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  1. They already did it to Kennedy, so it's not that surprising Obama could be next. American presidents ought to understand they're virtually a slave in the White House when it comes to matters pertaining to israel.
  2. I understand. It's hard to like the Pershians, they are handsome and arrogant and look down upon the Arabs (and everybody else) - and you don't do that. But I'd like to discount the local politics and see the big picture. Without Hezhollah Lebanon don't stand a chance; Sabra & Shatilla could be peanuts. As for Iran siding with Damascus this happens way before the revolution and they are not active in helping Assad; China and Russia are. Of course I love all the companions of the Prophet, they did us a disfavour by fighting amongst themselves (and thus leaving us a legacy) but I leave it at that. Now I see peoples for what they are.
  3. The companions of the Prophet killed each other let alone a few curses. And this is history.
  4. Can God Do Everything?

    Muslims are not interested in discussing things like that because that would invoke God's displeasure with them and it doesn't create any intellectual meaning just mental boggling madness. Muslims or any man knows very little about God the rest depends on his faith. As for the laws of physics etc. even God's creation (like the angels) do not follow them - they are more for the creations seen on the earth.
  5. If some Sunnis have the opinion that their no.1 enemy is the Shias, then the future of countries like Iraq is doomed.
  6. Sure politics (for muslims) start after the death of of the Prophet and continues to happen all over the world. But as far as the presentday is concerned only the Iranians and their cohorts (sort of) are actively fighting the enemies of Islam, the rest have thier tails between their legs.
  7. Strange Or Difficult Hadiths In Bukhari

    What a mundane question.
  8. Can the people of Ali bin Abu Thalib be defeated and humiliated ? I don't think God will allow it.
  9. I Think Free Will Is An Illusion

    If there's no freewill, everybody will be muslims. People put themselves in the fire, not God. It is you who choose to believe or not to beleive.
  10. Perhaps if you care to read Maurice Buccaille's book 'Quran, Bible & Science' , it might change your perspective. For us mulims who has studied the book, there is nothing so far to make us doubt. As far as the Jews are concerned, we know not all of them are bad - otherwise how come so many Jews in muslim lands ? Jews in Iran are not interested to relocate to israel. And the golden age of the jews occurred in muslim Spain - the biggest individual taxpayer in Istanbul is a Jew.
  11. Not everybody would understand much of physics anyway. Somewhere sometime someone would understand a lot though. You just have to progress one day at a time till you die.
  12. Iran Mocks Us With Toy Drone

    The Iranians are used to the hard life, afterall they're a third world nation. And they have Greece for company.
  13. A Fated Day To Die

    To me freewill is the freedom to decide/plan. Perception is how we percieve things in our mind which may decide how we decide/plan. We may percieve somebody an enemy and decides to attack him - whether it will happen depends on God's will. I don't see any complication.
  14. A Fated Day To Die

    If you want to see it that way. In everything (good) that we starts to do, we should say 'if God wills' .
  15. A Fated Day To Die