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  1. AsSalamu Alaikum i read your article abt seeing prophet muhammad(S) in your dream, mashaAllah, thas a very good thing.. why r u scared of? and u said that u think u r not a good muslim, coz u dont pray 5 times regularly, if u know that u are not doing what you are supposed to do, then why dont u just do that? praying 5 times is not very hard, if u want to pray.. u said that u r nt a gud muslim, but u said that u fear Allah so much, which is a very good thing, but if u fear Allah then you should remember the painful punishment that'll be given for not perforfing salat on right time. i hope u'll try 2 pray on tym properly from now on... and u asked that if u can tell your dreams to your family, now my ques is if you r telling ur dreams on internet to thousands of people, whats wrong in saying it to the family?? as a muslim, i recommend u, not be so scared, just pray for Allah and keep your love for muhammad(S), that'll be enough inshaAllah --
  2. AsSalamu Alaikum is there any dua that we can make in order to see prophet muhammad(S) in our dream?