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  1. Armed Chinese Troops In Texas!

    I'm sorry, I just read your disclaimer just now.
  2. Armed Chinese Troops In Texas!

    A Ron Paul supporter I see.
  3. I remember hearing in one of Ahmedinejad's interviews that if you asked a lay person in the middle east what was the motivation of terrorist organizations, it would be very obvious. I think the Iranian president was hinting that the reason was US occupation and that was the consensus in the region. Is that true?
  4. Us Elections 2012

    He supports israel in the sense that the US should not interfere in what they do. If israel decides to go to War with Iran, we will not stop them, but we will not help them either. He is not a zionist, and because of that, he's even been accused of being anti-semetic sadly.
  5. Us Elections 2012

    I am a huge supporter of Ron Paul. I haven't discovered him until a few months ago. It is a little ridiculous to think that when US supports dictators and kills civillians, the Muslim people hate us because we're a free society. I also like him for this economic policy, social policies, and new monetary system. The US soldiers support Ron Paul as well. Sadly most Americans think he's crazy. It's easier to say that Islamists are just crazy people then say that we are partly to blame for the problem.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a Qur'an, but I'm not sure which translation to choose from. I want to learn and understand more about Islam (though I'd probably still take things out of context :sl: ). I am not the best reader, so I hope I don't choose one with archaic language like some bibles have. Some people have told me that the translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali was good, though some others have told me that version isn't so good. What would you guys personally suggest? Or would it really matter? Thanks
  7. So because people have searched and sacrificed to find the Truth, you imply that they have found the solid evidence to support everything in the holy text.
  8. Though I would have been very interested in seeing the link, I am going to have to disagree with that statement. The reason I do is because if you say that your religion should be backed by true evidence, that means you also must acknowledge that every single thing in the holy text has to have true evidence. So for everything that you can't find solid evidence for, which I'm sure is quite a lot, that's just a hole in your argument that non-muslims can use against you.
  9. Did you guys ever feel like God was talking to you? What was your experience like if that ever happened to you?
  10. Heaven Seems Materialistic To Me

    Thanks for the good replies. And btw, I'm not here to say how my beliefs are inconsistent with yours, I'm here to learn about YOUR beliefs.
  11. Heaven Seems Materialistic To Me

    That's not a bad idea you have there. Though I do hope someone who knows quite a lot about Islam can give their opinion.
  12. Forgive me if I have any concepts of Islam wrong, so please correct me if I do. It seems to me that this life is simply a test to see if the materialism of this world would successfully tempt us to drive us further away from Allah. However, heaven seems like a very materialistic place to me, where you would have all the nice things you ever wanted and you would get all of these things that would be considered materialistic on earth, only that you would like them much more. I'm just wondering if materialism on earth would drive us away from Allah, why is heaven so materialistic? Whats the point of proving that you can resist materialism when you'll be rewarded with materialism afterward. Perhaps that's simply how they describe heaven to us? Since heaven may be something we cannot comprehend, the text has been written in baby language so we would get some kind of grasp of how it would be? I don't know. What are your thoughts on this? And again, please correct me if I have any concepts wrong.
  13. The Reason Of The Invasion Of Iraq

    I hope I didn't misunderstand what you're trying to say here. But it seems to me that this is just one person's opinion. Why do you think that just because one person's says something, it is true?
  14. Hi, Just Joined

    Hi there, I joined this forum because I am very interested in learning about religion. I am not Muslim, I am Buddhist, and I am hoping I can objectively learn about Islam while I'm here.