for issues that really affect us girls, obviously apart from my mother and sisters but sometimes its better to talk to someone you dont know and get thier view.