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  1. Asalamu Wakueim Wa-Rahmtuh-Allahi-Wa-Baraktuh My dear brother and sisters in Islam, I ask you for your Duas for my dear mothers recovery by Allahs (swt) will. She is in a fragile state where there isn't enough oxygen in her blood, thus an over worked heart, at the moment she is on the machine. The doctors will not resuscitate her once her heart stops because the trauma caused would be to great for her. She has severe oteoartritis I barely got the chance to know her as a mother, you see i'm adopted. And only now, is when i started to get to know her. We leave in different parts of the world and Inshallah I hope by Allah(swt) we will travel tom to see her. I thank you all..... JazakAllah.
  2. Duas For My Mother...

    Brothers and sisters i would appreciate it, if you made Duas for my mother who severe osteoarthritis and other related ailments. She has been in and out of hospitals and is constantly in extreme pain. Her health is deteriorating day by day. I pray Allah SWT grants her a quick recovery. Miracles do happen right? Thank you all
  3. Finally decided to actively join a Muslim forum after years of being a "passive" on such forums.