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  1. Chaos Theory In Islam?

    salaam I have a question are muslims supposed to believe in chaos theory?
  2. can I recite the prayer in english? I am new to Islam and I don't know arabic language help please
  3. I won't call myself a hardcore gamer but I love to play games I only own a ps3 phoenix-doom is my PSN ID lets see how many gamers are here in this forum list the consoles you have if u wish
  4. Salam

    thanks for welcoming me I know this place will benefit me don't worry about it lol
  5. Salam

    salam walaikum I am 16 yrs old A hindu I will convert to Islam when I hit 18 inshallah I would like u all to call me as Ahmed as that would be my name in the future I have lots of doubts in Islam I hope this forum will help me solve all those doubts and make my quest to Islam successful