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  1. Free Our Schools

    As I pointed out on this post in another thread, if the claim (unsourced) is that boys do better in single-sex classes, the implication is that girls do not. As there are more women than men in the world it would be irrational to institute a system favouring the less numerous gender at the expense of the more numerous gender.
  2. So you think things happen which are not Allah's will? Surely that's blasphemous? In what way is reading Japanese poetry not seeking greater knowledge of your religion? Japanese poetry is man-made, true, but then so is commentary on the Koran. Good poetry (from any culture) helps you understand people and the world better - surely that's worship if science can be seen as worship.
  3. If nothing happens except by Allah's will, then yes, murder is part of Allah's plan. So tell me about the 24/7 requirements that Islam puts on you that don't allow you time to do anything other than struggle for a good spot in the afterlife. Praying 5 times a day, sure. But presumably any believing Muslim does not actually have to work very hard at avoiding sinning, because why would they endanger their afterlife? So you have lots of time on your hands - plenty to (say) study Japanese poetry or read Plato.
  4. Free Our Schools

    Could be, but by using "boys" rather than "students" or "children" it implies that it isn't the same.
  5. Why Do You Hate Muslims?

    But you quoted a post by me... confused
  6. Why Do You Hate Muslims?

    I don't understand your point. Are you saying that if something bad happens, it is a "So what?" situation if something worse has happened? In that case, the israelis killing a few people on the flotilla is a "So what?" situation too.
  7. Free Our Schools

    Erm, it might confirm that academic achievement by boys is better in single-sex classes. What does it say about girls?
  8. All good answers. I will, though, start on the "trinity thing", as it emphasises another point I made earlier - that despite the interest in criticising Christianity, many Muslims seem to be ignorant of it. Christians who believe in the trinity (not all do), do not regard their god as anything but "one". You might not agree with their reasoning, you might not think that their holy book is accurate but the point is that THEY DO. The fundamental Muslim miscomprehension about Christianity is that Christianity is, because it is a monotheist religion, somehow related to Islam. It isn't. It's a totally different religion worshipping a totally different god. Regarding the "benefit" of learning about other cultures, philosophies and religions, surely you'd agree that their existence is part of Allah's plan. If knowledge of science (once a Muslim speciality) is of benefit, there can be no problem with learning about the rest of humanity. I (and almost everyone who is not a hardcore Muslim) would go further and say that deciding NOT to learn as much as possible about human thought is strongly unbeneficial.
  9. I'm not talking about what is and what is not in the Koran, I'm talking about people taking an interest in and gaining knowledge of other cultures and modes of thought. I don't think Hinduism is correct, but I'm certainly interested in the philosophy, literature, architecture, music and sculpture the culture has produced. Ditto Buddhism, Aboriginal religions, and Shintosim. Deciding to ignore the majority of human endeavours is, frankly, weird. I really cannot understand this lack of intellectual curiosity. My question was why the emphasis on Christianity. I entirely agree that it would be much better to also know what Buddhism says as well, along with all the other philosophies and religions that have affected humanity over the aeons - that was the point of my question. Your answer to the question - that Islam claims Christ as a prophet and claims that Christians misrepresent him, and that this is why Muslims attack Christianity - is a reasonable one but it doesn't explain why Muslims do not also attack Judaism to the same extent.
  10. Old Testament Vs New Testament

    Unfortunately, your definition of "filth" is whatever your religion says is filth. For people with different religions it might not be "filth". Before you can compare societies you need a set of common criteria to compare with. And the "social diseases" of fear of god/s and lack of artistic expression abound in Muslim societies. Nope, most practising Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, pagans, wiccans, animists "abstain from all bad" as defined by their religions. So do believing communists, hippies, anarchists, whatever. Humans believing in a set of rules and following them is pretty common. If by "Humanity" you mean all humanity, then your statement is obviously not true. If by "Humanity" you mean some people, then Islam is certainly not unique in that.
  11. Old Testament Vs New Testament

    All religions have rules which they claim would cure all social diseases and diseases of the heart if they were followed. The problem for all religions (including Islam) is that just having rules does not mean that they are followed. Also, specifically in regard to Islam (different religions have different problems) some of the rules do not actually cure social diseases, they make them worse and create other problems. Most Hindus don't drink or eat beef, most Jews don't eat pork. All religions have "black sheep". I don't think Islam has a different proportion to other religions. Accomplished what? Got most of their practising members to obey most of the rules? Plenty of them. But even if Islam was unique in this it wouldn't mean Islam was any truer a religion.
  12. Old Testament Vs New Testament

    You've missed my point. I am aware that you regard your religion as the only true religion. Believers in other religions regard theirs as the only true religion. But if you want to argue with them about the relative merits of the religions in question, there is no point in simply saying "Mine is the only true religion". It doesn't get you anywhere. We already know that that's what you believe. So there is no point in arguing that it doesn't matter if your religion has apparent illogicalities because your religion is by definition perfect so there must be a satisfactory super-human explanation for them - the believers in other religions can say exactly the same. It doesn't get you any further. We already know that you regard your religion as the only true religion, and you are adding nothing to the discussion by simply repeating that..
  13. Old Testament Vs New Testament

    Neither do you. So you do not have the option of pointing out apparent illogicality in other religions, as you rely on the hidden plan to cover the apparent illogicalities in your own religion.
  14. Only too happy to help with Dot's google ad revenue I don't think it was me who said that. So tell us the correct stats, then. Actually, I don't particularly want Australia to be considered western. I don't even agree that the term "western" is a useful one. I'm not sure of the point you're trying to make here. But so what? Are you trying to argue that the religion which has the most adherents the most true religion? That would be silly.
  15. You did say that non-monotheists could be counted on fingers. In fact by the most conservative estimate they are about a third of humanity (and rising). If you added the people who call themselves Muslims or Christians but do not actually worship, it would be more like 50/50. Most people in the regions where the first civilisations developed might be monotheist now, but monotheism is recent - maybe 5000 years out of the 100,000 years that people have existed. The vast majority of human religions have been - and continue to be - polytheist. You're right, I do prefer not to be governed by religious law or religious morals. But I do not understand why you're harping on numbers - does a large number of adherents make a religion more true than a religion with a smaller number? If that was the case you should convert to Christianity.