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  1. Clearification Please

    I m wondering what I said so knowledgeable.... May be my pleasant surprise of you joining this ummah got misinterpreted due to the heat of the other conversations..?Not sure. That pic was only intended to show the sitting position.Cool down brother ,I did not insult you. Even now,I m only happy for your reversion. Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu.
  2. Clearification Please

    Salam Maybe (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgoogle.co.in/imgres?q=indian+sitting+postures&um=1&hl=en&rlz=1T4ADSA_enIN425IN426&tbm=isch&tbnid=qee3BPLMG3T2WM:&imgrefurl=you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_babybakingbread.blogspot(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2010/05/italian-bread-ooh-la-la.html&docid=ZDRoUgVvFCYcLM&w=1280&h=960&ei=1C4tTsbgN8LtrAe38uGxDQ&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=339&vpy=88&dur=2755&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=148&ty=98&page=1&tbnh=143&tbnw=222&start=0&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:8,s:0&biw=1366&bih=618"]this[/url] will help Allah! You're a muslim?!!! Subhanallah huge changes during my absence eh? Masha Allah
  3. Homosexuality & Shemale

    They take the right stance on this issue.They never neglect homosexuality as myth or consider it as a birthright. Its a struggle. That is why I recommended that site.If Im not mistaken they have a group for discussion and counseling. Check for it in that site,if you're interested.
  4. I'm Lost

    Assalamu Alaikum Sister,it is necessary to find like minded people.Prophet :sl: said that"A man follows the religion(ways) of his friends,So let one choose his friends wisely." Find people who are God fearing.Contact the organisers of that conference and get some sister's email ids or ask if there is any sister groups,that you could join or something similar. Find ways to be connected to religious studies or any classes in nearby masjid etc. Next,You need to change yourself. Preach to your family,friends not by words but THROUGH ACTIONS. Islam improves ones personality,character. Concentrate on that. Bear the criticisms and unfriendly stares or comments. Yes,you have become a stranger in your heart.Its time to be a stranger in your life too. I dont mean that you should break ties with them or look down upon them.But what Im saying is,stop following the mass.Learn and follow Islam.People will eventually get tried of complaining about you.,insha Allah. Allah changed your heart,He is capable of changing others' too. Pray or them. Stay strong sister.Don't give up.May Allah bless ya.:sl:
  5. :sl: This was the topic, that I was completely into briefly some time ago. E books,articles,videos..Subhanallah! The more I read, the more fascination,suspicion,fear etc...My family started to roll eyes at me when I started the jinn talk again.:no:... But the best thing is,I m aware. Im aware that these invisible enemies(not all of them of course) fear Allah and His remembrance. This has really helped me to remember Al-'Azeez (All Powerful) more. :sl:
  6. Would You Marry Someone You Met Online?

    sl.gif but unfortunately very few people follow these conditions..... Already mentioned. Completely agree.
  7. Dua Request For Paralysed Brother

    Assalamu Alaikum war wab I m glad that the (paralyzed) brother has a caring brother who asks du'as for him. May Allah help you both,ameen. Brother,I dont know the medical reason behind it.But IF there is no proper answer from science,try suggesting ruqyah for the brother.Paralysis is often an act of the devils.
  8. Homosexuality & Shemale

    Walaikumussalam warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu you are not allowed to post links yetgaymuslims(contact admin if its a beneficial link) . This is a very principled blog for folks who suffer from unwanted homosexual feelings. Anyone(of whatever orientation) may take a look at it,insha Allah it will be helpful.
  9. Would You Marry Someone You Met Online?

    ^ My intention was not to criticize your act or anything.I hope you dont misunderstand. But you seem to commend internet relationships.I dont support that (online relationships).But there are cases,isolated cases. But Allah is the judge.I hope our affairs and hearts are kept clean. ameeen Ameen! I pray her heart in set in pleasing her Rabb,ameen.
  10. Leave Yourself And Come

    May be the pauses were unintentional.... I've decided not to talk of things I m not knowledgeable about.
  11. Would You Marry Someone You Met Online?

    I know through many ways,how online love can be dangerous and threat to one's morale.Its too glamorous.Even recently, one of close relative became a victim of online love and she did stupid stupid things to marry that guy.The guy ,in fact,is a fraud. But infatuation is blind isn't it. Please pray that her eyes should be opened.
  12. Leave Yourself And Come

    Walaikumussalam warahmathullahi wa barakathuhu I really wish you would mention the back story/Prologue or something to the extracts you post. Its hard to understand for an ordinary person like me. Who is Bayazid? Is this a dream? Im really sorry for disrupting the mood of this message,but I m a detail lover.
  13. Wa 'alaikumussalam warahmathullahi wa barakathuhu... Alhamdulillah.But these pests always come back..
  14. Would You Marry Someone You Met Online?

    To marry an online contact,one (usually) needs to chat for extensively long hours before finally deciding.Haram and dangerous.I hope not to commit that. Though the final act of marriage may be halaal,the process mostly is haram.
  15. ^^ Im really wondering how come you still survive in this forum. You show what a disrespectful idiot you're in every post of yours. If you cant tolerate Islam and us,"For us,our way.For you your way" PEACE! ( Go away!) P.S Try all the bashing you can. Its not a worth a dime for us.