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  1. Two Quick Questions About Christianity

    As a former Christin, allow me to answer. 1. Yes but if you truly (so no saying sorry just to get a clean slate to sin again) ask for forgiveness from Jesus you're good. 2. Depends. Most Christians would say yes but many (including myself by the time I abandoned the religion) point out that all of Humanity are the Children of God, that Jesus never spoke of himself as a son of God outside this context and that it was 700 years after his ascension before Emperor Constantine declared him a god in violation of the 1st Commandment (the concept of the Trinity was created to explain away this counteraction) at the Council of Narcia. This is a point that is, after having largely been crushed by the early Roman Catholic Church, slowly regaining ground in the Christian community as they seek to dispel innovations from the religion. You may have noticed, if you study Western civilization, that Halloween is increasingly becoming viewed as Satanic, this is largely why. Christianity is entering another schism, with the RCC starting to collapse, litralists (which is to say those that ignore metaphor and symbolism in the Bible choosing to instead take it as literal truth) attempting to hijack the religion to advance their intolerant and radical agenda and the fundies trying to, as I've already stated, remove innovations. The resulting confusion is largely what drove me to view Christianity as corrupted beyond being worthy of my belief.
  2. Jinns And Black Magic

    Sounds like she's suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder. Get here mental help before it becomes irreversible.
  3. The Vatican isn't Rome but it's own city and country. Italy is to the Vatican as Iraq is to Saudi Arabia (size differences notwithstanding).
  4. 1 hand? Have you been living under a rock or are you purposely pretending the beheadings, assassinations and car bombings in Mexico are just everyone's imagination? Not to many Muslims there. :sl:
  5. Qur'an Burning Church Has Only 12 Members!

    It was 50, the others left when they realized they were getting 'guidance' from an extremist.
  6. Are you Atheist, what? If your an Abrahamic, I'd like to point out that you God and the Muslim God are 1 and the same. But you're labled as "Other Religion" so who knows.
  7. Except for the whole suicide, no killing of innocence and respecting the Peoples of the Book thing.
  8. Europe Identity Crisis

    Nationalism isn't racism, it's just hyper-patriotism. I will admit it has a nasty habit of becoming racist, however. As to the subject at hand, I agree with your assessment. The same can be said for America, however Islam is the fastest growing religion here and 70% of American Muslims are reverts, so simple math forcing people to just accept the inevitable and immigration being a non-issue I think is helping smooth thing over more here then in Europe.
  9. Darwinism Refuted

    This is true, i don't deny that. Few of them are biologists however. :sl:
  10. Darwinism Refuted

    Oliver was once thought to be a chimp/human hybrid. This was later disproved after genetic tests confirmed he was in fact a chimp and that his human-like appearance was the result of mutation. Say this happened 3 million years ago and the ape bred. Fast forward to today and you would get us if the mutations continued. As for intelligence, we evolved with no more intelligence then a neanderthal (so were we quite intelligent, just not as much as we are now). It was only later that we started to innovate and as we created more tech, our intelligence grew, thus our intelligence in cultural, not genetic. (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_dvmx(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/oliver.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_dvmx(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/oliver.html[/url] ######you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_dvmx(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/oliver-x.jpg[/img]
  11. Muslim Man Has 84 Children

    To many... 1 is plenty for me if I ever get married.
  12. Darwinism Refuted

    Humans. Indeed it's been showing that evolutionary divergence has accelerated since the advent of globalization. It's contrary to the mixing that everyone thought was going to happen but the science bares it out. Or looking the other way, 2,000 years ago, 5' was tall and most people were skinny.
  13. Dogs

    Well this is a fact, humans are dirtier then rats. I currently carry chickenpox, a dozen or so strands of influenza and cold viruses, strip throat and who knows what else. I daily interact with meat, some of it rotting, garbage and other such dirty items and environments and live in a house witch like all houses is on average more polluted then the outdoors. Just about every human is in a similar or worse situation. Indeed roaches clean themselves more often then we do, about every 8 minuets to our once a day.
  14. Dawkins Has Taken The Bait!

    I find it funny that he dismisses evolution yet self-programing computers and the development of technology has proven that it's so true, it's not even confined to organisms! :sl:
  15. If Americans Knew

    100% correct. I work with a Jew. She's totally anti-Zionist. She honestly can't understand how their point is religiously or logically valid.