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  1. Islam in America

    I'm in central Indiana.
  2. Hello, Everyone!

    Salam and welcome! I hope we can answer all of your questions!
  3. Please make dua for me. I need to get my interest-bearing debts gone as we all know interest is bad, and also they are causing me to not be able to afford to move out of a Christian home.
  4. Michael Jackson Murdered ?

    Either way, the man abused drugs, had tried to obtain credit under various aliases, and is dead. People are worshiping him like a God and acting like the world is over becuase he died. It is sickening that idol worship is so alive and well.
  5. Why Should I Convert To Islam?

    Just wanted to chime in with my two cents worth... you should convert because Islam is the true religion. You have to take that on faith and make the decision on your own.
  6. Being A Muslim

    5 FTW
  7. Hi There!

    Salam and welcome!
  8. Budding Muslima !

    Salam and welcome!
  9. As-salaamu Alaikum

    Salam and welcome!
  10. Salam

    Salam and welcome!
  11. My Conversion And Thanks.

    Salam, congrats, and welcome!
  12. Hello

    Salam and welcome!
  13. Greetings

    Salam and welcome!
  14. Hi

    Salam and welcome!
  15. Hi..

    Salam and welcome!